John 16:13 “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.”

The Holy Spirit will give witness of what He hears from the Father in your spirit. The more in tune you are with the Spirit of God, the more you will experience a ‘knowing’ within you. We are always growing in this. The freer we are of our selfish love the more we will hear God’s voice within us. You don’t necessary know how you know, but you just know if something is authentic or not. You cannot discern anything correctly without the Spirit of God, which we call the Holy Spirit. isWNUVGOVL

To become more in tune with the Spirit of God, we first have to be willing to obey God. The more obedient we are to God the more He will favour us with His Spirit, which is also called the Spirit of enlightenment. To know God is to have the mind and heart of God. Of course we are so insignificant before Him. It is only His love for us and the price Jesus paid for us that made this possible. We are so small, we are smaller than a molecule before Him. I obviously don’t mean we will ever equal Him, but we are of the same wave length so to speak. We are made in His image, we are like a very tiny mirror reflecting the sun. Even though a tiny mirror is no way equal to the sun, when it is reflecting the sun, it can blind you with its brightness. Jesus is the light of the world and we have become a light of the world too, because of what Jesus has done for us, so that we are not only saved through believing in Him we also have The Holy Spirit that dwelt in Him.

The Holy Spirit Dwells in a Believer

So when the Holy Spirit dwells in us, after we are born again. That is completely surrendering ourselves to God on His terms, which is believing Jesus is His only begotten Son and our saviour. Depending how deep the conversion has taken place we will have the ability to recognise the true voice of a person. If the person is a fake or not.  Are the people are who they say they are Etc. If they are of God they will have qualities of His character for example God is not cruel, barbaric, hypocritical, double minded, selfish, lustful etc. Many people hide behind religion and pretend they righteous people when they are in truth not. Wolves in sheep skins, beware not everybody who smiles at you can be trusted.

We are all at different levels of maturity and we are always if we are real believers in Jesus are always finding more things about ourselves we have to strip away. That is a good thing because it means we are growing. If we are content with ourselves and think we a good Christians and worst still, consider ourselves better than others that is a dangerous place to be. You are in a good position to back slide, because you are not being alert of what needs improving in you.


is(9)Isaiah 32:17 And the effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever.

If we are living in union with the Holy Spirit of God, there is always peace and righteousness. True righteousness, shines and glorifies God. When a person pretends or is misled in thinking he is righteous there is never going to be true peace, because you have to be real with Jesus. We can’t serve two master and I am afraid that many do and don’t realise it. For the last year I have had to chuck things out of my home, after realising they are not pleasing to God. I had a beautiful dragon that I love and it was a gift from somebody who is now deceased, so I also had a sentimental attachment with it. I kept saying to myself and to God that it is just an ordainment. Something inside of me kept persisting that it was not right for me to have it, so I end up chucking it and now feel a lot more happier because of it. It does win to do the will of God and you do receive peace and it is worth the sacrifice. God can’t give you blessings if you refuse to obey Him.



Waking Up to the Power of His Love for Us

I watched a very interesting documentary on seeing if young children would wake up during a fire alarm blaring the way it does. Parents stood by shocked to see their children deep into sleep and how difficult it was to wake them up, even while the alarm was sounding. I feel that is a very good comparison to many Christians who are asleep to the times we are in. Not only that, but the power we children of God have over His tender Heart towards us. We may believe our Heavenly Father really and truly loves us, but there is still a little doubt ‘will He answer this prayer? Am I asking too much? I am too unworthy for God to do miracles through me? It is pride wanting me to ask this of Him? And so on. Now I have the same problem.  

We Are in a New Era

We are in an era not only are the prophets talking about it, but I am seeing it for myself, and I am sure most of you are too. Where God is helping us along mightily for those who are at least trying to believe in this incredible love, He has for all of us. We can see His love for us proven time and time again, throughout our lives. You might find like me in some areas your faith maybe stronger than others around you and in other areas their faith is stronger than yours. I believe our faith is the strongest where we had to rely on Him the most in our lives and where we can see countless results of His Faithfulness. Where we are weakest in faith, we haven’t been exposed enough to test Him out as it were.

You know I was listening to a YouTube show, it was a Scientist who wanted to know how the universe was made. He knew intuitively there was a Creator, so he went studying all the holy books of all the religions of the world. The last one was the Bible. Now one of the things he said that was of interest to me was, none of the other holy books ever said test this out, but the Holy Bible. There were many reason he found the Holy Bible was superior to the others, which I won’t go into. I think you have a pretty good idea anyway.

Psalm 145:18. The Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth.

isBMF7O71YToo many of us give up too easily when we are petitioning to God. God does have His reason why some prayers seem to be slow to answer. The most common reason is our lack of faith. Faith grows and matures as a rule over time, because I believe we are either are too proud to believe. ‘If I can’t do it I can’t see how God can do it either’ attitude. Or we have such a low self-esteem of ourselves we think God sees us the way other people do and the way we have been taught to see ourselves. God has never taught us to have a low self-esteem.  Low self-esteem is taught to us. Look at new born baby, they do not enter into this world with a low self-esteem. God didn’t put it there. It may come from a person’s family background and the pecking order of the society you may come from. Let’s face it humans make very bad judges. Most people have to learn to have kind thoughts towards people we consider different in any way to ourselves. Our society will dictate to you what is acceptable and what is not. If you don’t fit into society ideas of what a perfect person is then you are immediately an outcast. Jesus teaches us to be childlike. Jesus teaches us to be kind to one another. He teaches us to even love our enemies. There is not one religion in this world that teaches its people to love their enemies.

John 14:6. Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

Many people will argue against that, it may not be political correct, but it is correct according to God.

John 5:24. “I tell you the truth, those who listen to My message and believe in God who sent Me have eternal life. They will never be condemned for their sins, but they have already passed from death into life.”


How do we enter into a Relationship with God?

isPMK3SZJMEverybody is different and everybody’s situation is different so God works with you in a very individual way. We have general rules, but there is always exceptions to that rule. I remember reading a book from a very famous faith healer in the 70’s her name was Kathryn … I am sorry but I think her surname was Koolman. I never really remember names that well, I always remember the information, but very rarely the person’s name who gave it. She was ask by many people to write a book on healing and she said every time she said ‘Jesus doesn’t do it this way, He went and did’, so she then had to rewrite that chapter.

These are some of the general rules how to begin a relationship with God.

1.      You must really want the relationship with all your heart. More you want it the stronger your relationship will be.

2.      Expect God will try you at first, to see how much you want it, if not to get you to want it all the more. The more you want something the harder you are willing to go without, do, find, wait and yearn for, etc.

3.      Read the Holy Bible and get to know God that way.

4.      Read up spiritual books that helps you, don’t bother with the ones that are too advance for you, because you won’t understand a word they are saying. They just end up confusing you.

5.      Put aside daily prayer and meditate often on how much God loves you accordingly to the Bible.

6.      Put God’s commandments into practise. All God’s commandments are based on pure holy love. ‘Don’t do anything to others that you wouldn’t want done unto you.’ For example you don’t want people to lie, cheat, steal, be unkind to you in any way, so therefore you don’t do these things to other people. It has to do with how to treat people correctly and God with love.

7.      Then experiment. Talk to Him as if you can see Him. The more you talk and open up in a childlike manner, the more joy you will experience. Being childlike is to be the pure you, let your head go and talk to Him as if He is your best and most trusted Friend, Father, and Brother, Spouse or companion. Somebody who you really can trust and love with all your heart. Somebody you can depend on. And somebody who allows you to be yourself without worrying about how it looks to them.

8.      Don’t worry if you seem silly, because you feel like you are talking to thin air, talk always as if you can see Him whether you do or not.


We are growing closer to God all the time and we are trying out new things all the time. As our understanding of Him grows, we find new ways of loving Him. All my life I have rushed here and there, I am just learning and it has taken me eighteen months to get this far too really stop and really have a good look at God in His creations and talk to Him through His creations. Sometimes I feel God’s presence in His creations, but not always. Sometimes I feel His power or He may communicate something to me. He doesn’t always show up as it were. God knows the best time to do this and when to keep hiding, so that you will learn to walk in faith and also to love Him all the time, not just when you are getting something from Him.

When God is Calling You, do it Now

The first time Jesus called me to write, I didn’t believe He meant me. I couldn’t put two words together in all my fifty years and then suddenly He is telling me to write. I was minding my own business (which seems to be one of His favourite times to communicate) reading the book ‘He and I’ and His words jumped out on the page and Hit me in my face as it were, and pretty much shouted at me. I still couldn’t believe. I said to Him ‘you are not telling me to write because I can’t.’ If it is the will of God, gifts just appear from what seems nowhere. I believe it is to make sure you know without doubt that the gift is from God and not how clever you are. I had a vision recently, I saw with my eyes closed a picture of Jesus and He was above me sending pages one after another so quickly, something like two sheets a second for me to write. Of course it is impossible to write that many that quickly, it takes hours just to write one article. Jesus to me was saying I have so much to teach not only through you but through all those who are called to teach, there is so little time left. I also believe He is saying get the true message out, because there is so much false information confusing His children and more false information is coming like a flood. That is my interpretation of what He showed me.

God Uses Anybody

Some people might argue ‘you not a Bible scholar, you aren’t even learned in theology and so on.’ All I have is what people have taught me and my own experience, but it seems that is enough for God to work through. The thing is we all have something very important and urgent to teach one another. It may not seem much to you, but for somebody else it might be life-saving. I have spoken to people about what God has told me casually only to find tears in people’s eyes and it had shocked me, because I didn’t realise until that point how important it was for the person to hear that story. The more you live for God the more He is going to teach you even on a personal level, like visions and so on. We are all needed to spread what we have to people who are hungry for the truth. I can’t teach what Bible scholars can teach, they teach me many things. I don’t fold my arms and say I don’t need to learn from you. I learn whatever God puts before me. God doesn’t need anybody to teach, but He chooses to do so. He loves team work and we are part of His team.

There are so many callings and all are needed as much as the other. Christ tells us the ‘least is the highest and the highest is the least.’ This is so because we are all dependent on each other. Just look at all the worldly jobs out there. We have people in very high positions like leaders, but what good is a leader without people putting their dreams they have into tangible results. Some people are dreamers but they don’t know how to put it together and with other people it is the other way around. If nobody was to clean toilets or work picking up our garbage, there would be diseases rapidly spreading throughout our towns and cities. People may look down on those with what the world calls lowly jobs, but if nobody did them we all would suffer. That’s just on a physical level what about spiritual callings, we all have a calling. If you don’t know what yours is, ask Him.

Listen to the Voice of God

I have been asking God and Mary to help me hear their voice so that I can be instructed on all things in my life, what seems to be unimportant to the very important things. I always thought people who said you hear a small still voice within you as hearing an audible voice, which I now find that is not what they mean. Sometimes God just gives you a very strong impression to do something, you just seem to know and not necessary know how you know. That is God’s Spirit talking to you. If you question it, I find then you get confused and it is harder to hear Him the second time around. If you obey the first time, you start to recognise Him easier and the more times you respond to His message the quicker you recognise Him when He speaks to you. There are many ways in which God communicates to His children.


How Does Your Faith Open Doors for You?

We are taught not to ask for signs, but sometimes we see stories in the bible like Gideon (I think I spelt the name right) who ask if it was really God speaking to Him would He give him a sign. So he asked if the grass would have frost but not the sheep. God did that and still Gideon was not so sure, so He asked God to put the frost on the sheep but not on the grass, and so God did. There are at times I have asked for signs and God has been very kind to me and has done that for me. But sometimes I don’t ask for signs and yet God will give them to me, to encourage me to believe. The one that comes to my mind is coughing, whenever an evil spirit leaves me, I cough. The greater the cough means the bigger and more demons I know have left me. Sometimes I cough so much that I vomit and I know something really big has left me and I always notice I have more freedom after it.

I have checked with my doctor and I am fine. So it is definitely a demon that has left me. Sometimes demons will go through crying and burping or yawning with me. Sometimes I complain and ask God if He just gets rid of the demons without me coughing all the time. It is hard work, when you have to keep coughing. The problem with that pray, He knows me better than I know myself and coughing gives me the confidence that a demon has left me. I remember decades ago I had suffered with agonising evil thoughts for years that I had no control over. I saw what I called my troubles back then not realising they were evil spirits that God was removing from me effortlessly. I just felt a great weight left me. God can get rid of demons without you knowing it.


When I first found out about curses I wondered how many curses were on me, so I asked God and immediately felt a gigantic weight on me. I thought to myself how could I have so heavy and so many, since I am just a quiet person who basically keeps to myself? I don’t go around making enemies, so how come I have been so heavily cursed. I thought people wouldn’t even know that I existed, I was so quiet. Well I have been thinking about it again that not long ago and realised that generational curses are huge, going back many generations, then I have been cursed as a child at school by my teachers and the children from school, friends, workmates, when I sin against God, for example a couple of big ones are gossiping and judging others unfairly and those who have gossiped and still are about me, then you got people cursing you for what gender you belong to, religion the country, race you belong to also. It just keeps going on and on. And what about the curses you have cursed yourself and all Satan’s children who are cursing you deliberately on a daily basis.  I always marvelled at how God has always protected me against the odds, now I am now even more amazed, because I realise now I don’t even know the half of it.

Getting back to what I was writing about. I have been learning about self-deliverance for about eighteen months now. It all started because I couldn’t sleep and was getting so weak I knew if this continued I would be too weak to live. I knew my time hadn’t come yet, because there were a few prophecies on my life that hadn’t been yet accomplished. So one thing leads to another and I started reading on self-deliverance and tried it on myself. Very slow success, because of my lack of knowledge, experience and faith. I would of love to have a personal teacher, to help me out, but since very few churches are living out the full Gospel, I couldn’t find a teacher that could help me. So I am self-taught and still have a lot to learn.

Learn Little At a Time

Jesus teachers me a little at a time. For starters I have to learn to listen to Him and recognise His voice. Once again no teacher. I receive visitations and visions from Him for many years, but that is not what I am talking about. God is talking to us all the time, most of us haven’t learnt how to recognise Him when He does yet. I wish the churches was doing their job properly. I know some churches are working on it and I do really respect them, but many churches are just theory and no action. Unfortunately my faith works this way, when I cough I know for certain a demon has left me. Plenty of times I have been minding my own business and something really touches my heart and brings me closer to God’s heart with extra affection than normal. Then I notice I start coughing and realise God just got rid of a demon. I don’t even know what demon He got rid of was, but I do know He got rid of one. He does that a lot. You are not asking a demon to go, but because you are more affection than normal, God will reward you by healing you or delivering you. I remember reading what Jesus said to Gabrielle Bossis in the book “He and i” that ‘your love for Me purifies yourself’ which is what I am noticing all the time. I am doing more and more experiments with God. And I wish I have had done this decades ago. Experimenting with God is fun and I learn a lot that way.

My latest experiment I did this morning. I was worried about a certain person who has a tendency when things get really rough, they want to commit suicide and have even made a few attempts, so it is very worrying to me. I have only tried self-deliverance but this time I decided to call on the name of Jesus and demand the suicide spirit to leave. Guess what! I started coughing. And I thought am I coughing for other people too? I think I am. You don’t know how many times I start coughing when I am writing an article for my blog or faithwriters. That is how God teachers me and encourages me to believe. It works! that’s why He teachers me this way. I wish there was an easier way, but I am a tough student to teach. That just how it is. God has infinite patience with us, we should really appreciate that. So do some experimenting with God and see what happens!

P.S. try writing an article while your cat is insisting on attention all the way through it and knocking everything down in site. She is so inquisitive and loves affection and is very, very demanding. I should of close the door on her, but I am soft towards her.

One of the Things I Love about Kind David

What I love about him, I think it is the same reason why most of us do. He really opens up to God and speaks his mind from his heart to our wonderful Creator. When he is angry he tells God all about it, and when he is full of praise he does the same. David is so honest with God. When David is having troubles with his enemies he comes to God directly and spells out his troubled heart. If his enemies refuses to give up their evil ways, he then prays that God will show them up so that they may learn to give reverence to God Almighty. David is fully aware that the enemies of God will suffer the consequences of their actions in hell fire if they do not.

isFHBX52TIJesus teachers us to turn the other check, not to hate our enemies and when we obey Him in all things we will receive His peace. We still must pray that the earth is cleanse of all that is evil, it is after all God’s Holy Will. If we read our bibles we will know the time of God’s mercy is running out and we can see time after time again God gives His people only so long to repent and when we refuse, we can see what becomes of Israel when they did not. They were taken over by their enemies. This is going to happen to Christians very soon all over the world, it is already started to happen years ago, as we all know. A time will come very shortly when God will judge the earth and by no means God is happy about it. I have seen Him cry over it. God has told many prophets that He is going to take up His faithful Brides before it really gets bad, but we will still experience great suffering before the rapture.

I Love the Way Passion Version Expresses the Psalms

Psalm 109 verse 17-20.

Since he enjoyed cursing them, may all his curses now come raining back on him, until it all overwhelms him with misfortune! Since he refused to bless others, God, withhold every single blessings from him! Bitterness, such vile vindictiveness, was upon everything he did. Cursing was his lifestyle. So smother him now with his own curses as his just reward. This will be the Lord’s punishment upon him and all my lying accusers who speak evil against me.

If you read David he is always first loving and if the evil persists then he calls on God for justice not from hatred, but out of the love for God and His Righteousness. Sometimes the only way we learn to stop doing evil, is to receive a little of our own medicine. And I see David often will say things like ‘may they fall into their own trap.’ I do it often myself so that they may learn and I ask God that Satan’s plans of evil will backfire so instead of doing harm, peoples eyes would be open and they see clearly what is going on and therefore convert and become true followers of Christ instead. It gets confusing sometimes, we are called to love our enemies and I believe I do, but there is no way I believe we should just keep allowing evil to grow and destroy what God created out of love to continue. God didn’t call us to be doormats. I pray for my enemies to repent and convert, because they will go to hell if they keep serving evil and that is something I do not want anybody to suffer. Even though we all deserve it, it is for ever and we should pray for our enemies that light dawns on them and they will be able to see that they are their worst enemy, not God or another person they consider to be.

Psalms 74:19 aren’t we your beloved dove that praises you? Protect us from these wild beasts who want to harm us. Don’t leave us as lambs among wolves! You can’t abandon us after all we’ve been through! Remember your promises to us, for darkness covers the land, giving the violent ones a hiding place. Don’t let these insults continue. Can’t you see that we are your downtrodden and oppressed people? Make the poor and needy into a choir of praise to you!

Look At Israel’s History

Once again look at Israel’s history. After a time of the enemy take over, the Israelites repented deeply and then turned back to God with all their hearts and then God was with them again and they once again became victorious over their enemies and God blessed them. In the Old Testament is says If you obey God you will be blessed and if you disobey God you will be cursed. Very simple guidelines to follow. When we at war with Satan and if we stay close to God, great victories will be seen. The greater the challengers, greater the reward. Because God does not abandon us. Look at St. Paul, he shared the suffering of the cross in so many ways and because he did, God blessed him in so many ways spiritually. He is a great example for others who suffer and he was blessed with so much insight into the ways of God. If he had not suffered so much for God, God would not have blessed him so handsomely as He did. My saying that I used for myself is ‘first the Crucifixion and then the Resurrection.’ Most Christian like to share Jesus Resurrection without first dying to self, which is the crucifixion. If we don’t die to ourselves we cannot be made new. We cannot take on the nature of Christ. We have to die of the love of the world and all that it holds and of the desires of our flesh. If we don’t we are not free to love God with All our hearts and with All our minds and with All our strengths. We have to be purified by fire, which are the crosses we experience in life. We have to walk the walk. If we just talk about it and not do the things Jesus tells us to do we will miss the boat.



Ask God if He Exists? He Won’t Get Angry!

I don’t know why we think God doesn’t hear our thoughts or that He can’t hear what our hearts are saying or in fact sometimes pleading to know. I really love God for many and many reasons, but like I keep saying, one of the things is, I can completely trust Him enough so that I can be so open with Him that it is liberating. Tell Him all you’re concerns and then wait for an answer or turn to the Holy Bible and ask Him to answer it within its pages and He does. I have just met a young lady who I think deep down is looking to know if God is real or not. Like so many times you think of things to say long after the meeting, so I am parting it with you. I should have told her ‘why don’t you ask God to reveal Himself to you?’ What a simple solution. He is doing it all the time especially amongst the Muslims these days.

In my late twenties I wanted to know why God didn’t send me around a good man to marry. I wanted children badly and a really good companion. I never met a guy I felt I could be happily married to. So I thought God was being really mean to me. Would you believe I got so angry with God I demanded an ordinance with Him. And kept demanding it of Him for a few minutes and He actually showed up. I was shocked even though I was really ordering Him about. Now I wouldn’t advice this of anybody, but my point is I deserved to be put into my place and instead He was not at all angry with me. His reply was simply ‘trust me.’ I wasn’t happy with the answer He gave me, but I wished I did, because God does know what is best. We just think we know better than He does. I love being single, I simply wouldn’t have time for a husband. God keeps me busy serving Him differently than the married couples are and I love my calling.

is(7)So ask Him, and keep at it until He answers. I don’t know why some people get the answer they seeking quicker than others. But you can count on it there is a very good reason for it. If you genuinely want to know if Jesus Christ is your saviour, ask Him!!!! He is keener than you are, to know Him.

James 1:5.If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.