Praying for all people

I was thinking about all the people throughout my whole life that I have been angry with, because I felt they deserved it. Meaning everybody I have ever judged guilty not knowing their circumstances. I realise more and more how many curses we place on ourselves and others. No wonder their is so much violence in this world. I feel we all contribute to it in ways we don’t recognise such as being angry with somebody.  Jesus refers anger as equal to murder. So just how guilty are we? More than we can ever realised. So it gives us a small glimpse, just how Great God is in forgiving us through Jesus Sacrifice on the Cross.

Luke 6:37-38

“And if you do not judge, then you would not be judged: and if you do not condemn, then you would not be condemned. You must set free, then you will be set free: you must give, then it will be given to you: they will give a good measure, pressed down, shaken, poured into your bosom: for, in which measure you measure, it will be measured to you in return.”

This translation is from One New Man Bible which I now consider my favorite Bible. So what is to be done about our sinful nature? Besides calling on God to give us the grace to stop judging and condemning one another, so that we can love one another as Christ loves us. Is to return to something the saints of old did and now is forgotten. And that is doing some kind of penance as a gesture of our sorrow to have disobey God. It will only be a gesture, but God loves our tokens of showing Him we are truly sorrow for what we did. Our penance can never pay back the wrong we have done, but God accepts it as such.

is(7)I then thought of praying for all the people I had wronged and asked God for every curse I placed on another, may God replace it with 500 times fold blessings for the person to be healed and receive blessing I have stolen from them. I now upped it to infinite fold replacement. And I believe God gladly accepts it. The good you do does come from how much faith you have in the price Jesus paid for us.  And how much you believe in God’s Mercy. God’s love for us is infinite and He is rich in all of His Graces. So He doesn’t give us poor gifts. His gifts are infinite in value. So we should pray big, because God is far bigger than we can ever imagine and richer and more generous than we dare believed.

The prayer I used is ‘The Rosary of the Holy Wounds.’ but as you know you can use any prayer like the Holy Rosary, the Divine Chaplet and so on. I am hoping to say it everyday and really pray hard for all the people I have wronged. And when I did do it for a while I did received some peace in doing it. I look on that as a sign from God, that He approves of my effort of trying to give something back to those I have wronged. Our God is incredibly kind and generous. And we have only one life to make up for our sins, and that is now. Of course we can never really make up for our sins, but God is so generous with us. He accepts all our offerings in Jesus.

Hello I am Back Again

is7EUPT5IRHello this is my first day away from being in Hospital. I was there for nearly five weeks. I met a lot of new friends. So much so we felt like a family. God has been teaching me to love people more, regardless of our differences. I am not saying I didn’t love people before, but if you are doing the will of God, He is always teaching you to go deeper and purer in all the virtues of God. God is so good and it is not a lie. The more I look at God and compare him to the gods of this world, the more grateful I am for my parents and teachers, teaching me the love and ways of God. Life is so precious and many people don’t seem to understand how we should appreciate all the good things, and stop treating our lives as something that is flimsy, like it is ‘your life and you can do what you want with it’, because that saying is completely untrue. Many people have no idea how important it is to choose the right way to live. How we live and what we believe in is going to determine whether or not we will be ready when Jesus comes for us.

It doesn’t matter if Jesus comes for us during the rapture or our death. We have to be ready. Our whole eternity is counting on it. Some people treat religion, the same way they treat fashion, ‘easy come easy go’. Your beliefs are so important. Some beliefs are not at all important, for example is the world flat or round who cares!! That truly doesn’t matter. What matters is do you love and adore God and really believe God loves you so much so that He sent His Son to pay the price for your redemption or not. Do you really follow Jesus or do you have one foot in the world and the other with God. My first visitation of God was when I was eight years old. It has taken me nearly fifty years to realise, why God came to me. I was so unhappy that I couldn’t love God more than my parents. As well loving a God I didn’t know. I flew on my bed crying so hard through repentance. I didn’t think of that in all my years. God came to me because I was so repented over the fact I didn’t love Him above all things. So maybe that is a problem for some of you. You might have to ask God for the grace of repentance, as well as revelation of who He is. So you can love Him above all things. And keep at it, keep praying till God answers you. He will, but you must persevere.

isK0M5TO0LWe have to give our all to God to be raptured. Of course we will still get things wrong and fall or simply don’t do things as well as God was calling us to do, but we must keep at it and do our best for God. Keep asking for the graces you are in need of.  We will  all be safe then. We are truly living for God if we do that. God has told a Prophetess their will no longer be purgatory for those who have to go through the Great Tribulation. Grey will no longer be tolerated, like in past centuries. People who were living in the grey in past centuries went to purgatory to be cleaned up before they went to heaven. It is not going to be so during the time when God is purify the world of all of its evil.  So you see you have to be serious about giving yourself to God. And when you do you are going to be free, and you will notice a peace that the world cannot give, only through Christ can you receive it. You will notice also a heavy weight will be lifted off your shoulders. Only in God’s will are we set free, as one song says. And it is so true.

I had a breakdown so I was in hospital for nearly five weeks. I am grateful for my lovely friends that helped me out. Looking after my animals was a big relief. You do know who are your real friends are in times of trouble. It is also a good thing to note, God also knows who’s His real subjects and friends are in times of persecution.  I ask God to bless you all and I pray you will see the fun side as well as the serious side of serving our Lord. I can get too serious sometimes, and forget love is the most important commandment of all.

Spiritual Battles

is(7)Lately I have been under a major attack from demons. Fallen back to a mental illness I use to suffer with, for which a long time I was free of. I have learnt something though that the demons were using for evil, but instead God turned it around for a greater good. And now I can even thank the demons for opening my eyes to how bad I am and how much a wonderful and patient God we really serve. Who really does forgive us and wants the best for us. I often pray that the plans Satan has so carefully planned against all God’s Children will back fire onto him and that Satan will fall deeply into his own trap. That his plans, the bottom will fall out and humiliate him before all of his followers, so that they can see for themselves who they really follow. I pray that his plans will have the opposite affect of what he is planning. And what I have seen in my own struggles of late, God has done it for me. I have to keep praying this prayer not just for me, but for all of us until Jesus comes for His church, which is very soon.

The demons are attacking not only my mind, faith and confidence in God’s forgiveness, but also how many people I am leading astray through my own writings, which made me afraid of my own damnation. It is a favorite method for demons to attack people by. What the demons have done instead, after believing every lie they threw at me, I had to really look at myself and call on God with all my heart. And for Him to help me remain in faith that God still loves me and will get me through. The demons have taught me things that I wasn’t as aware of as I should have been about myself. I knew the faults existed, but not as how serious they were. Which was self righteousness, arrogance and so forth. So now I know I need to work on these things with more diligence.

I have been practising going the extra mile when I am shopping and talking to people as a friend. Much as I am able to. I am in the habit of running away from people as quickly as possible, from suffering from social phobic for nearly 40 years. I am now in the position to be more friendly. Habits are just hard to break. Those who are still suffering like that can’t, so don’t get guilty over something that is out of your range, just stretch yourself with what you can do. Healing came out of it by being more friendly. So didn’t the demons had a bad day. I am not saying the war is over, but you can learn a lot from your trials if you hang in there and hold Jesus hand and truly ask for Him to help you see how you should handle things.

We have to really believe in Jesus and remember we are all a product of how we handled our sufferings from our past. We are also being cursed everyday by people who don’t even know us. Every time you speak badly about somebody or race, religion, country, just about anything you are cursing them. And what about our family line, all the curses that have been handed down to us from generations upon generations ago. We are all still experiencing the efforts from them, because it wasn’t dwelt  with it in the past. Everybody has been cruelly treated and we have this tendency to think we are the only ones that has been hurt so unfairly.

The more unfairly you have been treated, this makes you resemble the sufferings of Christ more than others, you get a reward for that. See if you can look at it this way, you are consoling Jesus more than others, while He was carrying His cross. It should cheer you up more. The more closely you help Jesus carry His cross with love and kindness of the ones who hate you, the more Christ like you will become. That is how we resemble Him, doing things His way. Now just because I know this to be true, doesn’t mean I have done a good job at it myself, following Jesus by carrying a little load of His suffering. I am not worried about that, because I know God is not worried about it either. All He wants from me and you is making a honest effort to please Him. And the desire in wanting to be just like Jesus, because we love Him, pleases God. We can only overcome things through grace. So if we haven’t got the grace yet, it is not a problem, but not trying to overcome things is the problem.

Don’t Listen to the Lies

Satan as we all know only too well Satan is referred to as the father of lies and if people only knew how true that is. Satan is always bringing you down by either puffing you up with lies or dragging you down with lies that you are not worth much. Whatever he finds works best with you he will do. Satan doesn’t care if you are going off either left or right from the straight and narrow road that Jesus tells us to stay on. Satan just wants you to be as miserable as he is. He does know in the end he will land in hell and he wants everybody going there with him. Misery loves misery is a saying and if you look at how many times this is so, you would keep away from people who are always trying to steal your joy away from you.

Satan will not even leave you alone in your sleep. You hear that some people receive dreams from Jesus in their sleep. That is so beautiful and uplifting to hear. Many of us also receive evil spirits directing our dreams too. And sometimes they have the nerve and pretend they are from God. Pray over everything, especially when you are uncertain about anything. The lies Satan is forever telling us is either to puff us up with conceit or drag us down in disbelief in our own worth as a person or tries to tell us we are so unlovable even God who created us out of His love, doesn’t love you either.

Don’t believe every thought that comes to your mind comes from you. Did you noticed I used the word ‘comes’. If it comes to you it is came from another source. When it is your own thoughts, you are not listening. You are actually thinking about things in a deliberate manner. When you received thoughts, it came to you. It is either from God, who does talk to you all day once you learn how to recognise Him, or it is coming from the enemy. Jesus explains well how to work out who are the false prophets in scripture, it is in the same way we work out where our thoughts are originating from. This has taken me all my life to work out, and it has been a very costly lesson. Without spiritual teachers who have this knowledge to train you, you are force to rely only on books, which is much harder to learn from. That is if you can get them on the subject you wanting or needing to know about.

Satan Hardens Hearts

If the thoughts come from Satan or his agents, it will always lead you to sin. It may not look like sin at first. It is Satan’s whole plan to remove you far away from the knowledge of God and His personal and infinite love for you. He doesn’t want you to be free and he is very jealous that God is wanting you to spend the rest of eternity with Him. He had that chance once and he chose to worship himself and now he is trying to get you do that. He is going to do everything he can to wreck your chances of getting there. Here is an example; somebody has wronged you and then a thought will come to you. It will say that person had no right to tell, or treat you like that. It will suggest you have the right to be angry with that person and if you agree on it, in other words you chose to act upon it suggestions that part is you. Your free will is always you. This step is your own doing, Satan has to get your permission before the following steps will have a chance to take place. If you agree to it, your heart is now harden. When God speaks to you, your heart becomes soften, it has the opposite effect. The next step Satan will introduce you to see the other person with hatred. Unforgiveness follows and then the final act is of retaliation. It will come across as the appropriate action to take. See here he has been working on your pride. Pride is something we have to pray and work hard at all our lives, because the moment Satan sees a chance he will take it to destroy your chances of meeting Jesus and going home with him.

God Softens Your Heart

isI2TNE013If you are receiving an accepting thoughts that God gives you, it is going to lead you to a life of holiness, self-denial for the good of others and it is always wise in its instructions. It causes love to flourish in your life even when people hate you. Your eyes are on God, not the ugliness of mankind. There are at times we obey instantly and at others times when we have to be talked into it. For example martyrdom we often have to be talked into. There are many times and I know some of you can relates to this well, when you ask yourself ‘why did I let God talk me into doing this or that.’ When the fruits of your labour starts to ripen and you are now harvesting it and seeing how rich you have become spiritually, because of your obedience, then you become so glad you obeyed. God is always more generous than any of us.

The thoughts God gives you are not like lightning strikes or anything. They just seem ordinary thoughts. Until you recognise them you believe they are your own thoughts. It does take practise to work it out. I have been asking myself for a long time how to know the difference from my thoughts from God’s. I finally asked God to show me and not long after that my friend rang me. She told me she believed God wanted her to wear a crucifix and she didn’t know where to get one. She told me God told her not to worry about that He will arrange it. As she was telling me this a thought just came to me without any effort and it brought to light that I had a spare crucifix that I never used and I could give it to her. So then straight away I realised God was showing me how He talks to me so naturally that I have mistaken His voice (thoughts) as my own.

Practise Makes Perfect

You won’t understand any of what I am saying here, until you have tried it for yourself. God is going to test you at times to see how much you are willing to sacrifice yourself, family, friends and even your own country at times. The more you give God, it often means more courage is needed and you need to pray for courage on a daily basis. I am noticing my courage growing every day, I have prayed for it for years and still praying for more. It is always costly, but then at other times, things that I use to need great courage to do, is now something I do without the least bit of fear. I do it now with joy knowing God has freed me from this or that fear. And it feels so good. God always answers prayers, but we need to understand sometimes, there is a bigger picture than we see at present, but God sees, and it may be needed to be sorted out first.

Psalm 25:5

Lead me by Your truth and teach me, for Your are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in You.


Sing Your Own Song to God

isPMK3SZJMMost of us love music and when we hear a song that touches our hearts in a tender or a passionate way in worshiping God, it cheers us up to great heights, depending how much we have given our heart to God in worship. I was searching high and low for my flute this early morning, just everywhere and couldn’t find it at all. God had a better plan for me. I wanted to be able to play a musical instrument for worship that was portable and that didn’t have to depend on electricity, for the days when our world will be griped in fear, through the disasters that will take place. We are going to need music to lift us up so that we will be strengthen and be able to endure what will take place during those days ahead. I thought of this woman’s advice that I read about singing, the day before and I thought that won’t do because I have a bad memory and won’t be able to remember the words. At this stage I couldn’t think of anything else to do. So I gave it a try but with a difference. I looked through my little Bible promises book and made up my own song using a verse that I found. Practise does make perfect. Just be child like.

If you are not a perfectionist and just want to have fun singing songs to God to worship Him with, this is a great way to do it. I believe God appreciates it even more, because it is not somebody else’s words but our very own, especially for Him.  First time I attempted it wasn’t so good, but I did get better. With more courage I tried out different ways of doing it. It got even better when I started to use my hands for clapping with the song that I made up.  The thing is, a beautiful surge of energy of joy filled me up. I believe that is a sure sign that God is letting me know He wants me to do this often. And I believe God would love all His children to give it ago, because I feel you can put your prayers to music and you don’t have to please anybody but God. And He is easy to please if you put your heart into it for Him. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a good singing voice either. You not out to impress anybody but God.

Just imagine if your beloved small child composed a song to you out of their love and appreciation of you. How would you feel? Would you criticised it because it wasn’t perfect or that it wasn’t professionally done well? Or would you look at your child with sheer joy and affection for this child’s attempt in pleasing you. God loves you far more than you do your child. So give it ago. Spend time with God and minister to Him. I think it is odd how God wants us to minister to Him, but the truth of the matter He does and He needs us to do it. Love needs love. I am going to try to do this at least 30 minutes a day from now on. I believe God will be so delighted if you give it ago too, you get instant benefits from doing it. Joy is one of them, and it brings that wall down that some of us put up so we won’t get hurt and after a long time it becomes a habit and we even do this to God. So it is very healing and give us confidence that God does love us, it brings us so much closer to Him. And there are so many more benefits that we all can go on and on telling one another what we all get out of loving God through music.


God Has Made Us All Different

I was motivated to write this article in answering to a comment I receive on this blog. I am one of those people who have trouble communicating one to one, since my life is one of isolation due to excessive shyness when I was young and then followed by breakdowns and social phobias for many decades. Communicating is a very precious skill and those who are good at it, often do not realise what a wonderful gift God has given them. They take it for granted like we all do with our own gifts. I thank her very much for her comment, because it has led me to think more deeply about the different characters that God has created us all in. I believe we all reflect God differently. If we are true to God and love Him we all love one another, but show it differently. We show our love by the characteristics that have been given to us by Our Dear Lord. The thing I have noticed lately, there seems to be two major groups in God’s Kingdom. One are the lovers and the other group are the fighters. And God needs both in His Kingdom, to expand it and to protect it. To me that is one of the reasons in my opinion He created us this way. And I also believe since God is infinite each and every one of us reflect different parts of His nature. is(7)

If you look at the angles for example God has His messenger’s and healing angels and they are very beautiful I am told. Then you have the warrior angles and they are not beautiful but very dangerous looking. They all love God with their everything and they all love us, and willing to help us, because of their great love for God. They have different roles and characteristics in their way of showing it. I believe without a doubt in heaven everybody understands one another perfectly and there is no confusion what your role is in how you are called to serve and love God and one another. On earth we are still trying to figure one another out.

I read in ‘He and i’ where Jesus speaks to Gabrielle Bossis that God had chosen her to save a certain group of people that only she was basically called to reached. How I interpret that not everybody you are called to reach, others can, because of our different temperaments. My nature wouldn’t attract them, but only yours would and vice a versa. I have noticed since I was very young and of course this is not my doing but Our Lord’s, I find I attract leaders. They always notice me and I don’t make a point of drawing their attention to me either, I simply be me. It is just how things work out. They either love or hate me and very rarely are indifferent to me. I feel like I am a revolutionist and a reformer at heart that is why I believe they notice me. If they agree with me, they love me, if they see me as a threat they hate me. isZTIQ1EJF

My best friend is a lover and by her example I am learning to be thoughtful in the little things that makes a big difference in friendship and relating to other people. And she finds comfort in me, because of my strength as a fighter. The children of God all need each other, we all have something very important to give to one another that is how God made all of us. Once again I thank the young lady for her comment it has given me plenty to think about and I hope this article has given her some explanation on how I serve God and others who are also fighters in God’s Kingdom. We are all called to Love God with all our hearts, minds, body and strength and love one another as He loves us. And God is a God of war and love. The picture of the two dogs I love because their show of affection is so sweet and love is sure beautiful without any doubts.

Growing in the Lord

isZJPOFTZOGrowing in the Lord is exciting, costly but so exciting. Every time you are willing to stretch yourself, and go out of your comfort zone, God always rewards you, even in this life. And it can be like a roller-coaster. Up and down all the time. We go through spiritual seasons. In the winter season nothing much seems to happen at all and you could complain sometimes everything is so slow and boring. Then along comes spring and there is so much growth all at once and movement that you don’t have the time to accomplish all that you want to for the Lord. It is acceleration time. It is that season for me and I believe most of us are in that season now. The enemy is always trying to steal my new treasure that God is giving me away. When you throw yourself into God’s arms, even the enemy is used by God to accelerate you. It is a case of sink or swim. And if you chose to swim there are many surprises waiting for you. Life seems to be full of contradictions, but little by little everything starts to make sense.

Our Authority In Jesus Christ

I am learning about my authority in Jesus Christ thanks to Kat Kerr. She has videos on our identity with God. Be careful if you looking for her YouTube shows on the internet. The enemy has been busy copycatting anybody who are successfully reaching out and educating people about God’s tender love for each and every one of us. So there is always somebody trying to confuse you in pretending they are the genuine person that you are looking for, but they are not. Like Jesus said you can tell if the person is a false prophet by their fruits. If their actions match up to Jesus Teachings or not, in other words does the fruit give out light or darkness. If it is darkness than it is not of God.

I have more confidence in using my authority in Christ in some areas more than others, but since I love learning, it makes life more fun and interesting. I encourage you in Jesus Name to try new things for Him. Ask Him to help you do this. He will reward you. I have been praying that God’s presence in me will overflow to the people who come in contact with me that they will be healed, delivered and saved. I know that may sound arrogant to some, but believe me God does do this. If He does it to other people I thought I will ask Him to do it to me also. You should learn to pray big and pray for what people consider impossible, because all things are possible to God and we are His children whom He loves so much.

God Works through Us

I was sitting in church one day, not so long ago. God has given me a new gift called the gift of tears and He is using it not just for me, but people who are near me and I think long distances too. When I do cry, out of love of God, healing does happen. When I am in the privacy of my own home and I feel it coming on me, I just let go and let God do His work in me. In public, I try to control it. I don’t like crying in public at all. During one service I was so touch by God’s love for me, I cried a little, because I couldn’t hold it back that well. The person sitting next to me who has been going to church for years, the Spirit of God entered in her and she was overcome by God’s love for her and revelation came to her of a little of what Jesus great love for her was like. Even a drop of Jesus’s love can melt a hardened heart. I have seen it, when they see Jesus their face has that melt away look of love. Getting back to what I was saying, this woman is so much more humble than me and she just broke down completely with tears and openly repented before all.

is(14)Some people might just think it is a coincidence. I truly don’t think so. I am starting to show strangers my love and compassion for them more than I have ever done. I have been so hurt by strangers it has taken me a long time to believe there was any good in people. So much healing has taken place in my own life. Once when I was at Mass many years ago God told me and showed me that as deep as my suffering was, He will fill me with Himself. Can you imagine that with you? What God said to me also applies to you. And we don’t not remember all our pain, if we did it would simply kill us, so we conveniently forget a great deal, but it is all recorded and God has even thanked me and showed me His appreciation on another occasion for my suffering that I endured for Him. More is going on than we realise.

I am very happily and confidently declaring in Jesus’s Name for the Host of Heaven to destroy strongholds in my town, country and then the whole world all the time. It lifts me up and it will you if you give it ago. It increases confidence in that area. I seem to be a fighter more than a healer, but both qualities do interacted with each other. Try it and find out for yourself. May God bless you and give you the courage to give it a go.