Praying for Our Enemies

Forgiving can be very difficult. It is a lot easier when the person has repented from their transgression against us. It can be another matter when they are not sorry for mocking, slander or being unkind etc. to us. But Jesus insist on it.

Matthew 18:23-35. Is the parable of the unforgiving servant. Where the king forgives a servants and lets him off paying a very, very large debit, only to find the servant demands a much smaller debt to be paid by his fellow servants. The king finds out about it and becomes furious with the servant and sends him to prison to be tortured, until the debit he owed to the king has been paid.

That parable frightens me. Jesus doesn’t make empty warnings. So how do we go about it? I believe praying for our enemies helps. To pray for their welfare and for their salvation might start out more like a duty at first, but with grace doing this after a while softens our hearts towards them. Keep it up and try to pray with eagerness. When you do the best you can, God will do what you can’t do. If we are too proud to admit we are also a very bad sinner needing forgiveness from God every day ourselves, then we might be tempted not to forgive, which is a serious mistake.

I heard of a story that somebody went to hell escorted by Jesus to show him around. The person saw a women there who was in the ministry for thirty years, but because she refused to forgive her husband she had to read a verse in the Bible about forgiveness as a punishment forever in hell.

Luke 6: 35-36.But you must love your enemies and you must do good things to them and you must lend expecting nothing; then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because He is kind to the ungrateful and evil. You must become compassionate, even just as your Father is compassionate.

Loving our enemies is what makes us different from other religions. God is a God of unconditional love. To please Him we need to grow in love and be like Our Heavenly Father. It’s what makes our religion so special apart from being the true religion. God forgives those who are sorry for their sins, doesn’t matter how grievous they are. He loves us all whether we deserve it or not. Matter of fact nobody actually deserves His love at all. He is so Holy and Majestic we all fall short of His glory.

What You Believe is Very Important!

Many people just follow the crowd without much thought into it. That is dangerous. Jesus said He is the Way. He is the only way. He teaches truth. It is not always popular, but truth is beautiful. There is no other choice. If you don’t believe all that Jesus teaches you are in danger of soul. There are beliefs flooding most churches today that are lies. We all have blind spots that we need to pray that God will open our eyes to. Satan is working overtime, deceiving people that you can serve mammon and God. That you can serve two masters. Jesus warns us against this. We have to remember God is a very jealous God.

Too many people think you can have it both ways. Being part of the world and still be a Christian. That is being lukewarm. And God says He will spew us out of His mouth if we are lukewarm. A follower of Jesus is to be pure of heart, humble and faithful to His word. Not only some if it and then toss out the rest that you don’t want to hear.

We are in dangerous time. Satan wants your soul, so guard it with your life by the power of God. He will look after you, but you have to serve Him faithfully. There is so much deception, if it is an easy way out that should make you alert that there could be something wrong with the message. To follow Jesus is the hard and narrow road, not the easy wide road that MOST people follow.

Beliefs for too many people are just like fashion, whatever is the flavour of the month they follow. God doesn’t change. The truth doesn’t change from year to the next. The truth is always the truth for ever it will be the same. What you believe in, backed by action will either sentence you to heaven or hell. So beliefs are very important. Call on God for wisdom, understanding and knowledge, to face your daily decisions. None of us know it all and we all can be deceived if we set our guards down. And judge everything at face value can be deceiving.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you and guide you in everything you do. Jesus shows us the way. Be wary of popular beliefs, it might sound good, but look much deeper with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will open your eyes and you will see things that the majority won’t see. You have to put God first! in your life, or you will fall and be deceived.


God is a Jealous God

Many today don’t see anything wrong with having statures of Hindu gods and so on. They just see them as pretty statures to decorate their homes. Little do they know they are inviting themselves with all sorts of problems. They are false gods and God is a jealous God. Demons come with these statures and curse those who have them. Because the people who own them without knowing are giving Satan permission to do so. In other words people are worshiping demons without them knowing it. There is only one God. Everything that doesn’t honour God is false and will bring down all kinds of problems on people, like demon possessions for example. This might sound far fetch, but it is true. Just ask the people who have to cast demons out of people and hear what they have to say. People complain about Catholics having statures of Jesus and Mary (that brings you closer to God), but at the same token will have a Hindu stature on their front verandas. They don’t see how they are contradicting themselves.

1 John 5:21. Little children, keep yourself from idols.

Be Faithful to Jesus

is(10)Many non-believers do study Christians if they live up to Jesus teachings or not. Not one of us follow Jesus perfectly and non-believers don’t understand that. They expect perfection from us all. So when we stumble we can hear them say ‘and they call themselves Christians.’ Churches are the same. Even a good Church, you are going to find imperfections. I know Churches fight amongst themselves and all presume they know best, including me as an individual I know. We are expected to believe in everything the Churches teachers is true. And there is so many different opinions out there. In truth we should follow Jesus not the Church. We are all individually a Church by itself any way.

Doesn’t Matter Which Church You Belong to

I have been both a Protestant and a Catholic and I can tell you both Churches were full of very nice Christian people, but when I was in my greatest need both Churches let me down. The only reason why I am a Christian today is because Christ never let me down. So sometimes I get puzzled why people leave Jesus because of somebody or the Church has let them down. Their faith must be in people or the Church they belong to and not God. God never fails anybody who calls on Him. The trial might not go away in a hurry, but God will give you grace to carry it. Sometimes we don’t feel God is near because we believe we are too unworthy for God to want us. That is a cleaver lie, so don’t believe in it, I have many times and it is not wise to believe that God can’t love you. Jesus died for you don’t ever forget that.

Strong Faith

Most Christians especially those with a very powerful and strong faith got it for a reason. They have been truly been tested. And when you past the test even by the ‘skin of your teeth’ you get rewarded like you can’t imagine with a much stronger faith. That is how God works. A passage came to me ‘seven times refined.’ I don’t know where to find it in the Bible, but I know it is there. When silver goes through the furnace to be purified, you should see all the junk that comes out of it. It is not a pretty sight. God gets rid of a lot of junk from us by allowing these trials come our way. If we suffer without leaning on God we grow worse, but if we call on Jesus all throughout the trial and really turned to Him for help, we come out so much stronger than when we enter in the trial. It is how God works. Remember we are at war with Satan. It is not meant to be a picnic. Growing pains are never easy to deal with.

Psalm 37.5. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.

Put your faith in God, not the Church you belong to. Jesus is the truth and the way, not Churches. They are very necessary, but you must listen to what the Spirit of God is telling you and not let some man made doctrine rule you.

Purgatory on Earth

I have heard a story one day about this man who was dying, was asked I think by his guardian angel, if he wanted to do his purgatory on earth or in purgatory itself. The guardian angel told him he would do three years in purgatory. The man chose to go to purgatory. After a while he wondered why he was still in purgatory, because he believed he had done his three years, but was told he had only done three days. Then the man realised how good God was to him in is illness on earth. Another story was a person was in purgatory for eight years and said it felt like thousands and thousands of years. Time in purgatory goes so slowly, because of the suffering they have to endure. Mary comes to comfort them on her feast days and also on Saturdays. Most people apparently spend about twenty or thirty years in purgatory.

I personally prefer to do my purgatory on earth. I hate suffering and I think it is far better to do it on earth, because in the long run the time here goes quicker. And suffering here is less painful in the long run and you get rewarded for doing it here, not so in purgatory. We should be so much more grateful for Jesus for what he went through for us. People left behind after the rapture takes place, will have to do their purgatory on earth without the reward. They are simply going to be purified and made holy, which is a great blessing in itself. They are going to receive God’s mercy but there is also going to be God’s justice. It is going to be the most exciting time in their lives as well as the hardest times in their lives. They are going to see and perform greater miracles that has ever been seen in this world and they will be greater than the works Jesus did, which Jesus speaks of it in the Gospel. The video ‘small still voice,’ Jesus has told Clare about the miracles and a prophet I think Maria Divine Mercy spoke about facing purgatory on earth. The other stories come from other video shows or books that I have read in the past.


Weakness Turned into an Access

When I was young I found out the subjects at school that I was good at, I couldn’t teach others that well. I even had problems being patient with them. Reason being I couldn’t see why they didn’t get it. What I also found out was the subjects I had difficulty learning were the subjects I was very good at teaching and had super patience teaching it, because I knew why they were not getting it. It is the same with virtues. You can help others to overcome weakness, because you have. Jesus never sin but He overcame weakness for our sakes so He could help us.

Hebrews 2:1Since He Himself has gone through suffering and testing, He is able to help us when we are being tested.

I have had great problems with forgiveness. It got that way I had to learn to forgive people for being human, because the whole human race is cruel and indifferent to the sufferings of others. We know that is true especially in this generation. It is ‘all about me’ generation. ‘Walk over anybody who gets in the way’ generation. When I finally found out there was good in people and that took a couple of decades, and when I found out that we are not fighting flesh but demons, things started to really turn around for me. I knew I had to learn to forgive others before I could please God and hope to be forgiven for my own trespasses. But it can be easy said than done. After a lot of prayers and searching for reasons to forgive others I am nearly there. I still need a little work in that area but I am much happier now. I can now see reasons to love strangers, that once I was too frighten to love, because of their continue judgement of me.

We Are All Have been Hurt

It is so true what God said to Samuel. Men judges by outward appearance whereas God judges by what is in their hearts. If people want to be loved by others, it helps to love first, because everybody is hurting and protecting themselves. I am finding out the obvious. We are all hurting and we all have different ways of handling it. Some good and some not so good. Not everybody has the opportunity to know Christ because of their background. If we don’t show love to one another, how are they going to know we are Jesus disciples. That we belong to Him. Healing is a must and only God can go so deep within us and heal the cause of our pain. We need to know God’s love for us is real and that Christ is in those who serve Him. By letting Him out. Let people see your tender side, show people you care and hand out a few genuine complements. Don’t just think how good and kind somebody is let them know you appreciate them. Little by little with much prayer we all get there. But when we start calling on God to heal us in a supernatural way (faith healing) the process is so much quicker.

Opening Up to God

is(7)The more you open up to God and just love Him the more you will see visible signs of His love and healing. First seek His kingdom and then all shall be given to you. You know for yourself when somebody wants something from you and so they flatter you and do you favours, it is no more than a business deal. It doesn’t impress you one bit. The same with God. God knows if a person is only praising Him to get something from Him, but if you first seek Him, then all things shall be given you. God wants a loving relationship from us first and then He is moved to give us our hearts desire, if it is pure and holy. We will receive the measure we give out. If we make sacrifices to God especially kindness to others, God is deeply touched by this and we will get our hearts desire if we do it for His sake and not for our own. Look very closely at why you do things and others. Sometimes we think we are being kind and virtuous when we are not. True virtue is when you forget yourself and your whole reason for doing things is to please and love God. That person’s prayers are so wonderful and exceedingly powerful, because of it. And people come to know God through their acts of love and kindness.

Being Honest with One Another

is(7)I have been busy learning about casting out of devils for nearly about two years now. My faith is improving through necessity. And one of the things I am learning is being persistence. Something I am not good at. We live in a world that expects instant everything, including me. I am now confident that doing self-deliverance every day is the way to go. I am learning from experience and books and CD’s on the subject. I do recommend everybody to learn how. We are not always in a situation that you can rely on another person to help you out.

I wish we can really be honest with one another and truly understand one another so we don’t be mean in how we judge one another. My doctors marvel at how quickly I am getting over my breakdown. I have told them I say three hours of prayers every day, to their horror. They think I could be over doing it. I don’t dare tell them sometimes I say more than three hours and I am casting out devils in myself. They would send me straight back to hospital if I told them openly what has been going on in my life. They be even more afraid. I have heard other people who won’t tell their doctors everything for the same reason. That is the problem, nobody can be truly be honest with others. If you haven’t walked in somebodies shoes for at least ten miles, so that they may be understood, people can be judgemental about others.

I am certainly still learning the very basics of self-deliverance. I rely on books and CD’s about the subject. We Christians shouldn’t have to rely on books to learn. I believe strongly that Church Leaders should be equipped to teach us. We are only serving God a little if all is expected of us is to be good and no more. We should be walking in the gifts of the Holy Spirit every day. I believe that Church Leaders should be daring and delegate their flocks into going the extra mile. Encourage them to use their gifts. How can you encourage somebody to use their gifts if you don’t listen to your flock and find out what they are? Christians aren’t always game enough to talk freely, because other Christians think they are strange. How Christian are we? if they don’t believe we should exercise the gifts God wants to give us.

1 Peter 4:10.  As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.




Some Clues How to Test the Spirits

God has given me a new gift. Communicating God in a different way than He has in the pass. I use to experience visitations from Him. Powerful ones at first and then Jesus would appear to me less powerful as time went on. I believe preparing me for this new gift. He has shown me His nature well enough to know some qualities about Him. I have been tricked many times by the devil too and the devil always brings major troubles in your life. So I thought I share some of the differences to watch out for if you are knew at testing the spirits. I am hoping some of my own experiences of what I have learnt will help you.

1.      My new gift came about through writing articles for Him. I notice that God was putting thoughts and words in my mind that improve the value of all that I wrote about Him. So then I thought I will try to hear His thoughts and ask Him questions, and see if He will start bringing me His thoughts to me as I write it down. To my surprise He did. Then not long after I did that, He just start talking to me with a flow after I finished writing. To my shock. I also wanted Him to stop because I was so tied I only wanted to go to bed and I was afraid of this new gift. It was clear it was no longer just a fun thing it became a responsibility. I now find it is for His purpose and even though it is extremely wonderful, His timing is not always when I am willing to have a conversation with Him.  I was trying not to listen, so I could control it. A lot of it was the fear of Satan and his mob, making use of this new gift and be fooled into thinking God is talking to me when it is really Satan. So I was very afraid. God told me off for blocking His voice and I was in fear of God then. Now He is teaching me when He is speaking to me and how the evil ones try to override Him when God is talking to me.

2.      When God speaks it can just flow as if I am speaking to another person. At other times He is speaking, but I can’t get all the words, and it seems very much to me the evil one tries to stop the flow of the conversation between Jesus and me by blocking my mind some way from being able to hear Him.

3.      I have to seek the mind of God and not the world. That way I am in a good position to know if it is God speaking to me or not. There are two different kinds of people in you and me. One of the world, which is sinful and we are to be very afraid of it. The other one that is holy and that comes from God. Not one good thought can ever enter in our minds by itself. So good thoughts that have no other motives, but to serve and please God always comes from God. Unless the enemies interrupt the flow, which then can lead to evil, even though it starts out to looks good at the beginning, it is far from it. It is now the evil one speaking to you in disguise of God. So it starts out God talking and then may end up being Satan talking to you. Satan can take over the conversation without you knowing it. That is a scary thought.

4.      God never speaks to us in a condemning way. He never speaks as to make out you are rubbish or stupid as will the evil spirits will. Satan and his mob uses this technique all the time. It is going on in your mind everyday anyway. It is just more noticeable when you see it in the supernatural plane. So if the spirit makes you fearful with a feeling of unworthiness that is the way the evil spirits try to control you. So much so you won’t dare test the spirits in fear that you are putting God to the test. They may make out God is so mad at you for being so sinful or what other reason they are using to control you that they put you in chains of fear. This is so that you will be so fearful that you have angered God that you will not even listen to other people, who are trying to warn you it is not God who is talking to you, but an evil spirit instead. We are told to test every spirit. We must ask ourselves does God speak in that tone that this spirit is speaking to you in.  If you don’t know Him personally look at the Bible pages and see how Jesus speaks in kindness and compassion etc. Get the feel of His tone.  Ask also is the spirit so controlling and domineering that there seems no pleasing it? That is a very good sign it is not from God.

5.      When God is giving me what for! It is too correct me. He is not trying to destroy my hopes in my salvation in Him, but to remind me I am to live my life with the up most care and respect that He is Sovereign. When that has been accomplish and I kneel before Him with humble repentance, then I feel His peace and freedom. Not so if it is an evil spirit pretending to be God. They keep you in a state of fear continually. You see I have been fooled many times. Truth sets you free, lies keeps you trapped and a prisoner and keeps you fearful all the days of your life.

6.      Experiences are so important to remember them and learn from. You should keep a record of them so as not to repeat the same mistakes. Over a period of time you learn more and more about the personality and character of God, the same way we learn about one another’s character. The more we have to do with one another and be genuinely interested in one another trying to please one another, the closer we become and the better we understand one another. Marriage couples are learning more and more about one another all the time as their love for one another grows and comes together. The same principal applies learning about God’s character. The Bible speaks about it, but when you personally get to know Him, it becomes a relationship and not a religion. God’s personality is so tender, gentle, kind and loving. If you stay close to Him, you will begin to recognise Him in everything and everywhere, because He is in His creation.  If the spirit appears to be all those things, but there seems to be something a little off or controlling feeling about it, know that it is not God’s spirit. It is probably a familiar spirit pretending to be God or Jesus or a saint an angle. If there is anything at all that doesn’t seem quiet right, dismiss it straight away in Jesus’s Name.

7.      If the Spirit is God who is correcting you in a stern way. It is a Father God doing it. God is strict, but also loving. He is not smudged nor haughty. He forgives the moment you repent of your sins. And you will straight away will feel His has forgiven you. There is no trace of control. He is a Loving God Father who wants the best for you and He knows you are in danger that is why He is so strict with us in moments like that. Then you will experience His love and compassion straight away. No loving human father ever enjoys chastising his child, but if you love somebody you may have to do things that you don’t like for their sake. He is also God and He wants everybody saved and enter into His kingdom. Nobody can enter into His kingdom if they don’t take His Godhead seriously. We are so blessed that His love for us raises us up to be called His children. All thanks to the price Jesus His Son paid for us. So we must always take care that we are living in union with His Spirit and not go our own way that does lead us straight to hell.

God Has Made Us All Different

I was motivated to write this article in answering to a comment I receive on this blog. I am one of those people who have trouble communicating one to one, since my life is one of isolation due to excessive shyness when I was young and then followed by breakdowns and social phobias for many decades. Communicating is a very precious skill and those who are good at it, often do not realise what a wonderful gift God has given them. They take it for granted like we all do with our own gifts. I thank her very much for her comment, because it has led me to think more deeply about the different characters that God has created us all in. I believe we all reflect God differently. If we are true to God and love Him we all love one another, but show it differently. We show our love by the characteristics that have been given to us by Our Dear Lord. The thing I have noticed lately, there seems to be two major groups in God’s Kingdom. One are the lovers and the other group are the fighters. And God needs both in His Kingdom, to expand it and to protect it. To me that is one of the reasons in my opinion He created us this way. And I also believe since God is infinite each and every one of us reflect different parts of His nature. is(7)

If you look at the angles for example God has His messenger’s and healing angels and they are very beautiful I am told. Then you have the warrior angles and they are not beautiful but very dangerous looking. They all love God with their everything and they all love us, and willing to help us, because of their great love for God. They have different roles and characteristics in their way of showing it. I believe without a doubt in heaven everybody understands one another perfectly and there is no confusion what your role is in how you are called to serve and love God and one another. On earth we are still trying to figure one another out.

I read in ‘He and i’ where Jesus speaks to Gabrielle Bossis that God had chosen her to save a certain group of people that only she was basically called to reached. How I interpret that not everybody you are called to reach, others can, because of our different temperaments. My nature wouldn’t attract them, but only yours would and vice a versa. I have noticed since I was very young and of course this is not my doing but Our Lord’s, I find I attract leaders. They always notice me and I don’t make a point of drawing their attention to me either, I simply be me. It is just how things work out. They either love or hate me and very rarely are indifferent to me. I feel like I am a revolutionist and a reformer at heart that is why I believe they notice me. If they agree with me, they love me, if they see me as a threat they hate me. isZTIQ1EJF

My best friend is a lover and by her example I am learning to be thoughtful in the little things that makes a big difference in friendship and relating to other people. And she finds comfort in me, because of my strength as a fighter. The children of God all need each other, we all have something very important to give to one another that is how God made all of us. Once again I thank the young lady for her comment it has given me plenty to think about and I hope this article has given her some explanation on how I serve God and others who are also fighters in God’s Kingdom. We are all called to Love God with all our hearts, minds, body and strength and love one another as He loves us. And God is a God of war and love. The picture of the two dogs I love because their show of affection is so sweet and love is sure beautiful without any doubts.

Live Solely for God

The world thinks back to front from how God thinks and that is sometimes where we go wrong as Christians. The world believes if you are always busy you must be doing something important and therefore you must be important. So a great many Christians think to serve God you must be busy all the time. If we never eat food nor drink water, we die. We all say that is common sense. If somebody was to say that is not true you can live without eating food and drinking water, we would consider them without any doubts, they must be insane. But Many Christians don’t see that is what they are trying to do when serving God. They want to do all these wonderful things without a good holy prayer life. And one of the ingredients for a good holy prayer life, is rest in the Lord. Be still and know the Lord is God. If we slow down to a halt and just spend time looking into God, we will be able to know the will of God and have the means to accomplish it. We starve ourselves of spiritual energy for starters if we don’t rest in our Lord. We have to learn to rely on God’s wisdom and His timing in everything. Much can happen in a moment with God. God can get you to do a great deal in supernatural time. When we rely on ourselves it takes forever to do the same work that somebody who relies on God can do in just a moment. So it is good spiritual investment to spend quiet times with God. You may say I don’t have any time to pray.  Make time! And in many cases after a little while, you will find you can’t afford not to be alone with the Lord. You will receive many blessings that open up to you, because of your quiet times with the Lord.

is(19)Still Your Emotions

One of the greatest secrets of success in the spiritual life with our Lord, is learning to quieten your emotions and desires to be Christ-like emotions and desires. If you do that you will be living in the presence of God. When this is accomplished you will receive the peace and joy of the Lord without fail. You are not always going to be successful, because you are going to get tempered from time to time to listen to the desires of the flesh, which never leads you into holy silence. When we listen to the voice of the world or our own flesh, it will always make you needy and empty. Its desires will never fulfil you and so you try even harder to be fulfil and things actually get worse and then you become even more needy and empty. More you listen to your flesh, the more dissatisfied you become. Even when you get what you so called want. We were all made to be loved and to love all that God has created for us. Above all we were made to be loved and to love God our creator. That is why anything less is never going too satisfied us. Only then will we feel true fulfilment and even like ourselves. The reason we were original created in the first place was to have all the blessing of being a Child of God. We were not made to be slaves to our own lust and passions, nor slaves to serve other people’s lust, passions or their desire of power over us. We were created to live in God’s Kingdom which is nothing like the kingdom of darkness.

In other words silencing your emotions and desires for the things of the world, is to put on the nature of Christ. Instead of choosing anger, choose love, instead of choosing jealousy, choose love, instead of choosing, mockering, choose love, instead of choosing to be right for the sake of being right, choose love, instead of choosing filth, choose love! This is what I mean by silencing your emotions and desires to become Christ-like emotions and desires. When we choose to do evil it never gives us one ounce of peace, but war instead. Not just to others that we are dishing it out towards, but it always come back to us according to the same measure we give it. The same rule also applies to love. If you want love, prepare to give it. The more love you want, give more, especially to God, because God will find a way for you to receive it. Loving self in a good healthy way is a blessing many people don’t know want it feels like. The healthy love that God wants you to love yourself with is so different from the narcissism love people of the world have for themselves. Narcissism loves is so selfish and self-centred it can never be happy or content with anything for very long. If all we think of is ourselves and what we want, we are not open to receive the things true love from others have to offer. Or feel the love God has for us that leads to true happiness, even in cases of martyrdom.

Enduring Suffering

People who are very holy endure suffering differently from people who are not so close to God. If we have a true imitate relationship with God, we can see the fruits of suffering through the eyes of God. God can make even the most horrifying experience work for us, if we rely on Him. When we offer our sufferings with the sufferings of Jesus, it always has redemption power for our own soul and those of lost souls. Believe it all not God wants us to offer up ourselves to suffer voluntary on behalf of His lost children’s according to the level you are capable of. Not that He enjoys seeing us suffer, but He sees the big picture of those souls we bring to Him. By uniting our sufferings with His Son has power unknown to the people of the world. Giving birth to a child is never easy. If you look at it this way, martyrs are not giving birth to just one child, but multitudes. So no wonder why it is so painful.

There is a lot of suffering brought down on God’s children that of course is evil and wrong. We have a choice to let the enemy win or lose. If we mistake God as the enemy by blaming Him for everything that the devil throws at us, as coming from God, we are going to lose. Because we have already fell into Satan’s trap, by believing in his lie. Evil comes from Satan not God. The kingdom of darkness, doesn’t play fair, it is a torturous kingdom where hatred reigns without an ounce of mercy anywhere. When we blame God for what Satan has done, we become no better than those who have been cruel to us. There is no way out of it, all you will see is despair and hopelessness. Then the chances are you will become a child of hatred yourself. If you rightfully see evil coming from the devil and not God, you are already halfway to succeed in becoming what God wants you to be. At least you are not blaming God and hopefully you’ll will then learn to lean on God to fight back. The way God’s children fight back is to love, forgiveness and worship, praise and pray without ceasing and of course quiet times with our Lord so that we can rest in Him and that makes us strong. That doesn’t make sense to those who don’t know the power of love and that God is a faithful God. Evil cause death to a soul. Loves gives life to it.

isBT9KR36YSo you see, the more you love God the more you want to be used by God, which ultimately means you are inviting suffering in your life. In heaven there will be no evil and therefore no sorrow. The rewards for being in God’s army and being prepared to go all the way is obvious, your place in heaven will be much higher and you will bring a great many more souls to God in heaven. Those people who were not prepared to accept the world is an evil place, because of evil people making it so, and so adding to the evil instead of fighting against it will not have a happy ending. Soldiers do get hurt and sometimes killed in battle, it is no different to be a solider in God’s army. Just picture when you are in heaven and God the Father looks at you and then looks at all His children that through your pain and suffering has made it possible for them to be saved. These children would not have otherwise be there. Look at the joy of our Father smiling at you for doing this very generous act and then see Him smiling at all the children you have brought to Him. You will never hear the end of it by our Heavenly Father nor your brothers and sisters that you have helped saved through your offering that was united with the precious blood of Jesus. Suffering not united by the Redemptive power of our Jesus suffering, is a waste of time otherwise. Some people are closer to God than others, the more closer you are to Him, the more you will love souls and therefore the more you are concern of the lost who don’t know God.

Psalm 37:5. Commit everything to the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you