Reconcilliation between the Churches

Ephesians 6: 10-12

Be strong in the Lord and in his great power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can fight against the devil’s tricks. Our fight is not against people on earth but against the rulers and authorities and the powers of the world’s darkness, against the spiritual powers of evil in heavenly world.

I have to admit that sometimes I can get extremely hurt and angry when I hear people treating my faith as a Catholic like we are heathens. I realise that the fight is not between people but rather we are fighting the devil and the fallen angel’s influences on us and the world. So being angry with people is actually falling in the trap the devil is setting up for me. Not only to do me harm but everybody else who has a taste of my anger.

The importance of Forgiveness

All Christians if we listen to the loving words of Our Lord will be reconciled with Him. If we forgive others only then are we forgiven ourselves. It is a truth we can’t run away from. The problem I see in this world, people insist on living in a fantasy where they make their own rules and think they can get away with it. If you put your hand on a hot stove, your hand will burn, it is a fact of life. It saddens me to see people will refuse to believe in God and will not even try to obey His commandments and think there will be no negative results. There is a hell and too many people are going there minute by minute, forever. Christians included.

I remember I did a very stupid thing when I was about the age of eight years old. I use to visit a friend’s place. She lived opposite to a very old and run down cemetery. I seem to always come home at dusk and passing the cemetery at that time use to scare me. I suppose out of fear, I dared the most evil spirit to chase me down the block. I hadn’t even finished the dare and a very evil spirit was behind me. I looked up to God for help and saw a very small white cloud on top of me and it was moving towards the end of the block so I raced after it. I was using the cloud as a focus point to communicate to God. I remember saying to God you can forget the fire and brimstone in hell, just being with this one demon for eternity is a hell I would not be able to endure. When I finally got to the end of the block, all the clouds became alive and I could see that the angles and saints in heaven were jumping up and down with joy of my escape.

Demons in Hell

If that one demon was too much to bear, think of all the trillions of demons we would have to live with for ever, tormenting us because we were too proud to accept the teachings of Jesus Christ and obey Him. That is where so many people are going. I think to myself all the beautiful things God has given us, the sun, moon, the earth and each other and yet we chose to worship ourselves and then lose everything and a whole lot more that He is willing to give us in heaven.

I believe God has put a very strong calling in me to educate what Catholics actually believe in. I do believe many people really think they know what Catholics believe in but have been wrongly educated by well-meaning Christians, causing unnecessary sorrow to many people. A good idea is to try to put yourself in the person’s shoes that you are questioning. Human’s beings tend to rush in and judge others without getting the facts. Most of the time we judge people from wrong information.  In Psalms I think it says people judge by outward appearances. God looks into people’s hearts. He knows everything and He is the only one qualified to judge anybody. And He is so merciful unlike the human race.

There are many good Christians out there that do love one another, despite what church you go to. I believe they are the mature Christians that lead people to Christ. Those who still are acting like little children, fighting amongst themselves are not leading people to Christ, but in fact are doing the opposite. Jesus said we will show people of the world that we are His true disciples by the way we love one another. Also loving our enemies is a very difficult thing when we let our human nature get in the way. People of the world don’t love their enemies. it is something that they do not understand about Christians, but at the same time it attracts them and then they start asking questions, hopefully to God. Many have converted because of this unique feature of the Christian faith. It is no small deal to love one another as Jesus loves us. It wins souls like no other way.

When we pray for Healing, is it God’s Will to Heal every time?

is(14)Personally I don’t think it is God’s Will to heal you every time in this life. In Heaven we are all going to be completely healed. In this life I believe God does use sickness for many reasons. I don’t believe we should presume God doesn’t want to heal us. I believe we should always pray for healing, but sometimes I believe we do get a ‘no’ or at least God may want to delay the healing for another date. God will always answers prayers in a way that is best for our souls and people He wants you to help in some way.

Job 1:21

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart.’ The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.”

If you read up on Job, the devil really attacked him in every way he could. Job learnt humility and a true appreciation of God’s sovereignty, through his tragedies. It wasn’t done just for Job’s sake, but we all learn from his experiences and get encouragement from Job’s trials. This applies to our trials that Satan brings on us. God is in complete control, but sometimes even after a great many prayers and fasting, God seems not to be listening to us. God is very attentive to our cries, but He also knows sometimes we need trials to learn a great many things for our souls and others benefits.

I have had many trials and the result of them cause me to be very deprived of sleep, for at least four decades. One part of my life, I would go to work and I would know by rights I should have been dead of sheer exhaustion. My body was in pain through lack of sleep and the thing I noticed despite of the credible exhaustion that I suffered, I would work harder than many people at work did. I was in constant amazement that God gave me the grace to work, when I knew I should have been dead. It was a miracle and I knew it. Four decades later it seemed that God put into my heart to call on Him for deliverance and healing of this problem. I knew I had some work to do for the Lord and yet I was dying. So I knew it wasn’t God’s will for me to die and since doctors couldn’t help me there was no other alternative but turn to God and start asking for the gift of faith, so that I could be healed and do the work God called me to do.

I bringing this up, because I believe God was using my sickness for those many years, because it was serving a purpose and then came a time when God put it into my heart, He was now wanting me to grow another way. I remember my mother told me once that my father’s family, was trying to stop my father from marrying my mother, because she was sickly. They said if you marry her you will get nothing but medical bills. What happened, it wasn’t my mother that brought in all the medical bills but my father. He became sick two years into the marriage. What my mother said was before the illness came onto him, my father had a chip on his shoulder, believing the world owed him something and he didn’t have any time for people who were sick. My father became sick when I was about a year old, so I only knew him as a sick man. My mother said it changed him. He became a very compassionate man towards other people especially those who were suffering. His heart softened towards his fellow man and he was a very good father, unlike his father.

This is one of the things that Protestants and Catholics tend not to agree with. I have read many Protestants books using the bible passages where Jesus heals everybody, not one person He didn’t heal. I also heard Protestants say that they were told by Jesus the part of the Lord’s Prayer when it says ‘Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ So in other words it is not God’s will that we are sick. Of course it is all true. Jesus never lies. I remember writing an article on ‘closed minds.’ Saying what Jesus will say to Protestants He will not necessary say to Catholics and it also applies what Jesus will say to Catholics, He doesn’t necessary say to Protestants. I know at this point people are going to think that I am committing blaspheme here. But I am not. God will speak to you where you are at. The more open you are to God the more He is able to explain everything to you. Nobody knows it all, we are all learning more and more about God and His ways every day.

I remember reading a Catholic who just received the gift of faith healing, so he went to the hospital and prayed for every sick person there. He came back home angry with God and told Him that he prayed for everybody and not one person got well. God then replied to him, ‘did I ask you to pray for them.’ Faith healers will pray over people and they will find not every one of them gets healed. Some of the faith healers will say it is the sick persons fault for not having enough faith. I also have heard where other faith healers will go up to a perfect stranger who is an atheist and pray over them and they will be healed.

I believe generally speaking Protestants tend to lean more to reaping and Catholics tend to lean more to sowing. Reaping and sowing require different skills. For example I remember a Catholic monk was talking to a crowd of people and he looked straight at me and he said ‘I don’t understand these stay people.’ For me it was obvious he wasn’t called to be a sower. He was called to reap. If you are called to reap in the harvest that God has sent you, you will need to be fairly healthy physically. To get around here and there and preach and heal and counsel etc. you need to have a healthy mind and body.

People who are sowers are called to full time intercession, most of the time. Travelling and full time intercession work doesn’t as a rule go together. And quiet often not always, sowers may be called to be what Catholics call being a ‘victim for God.’ Sickness is not an uncommon calling for this group. One saint that I love very much, because she has taught me so much and inspired me a great deal to carry my cross as well as Saint Francis’s Assis, is Sr. Josefa Menendez. Jesus communicated to her all the time. Her mother superior and other people looking after her spiritual progress would test her many times to make sure it was indeed Jesus communicating to her. The suffering Sr. Josefa was called to suffer for the Lord and on behalf of mankind, demanded so much courage that I can’t help loving her for what she has done for God and for her fellow man in union with the suffering of Jesus Christ.

Suffering has a place in our redemption and the ones God has called us to help. My sleep has improved incredibly so. It has taken over a year to get this far. I am still weak and exhausted, but my sleep has much improved. The time has not been wasted, because God has taught me so much about Himself that I would not have ever known. There is so much to learn and I know even when we are in heaven, we are going to learn about the marvels of God for ever, because there is no end to His greatness.

Novena Prayer through Sr. Josefa Menendez

isH87QAJS3Sister Josefa has to be one saint that has impressed me to follow Jesus more than any other, including saints in the Holy Bible. She suffered incredibly so for the love of God. Not many people can boast of descending into hell on a regular basis every week, thinking she is dammed forever and the Devil and all the demons believe it to be too, over and over again. God placed her there time after time to be a victim for souls, so that they may be saved from eternal fires. Not just for an hour at a time, often hours at a time.

She is so powerful, every time I say this novena with a humble heart, I always feel the power of God’s presence at the beginning at the novena. It is a truly a powerful novena, because of her faithfulness to suffer for Jesus and for souls, on His terms. Once again to suffer isn’t what it is all about, we can suffer and suffer and not save our own soul, but if it is done in obedience to God and in union with His suffering it has great merit. This is how God finds out the sheep from the goats. Goats will run from suffering, they only want the good things in life.

People might be confused why at the end of the novena we would offer up three prayers of Glory be’s, in honour of her. Some people would say straight out that is worshiping the saint, who is not canonised but I believe is more of a saint then many that are. Catholics do not consider that is worshiping at all but honouring her of her obedience to God. It might not seem obvious to a Protestant but we are in fact saying How Great Art God who can raise a lowly servant such as her and turn her into something so great that I envy her holiness to such a degree I want to follow Jesus as much as she did, if not to my very best for the Glory of God. 

The Novena Prayer

O Jesus, full of Grace and Charity, Victim for sinners, so impelled by Love for us that You willed to die on the cross, I humbly beseech You to glorify in Heaven and on earth The Servant of God and Victim Soul, Sr. Josefa Menendez, who faithfully participated in Your passion and shared Your sufferings, to prepare the way for The Devotion to the Divine Mercy, for the salvation of souls, and for the Glory of Your Heavenly Father. With confidence I beg You to grant me, through her intercession, the Grace of: ………. Make your request here.

Followed by one decade of the Rosary, or one decade of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

And then

“Glory be the to the Father …. (Three times) In honour of Sr. Josefa

When you offer up a novena it is usually said for nine days in a row. You can actually say it as many times as you like, there is no law in Heaven that prevents you from doing what the Lord has put in your heart to do.



When You are Hurting Stay Focus on Jesus

I have just recently watched a video of a young women’s vision through a dream she had, of what martyrs in the great tribulation in the last days will suffer, on the internet and it really scared me. Also some visionaries have being saying that some people will choose to stay behind after the rapture, to help other Christians that are left behind. Another visionary said that Jesus was going to take His bride last June, but because of prayers it was delayed. Jesus has told her it is going to be delayed by months, not years. This visionary I do trust, because you can hear it in her voice that she is closely connected with God.

Praying for Martyrs

So as a result I have been praying and fasting for martyrs especially the martyrs in the great tribulation that their faith will be strong enough to make it. I am receiving so much grace and reassurance from God that I feel like He is saying, if we stay close to Him, all things will work out well. So it got me thinking about the young women’s vision. So many Christians were committing suicide, rather than face being tortured by the Anti-Christ and his men. I thought I could easily be one of them, then I remembered a few favourite passages that I have wrote down, they didn’t come from the Bible. There are great many things in the Bible that strengthens me, especially lately. The one I want to show you, is one promise from God by a Catholic prophet, that I read every day for years.

‘No matter what the enemy presents in your path, your God is with you, upholding you. Know that I am quite able to render you strong if you will only look to me. Relying on my power to see you through.’

Another passage that helps me and once again I read every day for years to strengthen me, came from a book called “He and i” by Gabrielle Bossis. Jesus tells her;

If you want to gain strength to make a sacrifice, don’t look at the sacrifice. Look at My joy.

And another one from the same person;

You are still too little for me to tell you that the only end is suffering, for suffering, you see, is the surest way of coming close to me and being like me.


My conclusion is simply stay focus on Jesus, don’t look at yourself at all. If you look at your weakness you will fall. If you keep your eyes on Jesus, He will give you all you need to get you through everything and anything. Even if it is by supernatural means. Now everybody is going to tell me, ‘I could have told you that.’ So could I have told myself that, but for some reason when we face a problem with fear, we forget all that we have been taught in a moment. So it is real important to pray to forget self and only keep your eyes on Jesus. Now I know there are some occasions we can’t keep our minds on Jesus, but the more you think of Him, the more you commune with Him, the more He becomes part of you and you Him. So He does become your life. When you live for Jesus alone, you will experience His peace in everything that comes your way.

Difference Between A Curse and A Calling

Romans 12:2

Do not be shaped by this world; instead be changed within by a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to decide what God wants for you; you will know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect.

The more you love God, the closer He will bring you to Himself and reveal His secrets. The world always confuses you when you listen to it. It preaches the very opposite of what God teachers us. When we worry about things, we don’t think clearly enough, neither can we discern God’s voice. It is so important to have quiet times with God. God is always talking to you. We have to learn how to recognise Him, so ask Him often until He is ready to show you. Plenty of times we are too busy to even try to listen to Him. Demons also talks to you all day long and for some reason we tend to listen to Satan’s voice more clearly and obey him rather than God.

A Curse Can be Disguised As A Calling

People might be saying things like ‘no way would I ever obey Satan.’ The thing is every time you give into a temptation, which is evil, you are giving into the demonic world. God never temps you to do evil. All curses; which are the result of sin, come from Satan indirectly or directly. People often blame God for all the evil in the world when they should blame people for letting Satan working in them. Satan will often use people to do his dirty work. He loves using Christians, who think they are actually doing the will of God, but are not. And they in fact do the most harm. People whether they like us or not, do expect us to behave in a Christlike fashion and when we don’t, they use it as an excuse to say Jesus is not the Son of God. And that all Christians are following a false god. That Jesus is just a man, not the Son of God at all. We all have been there, believing at some point we are doing the will of God, only to find out later that we have made a very big mistake. Doing God’s will, will always give us peace, even in the midst of a huge battle.

Ephesians 6:10-12

Be strong in the Lord and in his great power. Put on the full armour of God so that you can fight against the devil’s evil tricks. Our fight is not against people on earth but against the rulers and authorities and the powers of this world’s darkness, against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly world.

People don’t realise that poverty for example could be a curse. It may be the will of God that you are free of sickness, so that you can get in and do the work God is calling you to do. Sometimes it is God’s will that you seek poverty for the glory of God and sometimes God does use sickness for His glory. The trick is knowing the will of God. When it is a calling; you are just drawn to it. And you can’t always explain why. I am not particularly interested in wealth, but spiritual wealth. If I was wealthy according to the world, it would make me unhappy. I would find it a distraction from my real calling. Other people are called to be wealthy to serve God with it. And show the world that there is far more important things then fame and wealth. In their own way they will draw people to understand how good kind and loving our God is.

I was amazed to find out just how many holy saints are among the royalty. King Henry the eight destroyed a church, because it housed many Catholic saints, who  bodies were incorruptible. He was destroying the evidence, that God was pleased with all these saints. A great many of them were royalty. I always had a bad opinion of the royalty ability to stay true to God. I thought they had too many temptations to stay on the straight and narrow road that leads to eternal life. When I read that I repented.

What A Force Calling May Look Like

1 Timothy 6:6-10

Serving God does make us rich, if we are satisfied with what we have. We brought nothing into the world, so we can take nothing out. But, if we have food and clothes, we will be satisfied with that. Those who want to become rich bring temptation to themselves and are caught in a trap. They want many foolish and harmful things that ruin and destroy people. The love of money causes all kinds of evil. Some people have left the faith, because they wanted to get more money, but they have caused themselves much sorrow.

I think that really explains things well. If what you want, brings sorrow, if it keeps your mind off God, if you become obsessive about it to the point you become blind sighted, about the people you are called to love and nurture, if the door keeps closing on your face and will not open, if it becomes a god to you. If it does not produce a greater love for God you can guarantee it is not a calling from God. Even a true calling can cause sorrow, because the calling becomes more important than God. Sometimes we want to answer a calling our way and our timing. It never works out well for us and the people around us. You have to learn to let go and trust God. And genuinely seek to please God and that it is not always about ‘you.’ When we are cursed by Satan, it takes away the glow in our lives. Our minds and hearts are more on what is working against us. There is plenty of sorrow and bitterness.

A True Calling from God

When it is a calling and we doing it for the love of God. It has the effect of bring us closer to God and the people he has brought into our lives. Everything just opens up to us and made easy. It feels like it is meant to be, we feel free and completely contented with our lot in life. There is no envy of other people’s calling, because we know we are doing what God wants of us. Now after saying all that, it doesn’t mean we won’t have to suffer and share the suffering of Christ, because we will. It just that we are made for that particular cross. And God knows how to lift us up when we can’t take it anymore.

One day I was looking at a picture of the crucified Lord. And something within me felt compassion for Him, so much so I wanted to give Him something of what He gave me, back to Him. To show my appreciation of what He gave me. You get it, I was being called to give God permission to make me a martyr for Him. And He responded to it instantly, letting me know that it will happen one day, but not just yet, but He was making preparations for it. He showed me how much joy it gave Him that I offered. If your suffering, whatever it is, if it is united with Jesus’s suffering, God will then release even more grace to people who will not recognise Jesus as the true Saviour. We are all called to save souls one way or another in union with Jesus.

Delivering Yourself from Demons

Ephesians 6:16

In addition to all, taking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.

The faith he is talking about is not faith in your faith, rather faith in the love of Jesus has for you and that He has truly paid the price to free you from your sins, curses and other evil circumstance.

In this article I am using my own experience to help me explain to you how you might be able to deliver yourself from demons. They say it is best to get somebody experienced in deliverance to delivery you first and then you will be better be able to continue from there. They say that the born again Christians all have the ability to do it. If you are not born again you will need to go to an experience person who can do this. And before you can be delivered you have to repent and hand your life over to Jesus.

Demons Are Not Bigger Than God

People are often too afraid to think or talk about demons as if they are bigger than God. I had recently a wonderful experience which the Lord blessed me. I could see that we are so tiny before God. If it was us looking from His place, we would not be able to see ourselves at all! We are that tiny. And then a  thought came to me that Satan is just a speck before God. With that I felt Satan’s presence straight away and he was so angry with me, because it was a truth that he could no longer hide from me.

People are too afraid to combat demons. You might hear people say it is written in the bible, to flee from Satan. If you are going to fight the good fight how can you run from Satan. The more you are in love with God, the more Satan follows you and tries to bully you into thinking he can’t be beaten. Satan has power over you, if you are too afraid of him to fight him in Jesus’s name. There are people who are too keen to fight him and that comes out of pride. But if you are minding your own business and then he shows up, you have to take a stand. You have to believe Jesus is all for you and has the power, the means and the will to protect you.

An Angry Demon

I had an interesting experience not that long ago. I have been learning how to cast out demons in Jesus’s name for about a year now and was starting to grow more confident in that area. When just out of the blew, I looked down on my finger that I use to wear my favourite ring on. There was a huge wart appearing and I could see a demon in it and he was so angry with me. I knew he had chosen to put a wart on that finger, to get back at me for casting out some demons. I had been casting out demons like restlessness, stress things like that in Jesus’s name, but never for healing. So this was new challenge for me. I called out Jesus’s name a few times, while looking at the wart, at least two times it was invisible and then came back again. I knew God was telling me if you only believe in me,I would get rid of the whole wart in an instant. Well my faith wasn’t that strong. I called on Jesus’s name the next day over the wart and it took a little while say roughly four to six days before it went, completely away.

Casting Out Demons Is Not Always Scary

When I started to deliver myself from demons in Jesus’s name, which was about a year ago, I found it is no way frightening. I have had frightening demons attacks before many years ago, so I know they can be terrify when they wage war on you. But at that time I did not know how to bind them. I just kept praying the ‘Hail Mary’s ‘prayers and eventually God would put another prayer in my head and then I would say it and it usually got rid of the demon. I believe it was meant to be that way in those days, to expiate sin. Catholics believe sometimes God wants us to suffer with His Son so that more grace will be sent out to the world. The thing is Jesus has paid the full price of our redemption, but not everybody is willing to receive it. So God wants us to share a little of Jesus suffering, so as to give them more grace in the hope they will receive it this time. Our suffering is useless if we do not unite it with Jesus’s suffering. isW102ZQ1L

I remember for example once I was being attack and for some unknown reason I stopped praying and I could see the demon, he could not believe in his luck and straight away I felt his claws go straight in and through me. I then quickly started praying ‘The Hail Mary prayers’ again and when I finish saying my prayer the claws went straight out. Mary’s prayers are powerful, they are not to be underestimated.

I have three books in my possessions that have really helped me, understand more about self-deliverance.  The very first time I tried to deliver myself, I used a book that came with four CD’s explaining deliverance. So when the person explained it all, it was now turn to start praying for deliverance. I was not sure what was going to happen. If it would work or not, because I have tried to cast out demons before awhile back and it did not work. To my surprise after repeating what he said, demons did go. Not all the demons in me have gone, but I was amaze that any left me at all. Notice I did not have much faith. But the faith I did possess was in the love of God had for me.

There are many and many Christians, who do not believe Christians can be troubled by demons living inside them. But just think for one moment. What are demons? When a person is casting out demons they might say things like. ‘ I cast out the demon of pride or bitterness or addictions or lust or lying spirt etc.’ The list goes on and on. Now have a real good look inside of you, what demons do you have? Be honest. We all have them.

People Can Use Demons As An Excuse for Their Behavour

The church stopped preaching about demons, because people would say things like ‘it was the demon that made me do it.’ We are all called to fight the good fight, there is nobody exempt from it. If you do not fight, those demons are going to make your life very difficult to endure and might end your life prematurely.  It is not God’s will that we should be a slave to demons, we are all called to be free in Christ Jesus. In one of the books he believes delivering yourself from demons is an ongoing exercise.

I have read, demons may leave the body through coughing, yawning or crying, I think there are probably other ways too, but this is a good start. When the demons left me the first time around it was coughing. I tried it another day and I was crying and I had great difficulty repeating the words after him, because I was crying so much. In other words Jesus was casting the demons out before I could finish asking Him to do so. I now notice if you have a thought that really affects your heart in praising God, that will also releases God power to remove the demon.

I think everybody has to find their own way, but through the help of these three books I found a way that has worked for me. My biggest problem at first was hearing everybody saying, you have to have faith, before any miracles can happen. My question was always how do you get this faith?  I found praising God and letting yourself go and be a child again is the best way to grow in faith. Because more times than not God will respond to you in a supernatural way, to reveal something to you. When you praise Him, just because you love Him, not because you want to get something from Him. Really has a strong affect on God. Just put ourselves in His place, we hate being used, so does God.

An Important Trick

I find when after you just cast out the demons in the name of Jesus. You exhale and it then starts the ball rolling for some reason. You find you may cough, cry or yawn is a good sign they have left. Demon are like gangs.  More likely than not you will have to cast out many demons. It is hard work and some people’s faith is stronger than others. Some people call out the chief demon, (the top dog). If you can do that all the demons under him will leave instantly, after their leader.

The next step is to keep them out. With me they try to bring doubt into me that they have indeed left or that it is easy for them to come back in again.  I believe everybody will have their own method in keeping them out, but keeping your eyes on the glory of God and His power and love for you is important. After a few months of this, one day it just dawn on me, the demons can’t get in without my say so. They can bully or they like but they simply can’t get in without my permission, I was looking at my favourite picture of Jesus at the time, and Jesus materialised in the Spirit and told me it was correct, they can’t get in unless I let them. I found you can also just rebuke them in Jesus name and they go.

Seeing God Through A Child’s Eyes


Jesus has told us to come to Him as a child and we are also told that we cannot go to heaven without being like a child. We all can have this problem, we read the bible passages and not really take in what Jesus has actually said. So we don’t really practise what He is telling us to do. What Jesus is telling us is real important information on how to get to heaven. We don’t always really listen carefully enough, especially when it is simple. I think because we are so devious in nature we think everything has to be hard. Being a child is the most simple and joyful way of serving God. It gives you the ultimate security in God, because a child really believes and trust their parents. They see things so simply and they are very imaginative, so as to see a bigger God than adults do and they really believe He can do all things.

An Innocent Child

The problem now days, very few children come from secure families and therefore they do not see things in a way that a child ought. So it is hard to explain to people whose childhood has not been secure, but instead felt being betrayed and that they can’t trust anybody. I know if you want to go to heaven you have to see God through the eyes of an innocent child. An innocent child has not been exposed to harmful circumstances that have taken away their innocence’s. A child of God knows and is confident that he is loved so therefore feels totally free to express his own love to His Creator in his own unique way. The only thing I can suggest for people who do not know what it is to be like a small child who feels safe in his father’s arms, is to pray to God for guidance on how God wants to heal you and free you of fear and also the feeling that you are the problem.

We Need To Forgive

Forgiving seems a major sin in all of us. Another thing about small children they soon forget a wrong that has been done to them. The moment they receive love they love back. They don’t hold back, they give their all. I have had a problem with forgiving people, all through my adult life. I came from a very loving family, but it was always outside that the wolves were roaming freely to savage me. I have had breakdowns on top of breakdowns and so on, mostly because of people judging me continuously. Judging is so cruel and can cause real lasting harm to people. And very rarely people get it right anyway.

Don’t Gossip

The messages I am hearing from God’s visionaries, is if we refuse not to gossip and slander people we will not be ready when the rapture comes. We will be the ones staying behind. So it is very, very important to ask God to help you not to let Satan tempt you in talking about another person in a harmful way. It is so important, because they are saying He is coming very soon. When people give you dates, ignore them because Jesus said only the Father in heaven knows. One person who Jesus speaks to says it won’t be years that He is coming it will be months, so don’t dawdle.

We Are Fighting Demons Not the Flesh

After all those years I am finally learning the key, how to forgive people who deeply hurt me. And it something that is in the bible. St. Paul tells you that you are not fighting flesh you are fighting demons. Of course he doesn’t say it quiet that way, but I have abbreviate it. I have learnt over the years, simple techniques to overcome what I have always found impossible to deal within myself. I eventually found it is not so much them that is causing the problem, but demons living in them. We all have demons living in us, because we all have sinned against God. Every time we sin we let a demon in and it strengthens that demons power of influence over us. So now I am learning that it is all right to hate the demon in the person, but do not hate the person, who has allowed himself to be deceived. Something we all guilty of and when we sin in a particular area long enough we become blind to how seriously we offend God.

Ways to Learn How To Forgive

I have also found when you stop criticising the person and instead pray for the person’s salvation, your mind is then distracted from thinking about them in a negative way. Doing that over a period of time you realise how much God suffered for that person, so that person could be saved. So then you start thinking about God’s yearning for that soul and His great love and now you wish to bring that soul to God more than ever. You now don’t want His Son die in vain for them. Another thing I am learning and it is just as equally hard for me and that is don’t complain to others about the wrongs people do to you. You are spreading a curse on that person and by doing that you are cursing yourself in the long run. Go to God and tell Him of all your pain and anguish. I find if I am terrible hurt I have to write it down. Writing a letter to God explaining how I feel about everything, really helps me very much. So I am not spreading hate around. I am getting it off my chest in the way that helps me and not hurting others in the process. Also reminding myself of all the times I let God down, puts a stop in me to judge another person in a negative way. Call on God to heal you.

How To Become An Innocent Child Again

So how does a child see God again? They see Him in all simplicity. They don’t complicate anything. They are themselves before God and they don’t doubt God. They know He really and truly loves them for who they are. They ask for miracles all the time, because it is natural for them to do so. They don’t try to work out how God is going to do it, they just know He loves them so much He is going to do it. They throw themselves at God, they literally leap into His arms. They don’t hide their love for Him, they show it with so much enthusiasms and with complete joy and confidence. They melt God’s Heart. God can’t resist them. To be a child of God is to be pure and free. No hang ups. Life is one joyful adventure after another. Always exploring the wonders of God with so much delight and awe. And it goes on and on. When we are child like it is not about worldly riches, it is all about being loved and loving the one they trust completely, their Heavenly Father.