Praying for Our Enemies

Forgiving can be very difficult. It is a lot easier when the person has repented from their transgression against us. It can be another matter when they are not sorry for mocking, slander or being unkind etc. to us. But Jesus insist on it.

Matthew 18:23-35. Is the parable of the unforgiving servant. Where the king forgives a servants and lets him off paying a very, very large debit, only to find the servant demands a much smaller debt to be paid by his fellow servants. The king finds out about it and becomes furious with the servant and sends him to prison to be tortured, until the debit he owed to the king has been paid.

That parable frightens me. Jesus doesn’t make empty warnings. So how do we go about it? I believe praying for our enemies helps. To pray for their welfare and for their salvation might start out more like a duty at first, but with grace doing this after a while softens our hearts towards them. Keep it up and try to pray with eagerness. When you do the best you can, God will do what you can’t do. If we are too proud to admit we are also a very bad sinner needing forgiveness from God every day ourselves, then we might be tempted not to forgive, which is a serious mistake.

I heard of a story that somebody went to hell escorted by Jesus to show him around. The person saw a women there who was in the ministry for thirty years, but because she refused to forgive her husband she had to read a verse in the Bible about forgiveness as a punishment forever in hell.

Luke 6: 35-36.But you must love your enemies and you must do good things to them and you must lend expecting nothing; then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because He is kind to the ungrateful and evil. You must become compassionate, even just as your Father is compassionate.

Loving our enemies is what makes us different from other religions. God is a God of unconditional love. To please Him we need to grow in love and be like Our Heavenly Father. It’s what makes our religion so special apart from being the true religion. God forgives those who are sorry for their sins, doesn’t matter how grievous they are. He loves us all whether we deserve it or not. Matter of fact nobody actually deserves His love at all. He is so Holy and Majestic we all fall short of His glory.

What You Believe is Very Important!

Many people just follow the crowd without much thought into it. That is dangerous. Jesus said He is the Way. He is the only way. He teaches truth. It is not always popular, but truth is beautiful. There is no other choice. If you don’t believe all that Jesus teaches you are in danger of soul. There are beliefs flooding most churches today that are lies. We all have blind spots that we need to pray that God will open our eyes to. Satan is working overtime, deceiving people that you can serve mammon and God. That you can serve two masters. Jesus warns us against this. We have to remember God is a very jealous God.

Too many people think you can have it both ways. Being part of the world and still be a Christian. That is being lukewarm. And God says He will spew us out of His mouth if we are lukewarm. A follower of Jesus is to be pure of heart, humble and faithful to His word. Not only some if it and then toss out the rest that you don’t want to hear.

We are in dangerous time. Satan wants your soul, so guard it with your life by the power of God. He will look after you, but you have to serve Him faithfully. There is so much deception, if it is an easy way out that should make you alert that there could be something wrong with the message. To follow Jesus is the hard and narrow road, not the easy wide road that MOST people follow.

Beliefs for too many people are just like fashion, whatever is the flavour of the month they follow. God doesn’t change. The truth doesn’t change from year to the next. The truth is always the truth for ever it will be the same. What you believe in, backed by action will either sentence you to heaven or hell. So beliefs are very important. Call on God for wisdom, understanding and knowledge, to face your daily decisions. None of us know it all and we all can be deceived if we set our guards down. And judge everything at face value can be deceiving.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you and guide you in everything you do. Jesus shows us the way. Be wary of popular beliefs, it might sound good, but look much deeper with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will open your eyes and you will see things that the majority won’t see. You have to put God first! in your life, or you will fall and be deceived.


Blaspheme Against The Holy Spirit

Most Christians I think go through a period where they think they committed the sin of Blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, but have not. I know I did when I was a young person. I suffered with blaspheme thoughts directed to God and became quiet sick over it. Now I know I was just being attacked by the devil. It was him making out the blaspheme thoughts were my thoughts. When they were really him putting those thoughts into my head. Without me wanting them there. Many Christians are having this problem. So don’t be disturbed.

What is blaspheme against the Holy Spirit according to Clare from the Small Still Voice? Jesus explains it is someone who knows God exits, but still preaches against God to everyone. They deliberately turn people away from God, even after a personal experience of Him. These people can still be saved if they turn back to God, but they will have a stain on their garments for eternity. So it is people who once knew Him and became His enemy despite knowing His love and mercy.

We are called to Love Everybody

is570FUPLHSome people even preach to their congregation to love, but don’t seem to registrar that they themselves don’t always practise it. (Religious spirit). I have seen religious leaders gossiping without remorse and refusing to forgive someone. Loving some people is harder than loving others sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t try to love all. Even those who hurt us. There are people I have to make a greater effort to forgive than others. If I don’t, I know it is serious enough for God to punish me. Don’t think He hasn’t because He has. Some might say even ruthlessly. God wants souls to go to heaven and sometimes you have to learn fast, before your soul is in danger of going to hell.

Preachers in Hell

I have heard stories of a woman preacher of thirty years, went to hell, because she wouldn’t forgive her husband. As well as a man preacher not forgiving his wife was told (after seeing heaven and hell) if he was to meant to die that day he would have gone to hell. If we don’t obey we are going to find out how serious that is, one day. Let’s hope it is not on judgement day. We must put every effort into obeying God in every way we can. We will find God is most reasonable. He knows we can’t do it by ourselves. If He sees us trying we will be in His good books, and that includes repeated sins that you are truly sorry for. I have been there. Once I became so angry with myself for sinning the same thing I said to myself ‘well what do you expect, you are a sinner, a sinner sins.’ God was so gracious to me that He made His presence felt and He was reassuring me not to be so surprise that I sin and that He forgave me. So yes we are all sinners and we are forgiven when we are truly sorry, but we must never think we can use our freedom as an excuse to sin. He knows we can’t do it on our own.

In God’s Good Book

If He sees us trying we will be in His good books. But if we pick and choose who we are going to love from those we won’t, don’t think God is asleep and will overlook it. We must try very hard to practise what we preach, knowing we will fail sometimes, but at least doing our best to obey. God will forgive those who have a repentant heart. I know for example I have many faults. It is plain to see, but I am hoping it is also plain to see I am trying to do the will of God as we all should. Love covers a multitude of sins. God will measure out mercy to us according to how merciful we are. It is a tricky thing to explain. You can go extreme left or right from the middle road. We must aim to be perfect as our Father who is in Heaven. It is when we choose not to sincerely repent of our sins and weakness we are in serious trouble with God. Nobody is going to heaven that wants their cake and eat it. We have to go all the way with God. We are either for Him or against Him. God will not tolerate lip service. So please be careful and make sure you do have a repentant heart. And obey God with all your might.

John 15:10

(Jesus said) “If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love.

Revelation 3:19

“Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent.”


God is a Jealous God

Many today don’t see anything wrong with having statures of Hindu gods and so on. They just see them as pretty statures to decorate their homes. Little do they know they are inviting themselves with all sorts of problems. They are false gods and God is a jealous God. Demons come with these statures and curse those who have them. Because the people who own them without knowing are giving Satan permission to do so. In other words people are worshiping demons without them knowing it. There is only one God. Everything that doesn’t honour God is false and will bring down all kinds of problems on people, like demon possessions for example. This might sound far fetch, but it is true. Just ask the people who have to cast demons out of people and hear what they have to say. People complain about Catholics having statures of Jesus and Mary (that brings you closer to God), but at the same token will have a Hindu stature on their front verandas. They don’t see how they are contradicting themselves.

1 John 5:21. Little children, keep yourself from idols.

Be Faithful to Jesus

is(10)Many non-believers do study Christians if they live up to Jesus teachings or not. Not one of us follow Jesus perfectly and non-believers don’t understand that. They expect perfection from us all. So when we stumble we can hear them say ‘and they call themselves Christians.’ Churches are the same. Even a good Church, you are going to find imperfections. I know Churches fight amongst themselves and all presume they know best, including me as an individual I know. We are expected to believe in everything the Churches teachers is true. And there is so many different opinions out there. In truth we should follow Jesus not the Church. We are all individually a Church by itself any way.

Doesn’t Matter Which Church You Belong to

I have been both a Protestant and a Catholic and I can tell you both Churches were full of very nice Christian people, but when I was in my greatest need both Churches let me down. The only reason why I am a Christian today is because Christ never let me down. So sometimes I get puzzled why people leave Jesus because of somebody or the Church has let them down. Their faith must be in people or the Church they belong to and not God. God never fails anybody who calls on Him. The trial might not go away in a hurry, but God will give you grace to carry it. Sometimes we don’t feel God is near because we believe we are too unworthy for God to want us. That is a cleaver lie, so don’t believe in it, I have many times and it is not wise to believe that God can’t love you. Jesus died for you don’t ever forget that.

Strong Faith

Most Christians especially those with a very powerful and strong faith got it for a reason. They have been truly been tested. And when you past the test even by the ‘skin of your teeth’ you get rewarded like you can’t imagine with a much stronger faith. That is how God works. A passage came to me ‘seven times refined.’ I don’t know where to find it in the Bible, but I know it is there. When silver goes through the furnace to be purified, you should see all the junk that comes out of it. It is not a pretty sight. God gets rid of a lot of junk from us by allowing these trials come our way. If we suffer without leaning on God we grow worse, but if we call on Jesus all throughout the trial and really turned to Him for help, we come out so much stronger than when we enter in the trial. It is how God works. Remember we are at war with Satan. It is not meant to be a picnic. Growing pains are never easy to deal with.

Psalm 37.5. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.

Put your faith in God, not the Church you belong to. Jesus is the truth and the way, not Churches. They are very necessary, but you must listen to what the Spirit of God is telling you and not let some man made doctrine rule you.

Purgatory on Earth

I have heard a story one day about this man who was dying, was asked I think by his guardian angel, if he wanted to do his purgatory on earth or in purgatory itself. The guardian angel told him he would do three years in purgatory. The man chose to go to purgatory. After a while he wondered why he was still in purgatory, because he believed he had done his three years, but was told he had only done three days. Then the man realised how good God was to him in is illness on earth. Another story was a person was in purgatory for eight years and said it felt like thousands and thousands of years. Time in purgatory goes so slowly, because of the suffering they have to endure. Mary comes to comfort them on her feast days and also on Saturdays. Most people apparently spend about twenty or thirty years in purgatory.

I personally prefer to do my purgatory on earth. I hate suffering and I think it is far better to do it on earth, because in the long run the time here goes quicker. And suffering here is less painful in the long run and you get rewarded for doing it here, not so in purgatory. We should be so much more grateful for Jesus for what he went through for us. People left behind after the rapture takes place, will have to do their purgatory on earth without the reward. They are simply going to be purified and made holy, which is a great blessing in itself. They are going to receive God’s mercy but there is also going to be God’s justice. It is going to be the most exciting time in their lives as well as the hardest times in their lives. They are going to see and perform greater miracles that has ever been seen in this world and they will be greater than the works Jesus did, which Jesus speaks of it in the Gospel. The video ‘small still voice,’ Jesus has told Clare about the miracles and a prophet I think Maria Divine Mercy spoke about facing purgatory on earth. The other stories come from other video shows or books that I have read in the past.