Why Should We Practise Devotions to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

is(9)Mary has appeared so many times before multitudes, performing countless miracles to catch our attention to be serious in serving God, by obeying His commandments and pray without ceasing. She has kept asking us to do acts of self-denial. And she has told us how even good people are not listening to her. The need to pray for the salvations of souls is so urgent. Not that many people have listened to her, they just enjoy the miracles, like it is a side show. Centuries has past and most of us, are still not listening to her. Mary has told the children of Fatima to spread the Devotion of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, because Jesus wants it. Now Jesus has told the prophetess Maria Divine Mercy that we should say the three mysteries a day, which takes about an hour, because of the urgent times we are now living in.

I know a great many people have difficulties in the idea that Jesus actually wants all people including the Protestants to say the rosary every day, but it is simply the truth. Many people try to explain away all these visitations of Mary as if it they are not true apparitions. There was miracles of the sun and everybody there saw it at Fatima. I have watched a show once that two men claimed that what the people really saw was UFO’s ships. It was not like it was the only miracle that had ever happen or the only apparitions that has ever been recorded in history. The evidences that God has left behind some of the apparitions are incredible. Science are at a lost to explain them and yet people do not look into it for themselves and find out about it. I believe if people do it would change how they would see Mary and Jesus’s love for her.

Mary’s Example to Us

I remember one of the times Mary appeared to countless of people, I think it was the Apparitions at Medjugorje, people had rosary beads. The rosary beads that had silver chains turn into true gold and the rosary beads that had gold chains turned into silver chains. There is so many miracles I don’t know why people don’t believe they come from God. God works through all who surrender to Him. Mary’s life example is so humble, faithful, courageous, beautiful and amazing. All Catholics I believe that have a genuine devotion to her or any saint get visitations or communication most of the time, in this day and age. I personally believe only a few wouldn’t, maybe I am wrong I don’t know, but I do know a great many people do receive visitations from Mary, me included. Mary wants to help us if we will only be humble enough to let her.

I have asked her for help so many times and she truly does help. Not long ago I was really praying from my heart for Mary to help me learn humility. Mary said that she will help me, which gave me encouragement no end. Then fairly recently I was saying a novena to Sister Josefa Menendez as well to help me grow in humility and she assured me that I will receive the grace. They do really help out.

The Immaculate Heart will Triumph

Mary told the Fatima children that, ….’In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.’ This was said in 1917 AD. I have heard that during the Great Tribulation, things are going be so desperate that all denominations of the Christian Faith will unite just in order to survive. The more ammunition you have to use to survive in this war between good and evil the better are your odds. That is why I try to push Mary onto people a great deal. Her prayers strengthens yours. The prayer of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Rosary only takes about 5 minutes to complete. I have an article on it in this blog if you want to have a look at it. It is worth saying this prayer as long as you can. I try to do it an hour at a time.

Prayer is Like Food

I believe a true prayer life is like food. If you only eat cabbage for example you will get sick, to stay healthy you need a variety of different foods. I believe this is true of prayer. There are all sorts of different types of prayers and they are all in urgent need to strengthen your relationship with God and one another. For example there is a time of just rest in the Lord another time to meditate on the word of the Lord and another time to worship and praise and another time I call chit chatting to God and there is a time to intercede for everybody who is in need etc. If is not done from the heart you’ll end up becoming luke warm.

The more you sincerely love God the more you are going to love your brethren in Christ and you will want to help out. This truth doesn’t change just because you go to heaven. You will still want to help out with people who are struggling on earth. Why do people have such a problem with that? You know the earliest prayer to a saint to ask for help to my knowledge was a prayer to St. Joseph. It was found in fifty AD. People of the first Century who knew both Jesus and St. Joseph would of have said this prayer. It is a very powerful prayer, because St. Joseph lived a very holy life on earth. If we do that too our help in heaven will also be very powerful.

Some thoughts what Heaven might be like

There was a person who went to heaven that I saw on YouTube and she said that there is football in heaven. She reckons it is beautiful not like the football on earth. Other people say we basically do what we do here on earth, but everything is so much more joyous and so wonderful that it can’t be described. Music, visiting, driving cars even, beaches are in heaven, fishing and so on. One thing that one women mention was in her mansion, had a very big kitchen. Something I would be looking forwarded too. Heaven doesn’t sound like what I was told when I was young. That basically you sit on a cloud and just worship God for ever. They say that you are worshiping God all the time, but there is so much going on in heaven. I want to go there. I know Jesus wants us to think about heaven a lot. It keeps you positive and breaks your attachment of the things of the earth. It reminds you that your real home is in heaven. A place that is so exciting and creative, who wouldn’t want to go and live there for eternity.

A Visitation God gave Me when I was a Young Girl

isI2TNE013The little that Jesus has revealed to me about His majesty, as you can imagine their is nothing on earth that even comes close to describing anything about Him. You look at mother nature in the middle of no where and you can feel great power coming from a mountain for example. It is nothing to be compared with the power of God. It is just a small token of it. So when we are face to face to Jesus in all His glory, we will soon find out how small we really are before God Almighty. Once when I was a young child I had a visitation of God and I explained it to myself this way that I only tasted a teaspoon of God. His presence was so powerful I knew if the whole world was one mind, we would not be able to imagine what I experienced. I knew if God poured the power over a stone as He did with me the stone would worshiped God with all it had. So if that is only a teaspoon of God’s power, there is no way are we going to know what we are in for when He comes.

The Suffering We Experience in Life is Nothing Compared to the Glory We Will Experience in the Next

We live in our little world and don’t realise how big the outer world really is. Only God knows everything about us all. There is so many different trials out there. We all come from different places with different baggage that only God can really understand. The other day a word was spoken over me and the Holy Spirit touched my soul so deeply that I had a glimpse of what God could see in me. He revealed to me that my soul has stored all the memory of all the pain I have ever suffered from beginning of time to the end. My soul is still in very great pain but God protects us so that we don’t feel everything, that is the best way I can explain it. I saw and felt my soul experiencing a real deep appreciation and comfort that God truly cares about everything that I have had ever suffered in the past and He is going to reward me for it. I can’t exaggerate or even explain it that well, but I was crying so deeply, because I knew God really cared about every single suffering that I went through in my entire life. That He hadn’t overlooked not one thread of suffering that I went through. Just knowing God really loves me and appreciated all that I went through, that nothing is lost to Him, was such tremendous comfort.

People might think I am exaggerating about my suffering, but we have no idea how much our body and soul is holding.  I knew great healing of great magnitude will take place in heaven. We are all going to be in for a great wonderful shock when we are face to face with Jesus in His whole glory. We will no longer be seeing Jesus through a veil. We will all be healed and glorified through Jesus merits that it is going to be so incredible.

The Divine Mercy

The Love of God is the flower – Mercy the fruit.

Sister Faustina was born in Poland. At the age of twenty years she entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. Our Lord chose to entrust her with the mission to spread the Gospel of His Mercy. If you meditate on the prayer taking in the words slowly into your heart, the prayer will have great meaning. It is a powerful prayer to win over your confidence that God truly loves you and is merciful beyond measure. Once you have confidence in God’s mercy then your prayers become extremely powerful, if you pray for things that do not offend God. If you pray for things that are good and not harmful to yourself and others that is. God loves to answers our prayers at the right time.

Let the doubting soul read these considerations on Divine Mercy and become trusting.

Divine Mercy, gushing forth from the bosom of the Father – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Greatest attribute of God – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Incomprehensible mystery – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Fount gushing forth from the mystery of the Most Blessed Trinity – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Unfathomed by any intellect, human or angelic – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, From which wells forth all life and happiness – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Better than the heavens – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Source of miracles, and wonders – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Encompassing the whole universe – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Descending to earth in the Person of the Incarnate Word – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Which flowed out from the open wound of the Heart of Jesus – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Enclosed in the Heart of Jesus for us, especially for sinners – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Unfathomed in the institution of the Sacred Host – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, In our justification through Jesus Christ – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Accompanying us through our whole life – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Embracing us especially at the hour of death – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Endowing us with immortal life – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Accompanying us every moment of our life – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Shielding us from the fire of hell – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, In the conversion of hardened sinners – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Astonishment for Angels, incomprehensible to Saints – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Unfathomed in all the mysteries of God – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Lifting us out of every misery – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Source of our happiness and joy – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, In calling us forth from nothingness to existence – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Embracing all the works of His hands – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Crown of all God’s handiwork – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, In which we are all immersed – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Sweet relief for anguished hearts – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Only hope of despairing souls – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Repose of hearts, peace amidst fear – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Delight and ecstasy of holy souls – I trust in You.

Divine Mercy, Inspiring hope against all hope – I trust in You.

To the Divine Mercy

I fly to Your mercy, Compassionate God, who alone are good. Although my misery is great and my offenses are many, I trust in Your mercy because You are the God of mercy and it has never been heard of in all ages, nor do heaven or earth remember, that a soul trusting in Your mercy has been disappointed.

O God of compassion, You alone can justify me and You will never reject me when I, contrite, approach Your Merciful Heart, where no one has ever been refused, even if he were the greatest sinner. For Your Son assured me: “Sooner would heaven and earth turn into nothingness than my mercy fail to embrace a trusting soul. Amen

Jesus, Friend of a lonely heart, You are my haven, You are my peace. You are my salvation, You are my serenity in moments of struggle and amidst an ocean of doubts. You are the bright ray that lights up the path of my life. You are everything to a lonely soul. You understand the soul even though it remains silent. You know our weakness and, like a good physician, You comfort, and heal, sparing us sufferings – expert that You are. Amen

We Are So Small Before God

Psalm 139:10, If I go up to heaven, You are there; if I go down to the grave, You are there, if I ride the wings of the morning, if I dwell by the farthest oceans, even there Your hand will guide me, and Your strength will support me.

isGB1GPL5DI was actually trying to find another verse but could not find it, but I found this one instead and I believe God wants me to use this one. The other verse was describing how big God was by saying that we can’t imagine the height, width or the length or depth of God. When I finish off my prayers I usually say the glory be prayers three time before signing myself of the cross five times. One day I decided to raise my hands up high in the air while saying the glory be prayer and try to use my imagination to see to the best of my ability the height, width, depth and length of God. I realised I am smaller than a molecule before God and that if He was like us He wouldn’t even be able to see us at all since we are so small. When we reflect on Psalm 139:10 David can’t imagine anything further than the farthest oceans that seemed unreachable to him. Now days most of us have television, so we are seeing nations all over the world often, so it no big deal for us and many people have travelled around the world so that statement would not be so incredible to some of them. But in his day to imagine something so far away was too much for his mind to comprehend. Now we see pictures of the universe.

Vision Of How Small We Are

I then laid down to listen to my soaking music and while I was very relaxed God showed me some things that I knew if I didn’t try earlier on how to imagine how big God really was and how small we really are, I would not of got the vision at all. You know what Jesus says ‘seek and you will find.’ The vision God gave me, He let me have a yard still to measure Him somewhat with. It is mind blowing. He showed me Himself as a Man and around Him was trees and a sky etc. Of course God is in all that too, so He is showing me He can only give me a very small idea how big He is. Like I said He showed me Himself as a man and as the bible says I don’t know the exact words are but it says, He holds us in the palm of His hand. Not only does He holds us in the palm of His hand, He holds the whole universe in the palm of His hand so comfortably. The whole universe is so small in His hand. Then you try to think that is just the palm of His hand what about the rest of Him. Our planet is so small you couldn’t see it never alone us.

We Are So Tiny

Now this is the thing, we are so small the word tiny doesn’t describe us at all and then when we think of our big egos getting in the way of everything. God is so patient with us, He truly loves us more than we can ever comprehend. Even in heaven we will not see the full extent of His love for us. He is too big it would kill us if He showed it all to us. I understand a bit more why He had to come down to earth as a man not only to save us, but so we could approach Him. Don’t ever listen to the lies of Satan when he tells you, you are not worthy of His love. God just wants our love and if we give Him that in all truth He will gladly overlook our weakness. Because if we truly love Him we will do our best to please Him and God knows how we weak we are, He just wants our love. He has been telling people that over and over again to somebody in every generation and in this generation to many, because Jesus is truly coming soon.

Be Darling Let Go And Love As A Child

To deepen your love for God, be daring, let yourself go and be a child again. I have a book on Song of Songs in the Passion Translation. For those who don’t know what the Song of Songs is, it is a book in the Old Testament part of the Bible. It is Our Lord speaking to His bride which is the Church, every true follower of Jesus Christ is His bride. I wrote down all my favourite parts in it and then I composed a prayer reminding Him what He said and I was getting very cheeky with Him, out of love of course and I know He loved it and it has helped me to get even closer to Him. Try it for yourself or something similar. The more you give the more you receive. I know a great many guys have problems with this, thinking themselves as brides of Christ. Women too have problems getting their heads around things when we are described as first born sons, and described as kings etc. These descriptions are explaining spiritual things using something we can comprehend by. A yard stick so to speak, to help us understand something that is very hard for us to get the gist of otherwise. Jesus is our spiritual lover. Jesus is not only a man but He is also God. Men and women fall in love with the God side of Jesus. It is not cardinal at all.