Crime is Increasing

Crime has increase regardless of what they are saying. back in the old days when Australia was a beautiful Christian nation, there wasn’t many terrible crimes like it is today. Nobody was ever abducted etc. Once I was watching a documentary many years ago of Australian news. They brought up the ‘pyjama’s girls’. when these girls were abducted the  whole nation went into mourning. And when we saw it, we went into mourning as if it was yesterday. My youngest sister of eleven and a half years difference from me, piped up what is so special about them.’ We were all shocked, my mother and my other sister and John were present and we couldn’t believe our ears what she just said. I thought to myself this is not like her to be so uncompassionate. Then light dawned on all of us at the same time. John then turned to her and said ‘it just didn’t happened.’ It is happening all the time now and she was just wanted to know why the ‘pyjama’s girls’ stood out from all the others. There was no others she didn’t know that.

Prayer to Our Lord Jesus Crucified

isW102ZQ1LHeavenly Father; in the holy name of your Son Jesus, crucified for my sins, and in the love of the Holy Spirit, I come very humbly before you, with sorrow for my sins. Through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer you the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, which I live as I receive Him in the Holy Eucharist. Lord Jesus crucified; I humbly speak to you, in the Presence of Mary our Blessed Mother. I acknowledge that you suffered so much for me and for all, and that we are indebted to you forever.

Lord; I appreciate very much your sufferings for me and for the rest of humanity. I thank you for saving me through your crushing pain, through your many wounds, through your tiredness and agony and through your Precious Blood shed with so much pain and love for us; through your difficulty to breath, through your sweat and tears, through your merciful patience, through every effort that you made and through your total offering for my sins and for the sins of the whole world.

Lord I complain sometimes when I have a little misfortune, a wound or when I am sick or tired; rejected, despised or prosecuted. But you were covered through your entire body with painful wounds; you were pieced with pain by the crown of thorns, you were stripped of your flesh by the scourging, you were insulted with terrible blasphemies, you were spat upon, you were humiliated, you were inflicted new wounds upon your wounded shoulder by the crushing weight of the cross, you were inflicted more wounds upon your wounds by the brutal stripping of your garments, you were pierced painfully by the nails on the cross, you were hanged upon the cross to bleed painfully to death, you suffered asphyxiation as you found it very painful to breathe, a yet your physical agony was only part of your suffering compared to your spiritual agony because you are God, and your holy soul was sorrowful unto death as you surrendered your life in exchange for our eternal life.

You saw the ingratitude of men for your great sacrifice, and you suffered for the pride of our sins, for the aggressiveness of those whom you created with so much love, for the hatred of men who always receive all your love, if only they come to you.

My Lord Jesus crucified, I come humbly before you, everlasting fountain of healing and life, Powerful source of our Resurrection, food for our souls in the Holy Eucharist, eternal refuge of Divine Light, gate to the Majesty and Glory of the Father and our only hope and salvation.

Divine Merciful Lord, I pray and beseech on behalf of all humanity for your Mercy and compassion, for your healing and blessings and for your Salvation.

Oh Precious treasure from Heaven, you who are hidden to the proud, fill my heart with humility and purity that I may be worthy to receive the promises of everlasting life in your Glory with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


This prayer was composed by Joseph of Jesus and Mary.


Blessings V Curses

isA most powerful gift we can give God is our whole heart. We should serve God always with all our hearts’, then our minds and everything will follow. You will see God work through you as time passes. In the Bible it says love covers a multitude of sins. I have seen that in my writings. I might have had a bad day, and write more out of my anger than love. The next day I think about it and want to change my article, only to find God has covered it with His Holy Spirit of love. I therefore have no need to edit it. You just don’t see my anger, because God has truly covered it with His love. You might disagree with me, because you have seen the anger. If so I believe God has shown it to you for a reason, to learn and pray for me as I am called to do also when I see a fault in someone.

Judging Others

I have been thinking a lot about the way judging is so wide spread in our communities. We seem to think we have a right to judge people. I was thinking about how much it poisons not only the Body of Christ but our whole society and the world. It is a form of cursing. And one day many years ago I ask a question to God very casually, not expecting anything particular. I asked ‘am I cursed God.’ God straight away showed me by feeling and seeing how heavy and vast it was. And I was in a state of shock and said to God ‘but I don’t know many people to give me so much curses.’ Well as time went on I read many books and one of them was on Generational curses, and I also started to watch shows on the internet like Sid Roth ‘Its Supernatural.’ What I found out was the Bible says our fathers sins, will come down three to four generations. And some people have seen it come down to ten generations. Another person said each generation it gets worse if nobody deals with it. So you see generational curses alone is a very big problem, if we didn’t have God to come to and deal with it. What about the generational curses of hatred of people of different religions and racism. How many generations have pass that down.

Another thought every time we judge a person, or are angry with another, what curses are we sending them, unknown to us. Sickness is one of them. Since I have been meditating on this subject, I have notice there are many times I get irritated about little things and blame God for it. God is so patient with me. I repent straight away, but each time I am shocked that I can do that to Him. While I was praying to God to bring blessings on all the people I have cursed (unknown to me) I think I felt the body of Christ. Knees were being attacked and pain was in the Body that I put there through my cursing.  It really makes you think more seriously about how much the Body of Christ needs us to bless it without ceasing to heal it from our sins.

Mass is Important

When I offered my version of my home Mass (I do my own Mass of sorts, since I was kicked out of my local church). Catholics call Holy Communion, Mass. Satan doesn’t want you to know that because you might learn something. Like the Mass is celebrated every day and you indeed become spiritual rich and feed by the Body of Jesus Christ. He is really presence in the bread and wine that you offer up in Mass, or Communion, depending what church you belong to. It is very important to God you know Jesus is very present in Communion or the Mass. If you believe and serve Him, He may even appear before you in the host (the consecrated bread). I can’t disbelieve because He has come to me so often at Mass.

isFHBX52TIGetting back to what I was saying, during my Mass I offered the Host up for everybody I have cursed from the beginning of my existence (including in my mother’s womb) for all those I have cursed whether they were a friend of foe. I felt Jesus so strong and He was so keen to do it. I even felt some of the blessings going straight to them. I am going to do it seven Masses in a row, to make the blessings so much stronger. I also felt myself freer too. So I am hoping you fellows will give it a try. You will get a blessing from God for doing it, and you will help heal the Body of Christ. We all have hurt Him and we need to make it up for Him by blessing everyone and not cursing one another. Changing that habit is going to be difficult, but God loves seeing us trying to, for His sake.

God Really does Take Notice I of what We Do

He really does notice our efforts. I started praying for a group of people that I would normally consider my enemies, but have been humble by God and now gladly will do it over and over again.  God open my eyes, during my stay at hospital. I learnt a lot about love there. Any way I was praying for the very people I would not prayer with such passion. And I was looking at my favourite picture of Jesus at the time. And Jesus Spirit became visible and His mouth couldn’t contain the pure joy and laughter that was inside of Him. He couldn’t hold it in. If those who have never experience Jesus in this way, I really wish you could, because you will know a different Jesus, than what many people describe Him to you. He is so affectionate and tender, I wish everybody could know this. We do have different gifts. Some people God speaks to them. With me I sense His feelings and I kinda of see His Spirit and just seem to hear His words, which sounds funny, but that is how it is with me. I went off the rail when I tried to hear His voice, and went to hospital over it. But like I said before God can bring good out of evil.

Spiritual Battles

is(7)Lately I have been under a major attack from demons. Fallen back to a mental illness I use to suffer with, for which a long time I was free of. I have learnt something though that the demons were using for evil, but instead God turned it around for a greater good. And now I can even thank the demons for opening my eyes to how bad I am and how much a wonderful and patient God we really serve. Who really does forgive us and wants the best for us. I often pray that the plans Satan has so carefully planned against all God’s Children will back fire onto him and that Satan will fall deeply into his own trap. That his plans, the bottom will fall out and humiliate him before all of his followers, so that they can see for themselves who they really follow. I pray that his plans will have the opposite affect of what he is planning. And what I have seen in my own struggles of late, God has done it for me. I have to keep praying this prayer not just for me, but for all of us until Jesus comes for His church, which is very soon.

The demons are attacking not only my mind, faith and confidence in God’s forgiveness, but also how many people I am leading astray through my own writings, which made me afraid of my own damnation. It is a favorite method for demons to attack people by. What the demons have done instead, after believing every lie they threw at me, I had to really look at myself and call on God with all my heart. And for Him to help me remain in faith that God still loves me and will get me through. The demons have taught me things that I wasn’t as aware of as I should have been about myself. I knew the faults existed, but not as how serious they were. Which was self righteousness, arrogance and so forth. So now I know I need to work on these things with more diligence.

I have been practising going the extra mile when I am shopping and talking to people as a friend. Much as I am able to. I am in the habit of running away from people as quickly as possible, from suffering from social phobic for nearly 40 years. I am now in the position to be more friendly. Habits are just hard to break. Those who are still suffering like that can’t, so don’t get guilty over something that is out of your range, just stretch yourself with what you can do. Healing came out of it by being more friendly. So didn’t the demons had a bad day. I am not saying the war is over, but you can learn a lot from your trials if you hang in there and hold Jesus hand and truly ask for Him to help you see how you should handle things.

We have to really believe in Jesus and remember we are all a product of how we handled our sufferings from our past. We are also being cursed everyday by people who don’t even know us. Every time you speak badly about somebody or race, religion, country, just about anything you are cursing them. And what about our family line, all the curses that have been handed down to us from generations upon generations ago. We are all still experiencing the efforts from them, because it wasn’t dwelt  with it in the past. Everybody has been cruelly treated and we have this tendency to think we are the only ones that has been hurt so unfairly.

The more unfairly you have been treated, this makes you resemble the sufferings of Christ more than others, you get a reward for that. See if you can look at it this way, you are consoling Jesus more than others, while He was carrying His cross. It should cheer you up more. The more closely you help Jesus carry His cross with love and kindness of the ones who hate you, the more Christ like you will become. That is how we resemble Him, doing things His way. Now just because I know this to be true, doesn’t mean I have done a good job at it myself, following Jesus by carrying a little load of His suffering. I am not worried about that, because I know God is not worried about it either. All He wants from me and you is making a honest effort to please Him. And the desire in wanting to be just like Jesus, because we love Him, pleases God. We can only overcome things through grace. So if we haven’t got the grace yet, it is not a problem, but not trying to overcome things is the problem.

Big Crosses

is(18)Before I go into this subject I feel God wants me to reassure people of all different religions regardless of what it is (Muslim, Hindu, or whatever), or whatever crimes you may have committed against The One True God, Jesus crucifixion covers you also. All you need to do is to repent of all your sins humbly before God. Acknowledge Jesus truly did died to save you from the fires of Hell. And He really will forgive you if you are ask Him with a genuine sincere heart. If you believe Him and follow Him and acknowledge He is your Lord all the days of your life, you are now a part of Jesus sheepfold and you will enter the kingdom of God. You are now a Christian.

Once You Receive Christ in Your Life

Some people prefer to call themselves believers or followers of Christ, it doesn’t really matter the name you go by as long as you do all the above and have been water baptised (very important). To be baptised you need to find a church that you feel God is sending you to and the minster or priest will baptise you. You belong to Jesus sheepfold just as much as say somebody like me, who has always belong to Him.  There is even a parable where Jesus basically explains some workers who were working on a field all day and as time went on the landowner found more workers that were hanging around waiting to be employed. So they came much later to work on the field. The story goes they all got the same pay whether they started work at the beginning or towards the end. So far as God is concern He just wants us all home with Him, regardless of our past. As long as we worship and believe in Him as the one true God and do as He says we are right with Him. So never fear rejection, because God wants you with Him and saved, more passionately than you do.

isCAA2OUMAI want to write about if you have ever noticed people who have been blessed with very powerful visitations from Our Lord or from the Virgin Mary, also carry crosses that they would never been able to carry. Only that their experience with God holds them up. What I am saying here is only a general rule. The greater the supernatural blesses you receive, also comes with it a mighty big cross and responsibilities to serve God in a special way. Not everybody is going to be seen in the public eye, but the person in question sure knows about it. Sometimes that is not always so. The visitations you receive is not for entertainment. It is a taste of heaven it is true, but you will find carrying a heavy cross often comes with it. The cross may take place after a few years later, which that was the case with me. We carry this cross not only for the salvation of our own souls, but for many others as well. We are here on earth to work out our salvation. That isn’t easy since we are so very highly skilled as sinners. Doesn’t matter how heavy our cross is, Jesus carries the heaviest load for us. We may not see it. We may instead feel God has abandon us. Most of God’s children have to go through that period in different degrees, where we don’t feel God is near or even cares about our circumstances. He is teaching us one of the hardest lessons of all and that is to have real living faith in Him. And if we are faithful, our faith truly does grow and so does our love for Him and our neighbour. It grows accordingly to how faithful we were in carrying that cross.

We Are Still in The World

It is easy to believe in God’s love for us when we can see and feel His presence, but when we are surrounded with the lies of the enemy forever telling us over and over again that we are not loved by God, that our faith is a lie and so on. That is of course is a time when we have to really fight for our souls salvation. And we are not alone, Jesus is with us, but we have to rely on Him and not on our so called strength in order to survive. Your prayers are being heard, but you just have to hang in there and persevere as Jesus tells us to. You can’t be a great warrior of Christ unless you fight a great battle. The bigger the battle the bigger your victory. And God not only wants you saved He wants you to climb up His Holy Mountain as high as you can so He can give you a huge reward forever.

isI2TNE013He loves you so much that you are being honoured in sharing a little of what He went through for you. And it doesn’t stop there. God treats your sacrifice bathed in the blood of Jesus so that it is now a pure offering to God to save the lost, if you only believed. So be careful about being jealous about people who have all these wonderful experiences from God. They may also have many things happening to them that are not so wonderful in your eyes. Know God loves us and He does know what we can endure if we lean on Him. And yes it does cost us everything as it cost Jesus His everything to save us. Some people who are less blessed in the supernatural gifts of God, can sometimes be more pleasing to God than those who have much. Because some who have less can in fact work harder and are more faithful with the little they have for God than some who are blessed with plenty.

It is not your gift that matters, it is your love and faithfulness to God that matters. I honestly believe once that is settle in the minds of many, that’s when they are more open than ever to receive the supernatural gifts of God. With this attitude they are more likely to have their priories’ in the right order and so benefit from new gifts not only to help themselves, but the whole kingdom of God benefits from their spiritual maturity.



New Ways of Worshiping God keeps Our Relationship Fresh

The more ways we try to explore God’s ways, the more closer we will come to Him. It is the same with our friends and family. If we do the same thing every day over and over again the friendship becomes stale. We have to try out new things to keep the friendship alive and fresh. Some routines are very good and necessary and at other times we need to change things a little. So as to see new things in the person that we didn’t know about before. Somebody who has been married for 50 years, are still finding out new things about each other. That is the way our relationship with God is so supposed to be like. If we keep doing the same things over and over again, how can we find about new wonderful things about our God and Father, if we don’t let Him show us.

Recognising God’s Voice

I was thinking the other day about God wanting to communicate with us all the time. We have been told many times. We have to learn how to recognise His voice from our own and that of the evil one. God may communicate to you one way all through your life, but there are many other ways in which He does communicate. I tend to have visitations, so I have been spoilt in that I thought that is the only way He would communicate to me. Through experimenting how to come closer to God, from outstanding Christians. In other words Christians that have proven to be faithful to God is important. There is so much evil in this world and too many people who may sound trustworthy until you have a closer look at their lives. Don’t get confused of rumours either. There are too many people out there these days that are deliberately attacking good honest Christians, with shocking lies about them. Wanting to destroy their characters before the eyes of the public, and therefore trying to damage the reputation of Christianity. So it is so important to pray for discernment. The devil is very desperate at the moment to lead the most people astray from God and their eternal inheritance. He is more aware than any of us how short his time to rule the earth is left to him.

How it Works With Me

I am learning more and more how to recognised God’s voice other than visitations of Jesus in spirit. The best way to work for me, is to start writing to God. As I am writing I ask Him to speak to me through writing. I have found with me, as soon as words start to coming to me, I just start writing them down. If I don’t falter it starts to flow quickly. Sometimes so quickly I can’t keep up with it. I have read that can happen. I am thinking maybe God does it that way so that the devil doesn’t have a chance to butt in. The moment I question a word and stop, the flow then also stops and I can’t start it up again. What I have noticed if I just write the word that I am confused about anyway, after I have written the whole letter down and re-read it, it makes beautiful sense.

A Method of Discerning

You do have to watch the devil, because he will present words to you that sounds good, but is just to get you in. I have found the devil will often quote Bible passages with me, so as to win my confidence over. There is a difference when God speaks to you. When it is God who speaks to you it so touches your heart and makes you so joyful. You feel so loved. The devil I would imagine works differently for each person. In that everybody has different weakness in what they feel comes from God. Remember what Jesus tells us how to discern a false prophet or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. ‘By their fruits you will know them.’ If it leads to true holiness, which includes love and meekness then it is OK. If it ends up leading you to think you are better than others, or you find the messages no longer resemble the character of Christ, know it is not from God.

isW102ZQ1LI believe God is really pouring down His Holy Spirit onto people. I Know I am not the only one who can see this. I believe without a doubt it is due to the many and countless Christian martyrs being tortured and dying for the Lord. I believe they have paid the price for us, to receive the Holy Spirit at a new level. We all have to work to increase the kingdom of God, according to what we have to offer. Martyrdom is a very powerful way that appeases God’s Justice. And therefore showers mercies on people that otherwise would not have receive it. Some receive the grace of salvation and others salvation and incredible increase of the supernatural gifts from the Holy Spirit. I am certainly finding that I have been incredibly been blessed with increase and I know it is not only because I serve God with all my heart, but others have prayed for me and I thank the martyrs also so much. Our faith was founded on the Martyrdom of Jesus Christ and all His disciples. With the exception of one, they were all martyred to death. And you look at Christian history, when the enemy of our faith tries to destroy our belief in Christ, through killing off all the Christians. What it does instead? It increases our devotion to our God and we call on Him like nobody’s business and guess what? The faith in truth grows more speedily, during persecution than in peace time. Have you ever noticed? More come to know Him and therefore instead of less Christians the enemy has to attend with, there are more. That is the way God rewards the Martyrs. They bring in a rich harvest for Him.

John 3:16-17

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

Sometimes we hear a verse in the Bible so often we don’t really pay deep attention of what it is saying. The above verse is so important to meditate on it all our lives. You should never get tired of hearing it. And likewise the verse below is so important to remember as well, because Satan will do everything in his power for you not to believe in the promises of God.

Romans 10:9

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in you heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

When you believe in your heart, it is going to show in your actions. Our tendency to skip what we don’t want to hear is very strong in all of us, unfortunately. We mustn’t do that!! If we want to be saved we must learn to listen and obey. If you really believe that Jesus is Lord, you are not going to disobey him. So look careful what St. Paul is saying. Too many people are giving lips service to God. If you want to make God angry that is a perfect way to do it; somebody who gives only lips service, is a fake Christian. 


Don’t Be Fooled

I have been a very slow learner on one hand, but despite of it all God has taught me many lessons. I am now sixty one years old and I feel like I am just getting it. One thing I have learnt is Satan is a liar right!! So it stands to reason those who serve him are going to follow his example. They lie too!! They copy their father. Jesus did what He saw His father do and that was to obey His Father wishes. So Jesus is kind, loving and truthful. Satan is nothing like Jesus, he is all meanness and cruelty.

I remember many years ago, there was a devil worshiper who attended the church I use to go to. I didn’t know it at the time who he was, but found out later. At this point I want to point out there are currently many devil worshipers that attend all denominations, so to breakdown and destroy churches. One ex-devil worshiper said his favourite method was to spread rumours around. Unfortunately it worked very successfully, because not all Christians are obeying God’s Commandments of Love as they claim. Many Christians you wouldn’t know they are Christians by their lifestyles. Remember what Jesus said ‘not everybody who says Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven.’ To be a Christian you must actually follow Jesus, do what He does. Too many what it both ways, and that is impossible.

So getting back to the point, this devil worshiper didn’t whisper a lie, but shouted it out so loudly and confidently that for a moment, I questioned if I was mistaken. He shouted out that I did not attend the Mass on Wednesday and I knew full well that I did. I remember it clearly, because a friend of mind had died and I couldn’t attend to her funeral, so I went on that day specially to give her my respects and prayers. The trick is if people sound confident and shout out loudly, other people too will question themselves and will ask ‘am I right or are they? And if they hear contradictions long and don’t fight it, they will believe the lie. There is a saying, ‘if somebody told you long enough you are a horse, you will be looking for the saddle.’ That is a great trick of the devil and he relies on it a lot. Watch and see it for yourself. I know most of you have already notice it for yourself, but unfortunately many have not. See how peer pressure has a lot to do how the young behave, and not so young also.

Satan will either puff you up or work on your inferior complex to get his way. If all fails he will use brute force and sometimes when he really wants something badly, he will use all three methods at the same time. Just look at prison camps. Satan’s power is in you believing in his lies. He is not going to tell a person in a prison camp, ‘you are saving so many soul.’ no!!  He is going to make you feel so miserable and depress so as to make out you are a big failure. We humans have a weakness in judging by what we hear, see, or how we feel. And Satan is counting on it. If you really put your faith in Jesus, you are going to put your faith on God’s promises as more real than what you see and hear. We can’t do this by our own strength. We need Jesus’s strength to do this.

Prayer is a life saver and we need to pray for our futures, not just now when all is going well for us. We should be praying that we die in God’s favour. That we will be found worthy to enter in the kingdom of heaven. To trust in our own ability to make it to heaven by our own so called goodness, is a lie also. There is nothing wrong with admitting to God that you are so helpless and need Him even in the smallest things in life. God will love you for it. We are most powerful when we humble ourselves before God and admit to Him we can’t do it without Him and ask Him to make up what you can’t do. That is a good thing. That is power in Jesus. To admit you need Him. That is what the enemy doesn’t understand. There is power in being weak before God and admit your nothingness to Him. When you say things like my virtues are no more than dirty rags, but I believe in your Son’s Blood can wash me clean and acceptable to You. That is power in those words.

is(7)I am sticking my neck out here for you. I am being attack many times through witchcraft. And instead of saying they are more powerful than me. I say when yet they have cursed me again, ‘GOOD!!!!!!’ my PRAYERS!!!!!!! Are really working, you fellows are really getting upset, because God is answering my prayers.  Then I feel even more powerful, because I know God is with me, and even though He has to humble me many times, He is still answering my prayers. You get it! It is the other way around, and Satan doesn’t what you to know just how powerful you really are in Jesus Christ. You know the more Christians are being martyred, the more get saved. The enemy is not going to tell you that, are they?

I have already seen a little glimpse of my martyrdom. I saw me being surrounded and they were I suppose punching me or whatever and I was in a great deal of pain and I was trying to get away from them. And then I saw me as a black lamb being carried on this man’s shoulder ready to be sacrificed. So it is not just talk for me. I know the time is very near and I know I won’t make it without the love of God helping me. And I know I won’t be alone that God will fulfil His promise to me. I was told Saint Francis and Saint Teresa are also going to help me during those times. I know I have to suffer for souls. I have seen the pleasure and joy it gave Jesus when I offered myself to suffer for Him, so that I can give a little back for what He gave me. I was also told that I will be alive to see the rapture. That might sound contradictory to some. Just think when the rapture takes place, will there be anybody left in those prison camps. Maybe? But how many Christians will suddenly disappear without trace.


While there is Life There is Hope

After the Warning when God will make it clear to the whole world that He truly Exist and exposes our sins for what they are. And how much they cost Jesus in order to save each individual, there will be many people who will die of horror of their sins. So Jesus is asking us to pray for them that they will have time to repent before they die. If you want to know more about the Warning and the Second Coming there is a site fatherofloveandmercy. Marie Divine Mercy is the name of the prophetess the sites goes under it is a huge site. She has been prophesying for many years now and has received much suffering from her obedience to serve God. That is a sure sign to notice, when testing if a prophet is real or not. Are they prepared to suffer for God? False prophets would run the other way. She has been under supervision of a priest all this time, so her work has been checked to see if it is genuinely from God or not. Like right now this text should be normal and I can’t make it normal because my attackers interfering with my work.

During this time in history (the perilous times) there will be many sucides, because people don’t understand that it is not too late to ask for repentance. So we must pray that they do and educate people it is never too late, while you still have breath in you. She has said even when Jesus appears and is about to judge the world at His Second Coming we are to pray for ourselves and for others. So that is clearly saying even in that last moment, our prayers are heard and people can be saved.

Nobody knows really how serious a sinner we really all are, because our mind is so limited we don’t realise whom it is that we sin against. God is so big and we are so insignificant before Him, if we only could realise that. We are totally dependent on Him for our existence and yet we take Him so much for granted. A good healthy fear of Him keeps us safe. It keeps us in line and we need a lot of that. Only through the blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ, can we be made worthy of being in the presence of God. We have to pray for humility all the time, because it is unnatural for us wicked souls, who are prone to arrogance. We were born with the belief that we are the most important person in the universes. That has to all change if we are to follow Jesus and enter His kingdom.

God will save us even at the very last of the last moment of our live, if we turned to Him in humble hope and repentance. I have had experience of it personally and one of them I want to share with you, so that you may have hope if something like this ever happens to you. When I found out that prayers was exceedingly powerful and that I could pray for people even on the other side of the world and ask God to save them in humility, God would do it. Well that of course attracted Satan’s attention. When a Christians finds out how powerful they are in Jesus name and if they have the true desire to do the will of the Father in Heaven, Satan in going to get real nasty with you. (like he is now through his little workers) And I was attack by demons for approximately twenty five years physically. They tend to attack me in a different way now.

is1DPX2JISThey seem to be getting more sneaker and yet more open at the same time. Satan has sent his worshipers onto me instead. Saint Teresa actually feared man more than demons. I too believe man in many ways are more dangerous, because it is man that gives the demons their power in the first place. All this God uses, so that we get even stronger and wiser in the service of God.

I use to get attack at the very beginning about three times a week for about ten years and then it was three time a fortnight and then it got lesser and then lesser. During these attacks I will be paralysed and therefore couldn’t call out to anybody to help me in anyway. Like asking them to pray for me. So it is just the demon, me and God. In that situation you do learn a lot, because God is not going to abandon anybody who calls on Him in trust. The moment the attack began I would automatically start reciting the prayer ‘Hail Mary’ and just kept at it until God gave me another prayer. Then I would say the prayer God gave me and usually the demon would go straight away. Well after twenty five years of this, it dawned on me that Mary had never ever let me down. That she had always protected me while I was waiting on God to give me a prayer during the attack. when this truth dawned on me, I kept saying over and over again that Mary has never failed me not even once. I just want to point out God does listen to every word we say and He does remember them, even if we forget God never does. It was like God said, “Good! she is ready now for the next lesson.”

is(2)In the following attack God put a prayer in my heart to say, instead of the Hail Mary, I knew from them on that was the prayer He wanted me to say instead, during these attacks. I have been saying the Hail Mary prayers for twenty five years and I was comfortable with that prayer. I even said it in my sleep, because it came so easy for me. The prayer God wanted me to say was harder to say. I needed to concentrated on what I was saying a lot more than what I needed with the Hail Mary prayers. I said the Hail Mary prayer knowing what God preferred me to say instead. God punished me, by letting the demon have the upper hand and I was running out of breath. I knew I would be dead before I could finish the prayer. I repented of my sin quickly and prayed for help and He gave it to me straight away. To my surprise God seemed to stop time so I could say the prayer He wanted me to say in the first place. God wasn’t putting me in danger. He knew how I would respond with repentance and basically that is all He is asking from us. If we do that He straight away forgives, but if you refuse to repent what can God do?

I will write the prayer that God had asked me to say, but first with a strong warning. I got this prayer which is in fact from another longer prayer of the meditation of the Fourteen Station Cross Rosary from the enemy camp. I didn’t say this pray for a long time when I was first introduce to it, because of where it came from. At the same time I was very confused, because it was a prayer at that time Jesus kept begging me to say. I don’t know if the guy had a true vision of Mary and then turned away through pride and started his own cult or what. That to me is a possibility, but I really don’t understand it at all. I just know this prayer came from him. Meditating on the crucifixion comes with promises from God Himself and one of those promises is eternal life for those who meditate it often with deep dedication. It stands to reason if you meditate like that you will be worshiping Him with a greater love than if you didn’t ever think of what Jesus suffered for us.

This is the prayer

Bless be the wounds of Jesus Christ for they heal us from the pains of sin. Bless be His precious blood which washes away our iniquities.

This prayer is exceeding powerful and if you say it over and over again while you are being attack, you will find the demons eventually go away.  Sometimes instantly, it depends a lot on faith, but sometimes God might be teaching you something, so you just keep at it. It is also powerful for anything at all. The demons whether they like it or not, don’t know everything and they can judge you wrongly.

I just want to mention quickly that I disagree with a teaching that is now popular and that is Satan can’t hear your thoughts. Satan would love you to believe in that lie. He knows you weaknesses better than you do. He has had plenty of practise to tempt mankind. I had a demon attack who was fully aware I could hear his thoughts and he tried to still his mind by blanking out his thoughts, but it was too late I already heard what he was thinking. He didn’t want me to know how powerful the above prayer was. Another thing I believe Satan worshipers use mind control a lot when they are attacking people. I believe it is a form of hypnosis, they suggest things to you so that you may  lose self control, like over spending your money, losing your temper etc.

I can hear thoughts too sometimes, when it is the Will of God for me to do so. So if humans can, Satan sure can hear our thoughts as well. There is a difference when a person deliberately learns how and wills to read a person’s mind to control another, then when it is the Will of God. For one thing there is no effort on the persons part. It is all God’s doing, I suppose maybe evil spirits do it too, since they basically are copying the Holy Spirit. But when it is God it never leads to evil.

isSA7LX265There are records of Saints of old that use to be able to read minds and of course it was always for God’s glory never for self gain. Saint Francis my patron saint had this gift. A friar was having thoughts that he was wrestling with and finally chose to do the right thing and Saint Frances turned to him and told him that he chose the right thing to do. I have heard peoples thoughts and it is usually negative judgemental type. I hear these thoughts for no other reason than God is teaching me about human nature. It is not for me to judge and it never has that effect on me. I have never judge them. God doesn’t do this to me all the time and it is certainly not something I seek. That is probably why I have this gift. I am not that interested in it, but the gift of healing is something else again. I think I have to work at receiving that gift longer, because if I get that gift too easily it might go to my head.

The Prince of Peace

John 14:27. “I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

I don’t watched T.V. anymore, but I do watch a great many shows on the internet, mostly about the Rapture. I have been hearing how more and more of the practise of Christianity is being banned in countries that were once a Christian Country, lately. It is all part of the end days set up that we were all warned about in the bible and also by modern prophets. From the very beginning I knew our so called pope was the false prophet, because it was prophesied from the very beginning by a Catholic women prophet by the name of Maria Divine Mercy. Out of all the prophets I trust her the most, because she has the strongest anointing of all of them. The false prophet pope Francis, is turning more and more people away from the true Catholic teachings. This is a time when you have to decide what side you are on. Are you prepared to be a martyr for Jesus or not? This is where Jesus is going to find out who His true friends are. You can’t follow Jesus if you don’t rely on Him for strength. Your own strength will fail. You have to keep your eyes on Him and not the situation you are in. You have to be very serious about prayer. And stick with people who are friends of Jesus so that you strengthen each other. You can’t do it alone.

isK0M5TO0LThe peace Jesus gives you, you can have at any time. During all kinds of hardships, wars, imprisonment and also in good times. It is God’s Spirit. When Jesus gives you peace it is Himself. I know because once somebody mistook me for somebody else and threaten to kill me. Jesus gave me Himself all that morning and it was the Spirit of Peace. God will do this if you put your complete trust in Him and let Him guide you through this period of time. The good news of course is, He is planning to remove His Church very soon. Soon as He can win the last possible soul. We all can help by praying that His kingdom will come soon and the souls saved. We will experience some hardship, but the worst is to come if you haven’t humbled yourself before Jesus and completely surrender to Him as your Lord. You can’t have your cake and eat it. You have to choose God or the world, there is so little time left now to choose. If you choose Jesus you will go up to meet Him in the clouds as promised by Jesus, before the nightmare really begins. The Great Tribulation is not that far away now. Start praying and start disciplining yourself. And repent of all your sins, not the majority of them but all of them, even the ones you don’t know about.


How to Say the Rosary. Part 3

isML02FNOPIf you are a beginner at saying the Rosary, I suggest you look up the first two parts, before you look at this one.  On part two, all the prayers we will use for the Rosary is there for you to learn. When you have done that then you are ready to put it all together. If you read through the Gospels you will find the story of Jesus’s birth, death and resurrection. The Gospels are the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It will help you to meditate on the rosary if you read through at least one of them such as the book of Matthew.

First thing is you sign yourself of the cross, kiss the crucifix in reverence of Jesus Crucifixion. And then decide what you want to offer the Rosary up for. Then say the Apostles Creed.

The next bead that follows after the crucifix is a bead all on its own, you say the Lord’s Prayer, then you move onto the three small beads that are together and on each one of them you say the Hail Mary prayer, then another bead that is on its own you then say the Glory Be prayer.

Now you are on a medal of Mary on one side usually and Jesus on the other side of the medial. On this medial is at the beginning of the Rosary Beads circle.

The first Decade

On this medial we will start with the Joyful Mystery. You might choose instead to say the Glorious Mystery if you wish. But we are going to start with the first mystery. So we will say ‘First Joyful Mystery The Annunciation’. And then you say the Lord’s Prayer, then you move to the left and you will see ten beads together and you meditate on each bead the mystery of the Annunciation, while you are saying the Hail Mary on each ten beads.

After a while you will be able to recite the Hail Mary prayer even in your sleep if you say the Rosary enough times. I have found myself waking from sleep saying the Hail Mary prayer, it is not as uncommon as you think. The Annunciation mystery is when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary who was a virgin and announced that she was to conceive a child who was to be called Y’shua (in Greek Y’shua is Jesus).  So for the ten beads while saying the Hail Mary prayer you use your imagination with the help of the Holy Spirit.  For example you may wonder what it would be like for Mary to get a message like that. If you read Luke 1:26-38 in your bible it will give you ideas what to think about.

The Beginning of the Second Decade

Then when you have finished saying Hail Mary ten times you then move onto a bead that is all on its own and you say the Glory Be prayer and then you say O my Jesus prayer then you say ‘Second Joyful Mystery The Visitation.’ Then you say the Lord’s Prayer. Once that is done you move down to the next ten beads that are together, and once again say the Hail Mary prayer on each and every bead while meditating on Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth to help her, because she is much older and being pregnant herself. The child she is carrying is John the Baptist. Luke 1; 39-53, might help you to meditate on that mystery.

The Beginning of the Third Decade

When you finished that you then move onto the bead that is all on its own and say the Glory Be prayer and then the O my Jesus prayer and then you say ‘Third Joyful Mystery The Nativity.’ Then you say the Lord’s Prayer. Then you move onto the next ten beads and say Hail Mary on each and every bead meditating on the birth of Jesus. Luke 2, 6-19, might help you to meditate on Our Lords birth.

The Fourth Decade

When you finish that you saying the ten Hail Marys you now move on to another bead that is all on its own and you say the Glory Be prayer and then the O my Jesus prayer and then you say ‘Fourth Joyful Mystery The Presentation.’ Then say the Lord’s Prayer. Luke 2, 22-40, might be able to help you there.

The Fifth Decade

Now that you have done that you are now ready to begin the Fifth Joyful Mystery, doing what you have been doing with the other beads. Luke 2, 42-52 might help you to meditate on the fifth Mystery which is Finding Jesus in the Temple.

The Tail End of The Rosary

So now we should be back to the medial, now you have two choices you either continue to the next ten beads doing exactly what you have been doing but this time it is going to be the Sorrowful Mysteries, or finish saying the Rosary altogether. If you decide to finish the Rosary you then say Glory Be prayer, then O my Jesus prayer, then the Hail Holy Queen prayer and then you finish off with this prayer below.

O God whose only begotten Son, by his Life, Death and Resurrection has purchase for us the rewards of eternal life, grant we beseech thee, that meditating upon these mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary of the blessed Virgin Mary, we may imitate what they contain and obtain what they promise through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen

Then you finish by signing yourself with the cross.

You Have Now Finished Saying The Rosary

I  will just write down the different mysteries down so that you may be able to find them in the Bible. And I will write down some verses in the bible you might what to have look at so as to get an idea of the things that may help you to meditate on. In the Rosary you are free to meditate anything at all. Sometimes when I am meditating on the first joyful mystery, ‘The Annunciation’  for example I will try to imagine Mary waking up to another day, expecting maybe nothing in particular to happen and then she receives a visit from an angel asking her will she consent to be the mother of Jesus. What would it feel like to get a message like that out of the blew. So you see there is no hard and fast rules how and what you should meditate on. Let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit. He will gladly assist you if you ask?

Joyful Mysteries; Luke 1, 26- 52

  1. Annunciation (conception of Jesus)
  2. The visitation (Mary visiting Elizabeth)
  3. The Nativity (birth of Our Lord)
  4. The presentation (Jesus presented in the temple)
  5. Finding of Jesus in the temple (When Jesus was twelve years old)

Sorrowful Mysteries. Luke 22-31, Matt 14-41

  1. The Agony in the Garden.
  2. The Scourging at the Pillar.
  3. The Crowning with Thorns.
  4. The carrying of the Cross.
  5. The Crucifixion.

Glorious Mysteries Matt, 20-28, John 11-22, Acts2-41

  1. Resurrection.
  2. The Ascension.
  3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit.
  4. The Assumption. (Mary entering heaven)
  5. The Coronation. (Mary being crowned as queen of Heaven)