Cooperating in all God’s Gifts of the Spirit

1.      Corinthians 28 – 31.

Now God indeed placed them in the congregation. First He placed apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, helps, administrations, kind of tongues. Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Are all workers of miracles? Are all having gifts of healing? Are all speaking in tongues? Are all translating? Then you must continually strive for the better gifts.

Paul is telling us to strive for the better gifts. So we are meant to have them and use them for the benefit of the congregation we are in. We are in the last days. God has given us these gifts, but are we allowed to use them in most churches? No!! Because I think the church leaders as a whole are too keen to be the centre of the show. People are keeping quiet about their gifts for fear of rejection. If we are honest most churches are not as friendly as it should be. Do they really help one another when there is a crisis? Do Pastors visit the sick in their congregation or do they only visit their favourites. Many people are in a great deal of pain through rejection. If you let it be known that you have a spiritual gift people have a tendency to label you as mad. How Christian is that!!. is(16)

Spirit filled Christians

Spirit filled Christians should never be surprised at what God does or who He anoints with His gifts. God always chooses the unexpected, God is so creative we don’t know what He is going to do next if we let Him. That shouldn’t surprise us. God is unpredictable. We can never out smart Him. The prophets have been saying only 20% of Christians will be taken at the rapture, because most of the 80% are not living to the full potential as Christians. They have one foot in the world and the other foot in Church.  Something is very wrong with our churches. New believers often complained going to Church is boring. You just sit there and listen to the preacher. Churches shouldn’t be like that we should all have a job to do to make up a wonderful warm loving community that is right on track with God.

Jesus has told different prophets He wants the fivefold ministry to return to our churches. But the problem is people for the most part are in a rut. They want to play it safe. The thing is playing it safe is sitting on the fence and God hates that. Churches in the Western Society are as a whole lukewarm.

Serving God according to Your Gifts.

If the Pastors leaves teaching to the teachers, healing to the healers, prophets to do what they are called to do and the administrators do what they are best at and so on, it would leave a great deal more time for Pastors to do what they are called to do. Supervise everything, but let God move in your congregation and see how He will work miracles before everybody’s eyes. Love has to be felt and present. If that is there people will want to come to your church. Visit your flock get to really know them like you would a friend and let them feel you can be trusted enough for them to share their gifts to you. Give them confidence to demonstrate it with the rest of the congregation. Too many people are more concern about bringing people into their churches they don’t look after their community like they should. If it is a strong community it will naturally attract people. People want love above everything else. If love is not there you will just attract the religious spirit and your church will die.

The Enemy is now

I just want to write to you all, I am having so much problems writing my articles. We at war, right now. Don’t take things for granted. When you get the truth, from any source grab it with both hands and give thanks to God. I and so many Christians in  Western Countries are having so many problems getting our articles out to you that it is very obvious it is getting more and more serious everyday.  And what amazes me it’s not like many people read my articles anyway. So the enemy is very jealous over what material they allow on the internet. We are being attack and most Christians aren’t even aware of it. They are always interfering with my writings so that if they can spoil it they will and they try very hard to prevent me even getting the article posted. I have to pray in tongues maybe a half an hour in front of the computer, before I can get in. So time is getting shorter and shorter. The end is coming real soon. Be strong in the Lord. And don’t give up the good fight. Pray and remember God is with us, because I tell you what they have been trying to stop me from posting ever since this blog got started. And God has supernatural answered my prayers so many times, it is a miracle that I can post any at all. I love you and I am praying for you. God Bless you all, I don’t know how long I will be able to write to.

Confusion Who to Listen to

isCDQ8IBZ3I have been watching more video’s and I feel I have to write this urgently. I have enjoy Kat Kerr video’s very much about what heaven is like. The confusion was she claims certain people that lived a very wicked life that they are in heaven, because somebody prayed for them, so they repented just in time. I am also hearing people that I feel are very honest and they do not agree, because they claim that they either saw them in hell or God has told them they are there. So now I am wondering about if Kat Kerr has been deceived herself. Good people can get it wrong. And another confusion came about, which God used it for His glory and that is some people say there will be a rapture before the great tribulation and others say it is going to happen in the middle of the tribulation and others say after. So I ask God ‘is there more than one rapture. I looked in the Bible to see if He would answer me, but He chose not too. The very next day I was watching another prophet of God that I believe he is very honest and God told him that there will be three raptures. So I feel God has answered my prayer, but in a different manner than what I expected Him to.

I know God is telling me through the Bible for me to get ready now. I feel there is some few things that I am to do and I feel it will happen very quickly, but still not sure about it. All I know the rapture is real, even though Kat Kerr is saying that Jesus has told her ‘pick up your rapture rug.’ I know false prophets often will tell you what you want to hear. She is talking about there will be no rapture that we are not living in the perilous times, which everything in our era does indicate it is so. So these times are very tricky, so be very careful, what and who you believe. One thing for sure is to obey God in all things. Live a holy life and pray for your own salvation and everybody else. And ask for decernment in everything and give witness much as you are able that their is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ our Lord. And ‘repent of your sins before God!!!’ I am sorry if I have mislead anybody and I am praying if I have that God will come to their aid.

Our Powerful influence in High Places

When we look at all the goings on of earth, I believe we see a little of God’s Kingdom and Satan’s Kingdom at play. I think we all probably will agree on that. People who follow Jesus is going to reflect in some small way our relationship with God. For example husband and wife, should reflect the relationship between Jesus and His Bride. That is if they are truly obeying the commandment of love. Fathers and their children should reflect the relationship our Heavenly Father has for His children. Mothers reflect in my opinion the feminine side of God’s love for His children. Sisters and brothers should reflect the spiritual relationship we all should have towards one another. Simple things like if I was to talk to you and I can see you obviously showing no interest or even trying to show some interest in me, I am going to feel like I am not important to you. Through these experiences we can put two and two together and work out how would God would feel if we were not showing Him any interest when He speaks to us?

Now I am going to move on and I believe there is basically three types of people. The leaders, the followers and another group that influence the leaders. All equally important. If we serve God on His terms which is unconditionally love everything would work out perfectly for everybody. Because in God’s Kingdom there are no losers, everybody wins and enhance one another to their fullest potential. Now I believe in my life time when I am well enough to mix with people, I have found leaders either love or hate me. I seem to always get noticed by them, without any effort on my part.


When I was a young child I was quiet happy to be the leaders best friend, for very selfish reasons. I could get my own way without putting myself out. How selfish right? I can see adults doing that now. God thankfully soon let me know being the best friend of a leader has its responsibilities that I soon found that I didn’t like. For example while I was a lay missionary I had a friend who use to influence a bishop and I influenced her. And one day I said something casually and I found she grabbed it and was going to suggest it to this bishop who naturally influences a great many more people. And then I got into a panic because I couldn’t remember what I had said to her. So I prayed so hard that if it wasn’t according to God’s will to stop the influence in its tracts. Everything we do we have to make an account to God on Judgement day.

Our Great Influence

We are all called for something great, because we all influence God. Who is in control of the whole universe and Heaven!! How’s that for influence. We all can change history if we only believed in our influence on God. God is so willing to give all that we ask of Him, if it is for the good of our soul and others. We are not paupers. Our Daddy is rich!!! And powerful!!! Why can’t we see that? The odd time when I do, I see miracles in my life. Some people think only of money and advancements in their careers. I am talking about more exciting things like saving the world. Something I believe we all called to do in the sphere God has puts us in.

We are His Children and we should think like children not cynical adults who cannot believe in things unless it is of this world. Materialism is not God’s way. Look at the earth God has made, before mankind has destroyed it. It is so breath taking and we are to think like our Heavenly Father, who is so creative and loving. When we pray let’s try to see the big picture of our influence on our Father who is in Heaven. Doubting Him is not being childlike it is the old man in us that is supposed to have died when we received Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

Satan Lies through His Teeth

I am 60 years of age. I was raised as a Protestant and I was lucky enough to have a Catholic mother. So therefore, I was brought up with both the Catholic faith and the Protestant faith alongside each other, in a peaceful manner. My family has for generations intermarried with the different Christian faiths. I started noticing my beliefs were becoming more and more Catholic than Protestant as I was growing up, by the time I was Seventeen most of my beliefs were Catholic. I love to read and I have read both Catholic and Protestant books.

Question Put to You

I want to put this question before you. Why is it that the Jewish people are too afraid to open the New Testament? One Jewish women eventually did. And she was so surprised to find it was a Jewish book. She even said to herself ‘it is either the best kept secret, or I am going straight to hell.’ Why has Satan kept the Jews away from it? Fear that they will find out about their Saviour and therefore complete the task they started with in the first Century Christians communities. Which race is the most hated of all and why are they are so hated, the Jewish race is hated more than any other race, because Satan hates anything that glorifies God the most. Which religion is hated and the most persecuted of all religions in the world? The Christian religion and it just so happens out of all the Christian Churches, the Catholic Faith is hated the most. Can’t you see how Satan works?

Satan is a Copy Cat

Why does Satan have his followers practise the black mass? Why Satan hasn’t chosen to have it called the black service? Why? The answer is so simple. The Holy Mass celebrates the consecration of the body and blood of Jesus Christ every day. Many Protestants Churches only celebrate communion once a month, only a few Protestants Churches will do it once a week. Satan is going to attack what is more dangerous to him. Satan is a copycat, he copies all things that belong to God, so as to deceive people. New Age experiences copy the Holy Spirit. People who practise New Age beliefs don’t realise it. Of course it is no way as free, beautiful or powerful as what the Holy Spirit can do. It is all to mislead people and set them up against one another. Satan would love Christians to fight Christians more than anybody on this planet. For the very purpose to hurt God who loves us so much.

Protestants talk to one another as if they know what Catholics actually believe in and yet very few of them have read a Catholic book written by a Catholic who truly practises the Catholic faith. Even the reformation are all written by Protestants. So they are only getting their view across, without any resistance from Catholics. I remember watching a show with my mother, and the young lady in the show said she was a Catholic and my mother piped up ‘she doesn’t act like a Catholic.’ So I was intrigued and asked her why she said that. My mother explained she was too confident and outspoken to be a Catholic. I understand her very well now. I have been raised as a Protestant so I am standing up for the Catholic faith, because the Protestants have taught me well how to speak up.

Catholics have always been down trodden, by many priest and the Protestants. Who got all the good jobs for example? It has only been in my mother’s life time that Catholics were allowed to work in banks and become doctors etc. Most Catholics have been very poor with large families and kept in their place. I remembered, I had a very embarrassing incident in my local Catholic Church and I walked out and said to God I am glad that this town are mostly not Catholics, because I would be the talk of the town. God quickly corrected me, He made it very clear that, He wished the whole town was Catholic. If you don’t believe me Ask God!!!! Ask God and expect an answer! If you truly love God, you would want to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And that means listening to God what He wants to tell you, not what you want Him to say.

We are Going Backwards

We are going backwards not forward. Catholics are very much Christian. Protestants and Catholics beliefs for the most part are the same. I don’t know how many Protestant books I have read that claim Catholics have a different beliefs to them about grace. They always insinuate that Catholics believe we can get to Heaven by our own works, which of course is not true. Remember what Jesus said ‘you shall be judged as you judge others.’ A visionaries was told by Jesus something like this or similar ‘if you judged a person as guilty of hell, you have judged yourself as guilty of hell.’ In other words if you have dammed a person, you have dammed yourself. So don’t do it. Be very careful who you say is not a Christian. And do your homework before you make any claims on another in Jesus’s name.

The War Is Not Over! For Women

Many women think the war is over regarding the threat of women being dominated by men. Think again. Satan is always on the lookout to destroy, steal and kill. And he loves seeing people being dominated. Taking their free will away and creating hate. He is always finding new ways to turn people against one another. You can’t listen to the voice of Jesus if you refuse to slow down and spend time in worship with Him. I mean true worship, not lip service. When you listen to Jesus, you will soon learn He is a lover not a controller of men and women. Satan works though human weaknesses. And we have plenty for him to choose from. If you are true follower of Jesus you will be instinctively drawn to His Spirit, which is always very loving. Even when He has to correct you firmly and sometimes He has too, but it is always out of Love and you can always recognise it.

The Bible Has Always Been Used to Control, by the Wrong People

People all through history have used the bible wrongly and they are still doing it. For example for centuries they used the bible to excuse the right to have slaves. And they are still using the bible to exploit women. The wrong use of the word ‘head’ is used to control women to keep them down. And most men love that. In the bible it says in Genesis, Chapter 3:16. Because of sin, women will yearn for their husbands, only to be lorded over by them. God couldn’t speak plainer than that. It is not God’s will, it is the will of man, because of sin. Bible scholars recognise different parts of the bible has been translated wrongly, especially regarding to women. There are many men in the church ignore it deliberately, because they don’t want to lose their power over women.

God has spoken through respected prophets of our time, reassuring women that we will come out of our caves and do great things for God. And everybody is going to know it is God’s doing. For those who are interested in seeing what our prophets are saying there is a link Elijah List.

Human Nature is Weak

People who refuse to believe it, are mostly men who want to believe they are superior to women and have a right to control women as they please. The argument about good men would naturally love their wives like Christ loves He church are few and far between. Many men in the church insistently preach at the pulpit women have to submit to men. They extremely and rarely bring to the attention to men that they have to love their wives as Christ loves His Church. And when on rare occasions they do, they do not do it with the same enthusiasm and domineering tone as they do, when addressing women to submit to their husbands. The information on how the bible is not always translated correctly, is not hard to find. So there is very little excuse for ignorance. You are either for God or against Him. And let’s face it most Christians are not going to meet Jesus in the air when he comes for us, as many visionaries are warning. When God’s word is preach in all honesty it is very rarely accepted, because men and women love their flesh too much and will not deny themselves for the love of God. God is all about love not domination over others, it is always that simple.