The Beautiful things about You

is7EUPT5IRNow it is time for many of us to look at the deep beautiful things about us, who serve the Lord in particular. Some of us can be so good at noticing our sins and weaknesses, but not humble enough to see the beauty of our souls. That is either false humility or an inferior complex, which the world teaches. I want to make a confession I believe in Natal Astrology. It is the only New Age thing I believe in. Nobody knows for sure when Astrology came into being. I believe it started with the Jewish race, because in a Synagogue in Israel on the floor there is a permanent fixture of the Western Astrology horoscope. (Not Hindu). When asked the Rabbi about it he said Leo represents The Lion of the Tribe of Judea and Virgo represents the Virgin Birth and so on. Natal Astrology was invented after the Bible was written and has nothing to do with fortune telling as some of the other branches of Astrology do. The prophets in the Bible warned us against fortune telling not Natal Astrology because it didn’t exist back then. Why I love Natal Astrology, it will tell you in black and white terms of your mostly likely weakness and strengths may be.

A friend of mine had a daughter who thought so badly of herself that her mother told her she wanted her to see five things about herself a day that she liked about herself. In Natal Astrology you have hundreds and hundreds of potential nice things about yourself that you were born with. Some might complain and say what about all the bad things. I like to point out to you, look at all the generation curses of our fore fathers sins we were born with. Every time we do well our virtue grows stronger. Let’s be fair with ourselves for those who only see the bad stuff. You are magnificent in God’s eyes, we are His master piece. There are many beautiful traits about God’s children, courage being one of them. Every time we do God’s will we become more like Christ every day.

I have been told one of my main virtues is empathy. You may not agree since I write so much about beware of our fallen nature. I am also honest to a fault. Just think how we insult God by not admitting there is plenty of good things about us. So it is a question of not going too far left or right but stay on the straight and narrow road when looking at yourself.

Song. 4:7. You are all-beautiful, my beloved and there is no blemish in you.

That is how Jesus sees us, because we are always washing our sins away with His Blood. The power of the Blood of Jesus can wash away all sins and so we become all-beautiful in God’s eyes.


Be Merciful

We know we will be forgiven if we forgive others. Do we also realise God will give us mercy, depending on how we are merciful to one another. And to the measure we are merciful. I don’t just mean donating money to a charity but donating our time as well. And also acts of kindness, the way we speak to one another. Are we being helpful to the people we meet? Do we think of others before ourselves and how we think of one another? It all adds up.

God’s mercy is not necessary that if you are generous with your money, God will see to it that you will have all the material possessions that you want and a good paying job, like many are basically teaching. God really wants us to keep our eyes off those things and keep our eyes solely on Him. To will what He will’s for us. The mercy God gives us is His love, providence and protection that will bring the best out of us. God’s ways are not ours.

I remember once I had a good job and my bank account was looking good for my age. I realised I was starting to love money more than I should. So I said to God to ‘make sure I don’t love money more than I love You.’ (You shouldn’t love money at all.)  Knowing God a little I thought He might give me the sack and I have to learn this lesson by being broke. So I told Him ‘but don’t give me the sack.’ I was asked to leave instead!! God answered my prayer, I didn’t get the sack, but I still had to be unemployed most of my adult life to learn not to put my trust in money before God. I love God more than anything now, but God’s mercy sometimes doesn’t always look that merciful at the time.

If we love one another, we will treat one another with kindness. Love covers a multitude of sins and we receive great mercy from God. He will take us home soon. We might have to face persecution first, but in God’s mercy He will give us strength to endure and grace to remain faithful if we practise His will by being merciful to each other.

Matthew 5:7-8. “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

It is the Little Things

isZTIQ1EJFTo love one another as Christ loves us, we first need to be healed of our emotional wounds through prayer, but love most of all. If we learn not to look at the sin of the person, but instead look at the wounded Christ in that person who is hurting us, it makes things a whole lot easier to forgive. There is a saying ‘hurting people hurt.’ I believe that is true. Not everybody can handle it that well and some seem to be a target more than others, of being hurt by the majority of people than others. I feel they have a very special calling once they have learnt to forgive and love their neighbour. There is a song and one of its line is ‘don’t judge the wounded.’ I bet we are all saying yes to that one, in other words don’t judge me I am wounded. But only too often both parties are judging one another and both have been wounded very deeply. So it is a vicious circle. Only God can fix it. And He does through love and accepting our prayers and sometimes fasting is needed.

If we try to remember Christ lives in us and He is a part of everything we do, we would be more careful how to act and treat one another. It is always easy said than done, but as Christians it is what God expects of us. Evil deeds spread and so do good deeds. Little acts of kindness can be the things that touch people’s hearts the most. I think because they are so little and we are all in such a hurry we don’t do them. But they make a big difference in relating with one another. There is another saying ‘it is the little things that make or break a marriage.’ So it shows us how important the little thoughtful gestures can be. They are not so little in truth. And it is something we all can do. Big things maybe not, but the very little things can melt peoples heart with softness and love. And so there is healing for both parties.

Not everybody is going to respond in a kind manner, but with many prayers and persistence, I think you win more people over that way. Because we all want to be appreciated despite of our faults. I am still learning and it is after all a life time lesson, because there is never an end to love. Love grows and grows to great heights if we are all game and willing to learn enough. I am learning so much from one of my friend’s example. She sees only the best in people most of the time and is very thoughtful of showing kindness in small ways to strangers as well as to her friends. There is nothing like learning from somebodies example.

Romans12:9. Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good.

1 Peter 4:8. Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.


Chaplet to Obtain A Great Confidence

You use the popular 59 beads Marian Rosary.

On the five “Our Father” beads pray:

is“See where Thy Boundless Love has reached, my loving Jesus! Thou of Thy Flesh and Precious blood hast made ready for me a banquet whereby to give me all Thyself. Thy heart, Thy loving Heart! O adorable Heart of Jesus, burning furnace of Divine Love! Within Thy Sacred Wounds take Thou my soul, in order that, in that school of charity, I may learn to love that God Who hast given me such wondrous proofs of His great love.”


On the “Hail Mary” beads, pray:

“Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in Thee.”

Meaning of Repent

I looked up ‘The Compact Macquarie Dictionary.  I thought it is worthwhile because it cleared my head about what exactly is repenting. We all know it is to be sorry for our sins and try our hardest not to do it again. And pray over it so that we eventually overcome our weakness through grace. But I just had to look up the dictionary, to see if this makes some of you more at ease as it did me.

is(7)Meaning of repent: to feel self-reproach, compunction, or contrition for past conduct, change one’s mind regarding past actions in consequence of dissatisfaction with it or with its results, be penanced in regard with self-reproach or contrition. To feel sorry for; regret.

I did some meditating on it, because Satan has been trying his hardest to make out (like he always does) that I won’t be ready when Jesus comes for me. I know many are in the same boat. I was thinking some of us would all like to know where we stand with God. I realised I tend to say short repeated prayers a lot, but don’t say as many praises to God, in my own words. I thank Him a great deal in my own words. So I am writing this article for those who have the same problem. I keep telling us in my articles ‘don’t listen to Satan’s lies’ because he does it to me all the time. He wants us to give up the good fight as we all know, so don’t give in eventually you will get it right, if you pray all the time about it.

I didn’t come from a family that gave away compliments that often, and it seems I don’t give much praise to God either, in my own words. At least not enough. Yesterday I did.  Using my own words and I did feel a rush of energy every time I did it. The doubts have gone away and now I know the weapon I will use. Deep down I always knew and I have even wrote about it. The weapon is to get intimate with God through praising Him as much as possible. I realise this more than ever now, how much He just wants a normal relationship with us. He is hungry for us to give Him gratitude and praise. In other words lots of love. He is very affection when He appears to me. And I have always praised Him, but not enough in my own words. I think the closer you get to God, the more Satan attacks you, and especially now, as it is getter ever so close, when Jesus will take His faithful Brides with Him to the wedding feast in heaven.

Trust God is so important, but we humans are not naturally trustworthy ourselves, and so we have difficulties trusting God when we need to the most. I have found you need to trust Him especially when you don’t feel Him close. Because that is when all the temptations of doubts come. When you look back or look around how much God comes through, when you are humbly and earnestly ask Him for His help; always helps to get out of that negative state. When I am busy praising God, no negative thoughts can come through. So it is the perfect weapon, because there is a great deal of joy that comes from praising God.


Have Faith

God’s Justice is scary, because of our great many sins. If we don’t watch it, we can forget that the payment of our sins, Jesus has already paid it in full. Jesus experience the justice that we should of. And it would be infinite, because we have sinned against an infinite God. Jesus sacrifice to free us, is unspeakable. And like children, they never appreciate what sacrifices their parents have made for them. Until they grow up and become parents themselves. When we grow up spiritually we have to be prepared to share the load of our fellow man’s sorrows.

isPMK3SZJMJesus first saved you and then you became a Bride of Christ. If you don’t have faith first that Jesus saved you because He is so deeply in love with you, you won’t be able to believe He loves you enough for you to be a Bride of Christ. This also applies to men. The marriage with the Son of Man who is also the Son of God, is spiritual. Marriages on earth are supposed to reflect this mystical marriage with Christ. But many marriages as we know do not. Jesus saved us not because any of us deserves it, but always because God just loves us beyond our little minds can comprehend. It is easy to be saved all, you have to do is to want to be saved and put your trust in Jesus that He has saved you. And you also need a repented heart. And realise He did it because He wanted to save you. He saved us out of love not duty, but even Deep Oceans of love is a poor example. The universe is not bigger enough to fill His love for you alone. My sister was told that by God. God is massive and His love is just as big as He is. The enemy is trying his hardest to wear out God’s children at the moment by keeping them in fear that maybe they are not deserving enough for salvation. Nobody is deserving enough. Just admit you are a very bad sinner and have no real idea why God loves us so much. He just does. Love Him all the more for it.

Jeremiah 33:11

Give thanks to the Lord of hosts, for the Lord is good, for His steadfast love endures forever!

Psalm 96: 1-2

Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord, praise His name; proclaim His salvation day after day.

The Parable of the Two Brothers

Have you ever notice when you are thinking of a certain thing, somehow it will be confirm by somebody or something. Well I have been thinking of the parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32. Which is about one son demanding his in inheritance and went off in the world living a life of sin. There was a drought in the land and he spent all the money and end up with a job, feeding the pigs, and realising that the servants of his father’s house was much better off than he was. He was so hungry even wanted the feed he gave the pigs. So he decided to humble himself before his father and ask him to treat him like one of the servants. Instead the father ran to him when he saw his son coming home and embraced him and put on his cloak and put a ring on his finger and had a celebration of his return. The older son was jealous when he heard that they even had a fatted calf to celebrate his return. His father was trying to console the older brother by saying that his younger brother was dead and now he has come alive. But the older brother didn’t see that, he was more concern with the fact that he saw himself more entitled for the feast, because he considered himself more loyal.

What I have been thinking about is, I believe most of us take turns at being the younger brother and then the older brother. There are plenty of times we become rebellious and come back to God with repented sorrow and then at other times we are self-righteous. Believing we deserve better and not humble enough to see the whole picture. There is a lot in that story. I didn’t know that the father as well as the prodigal son could have been both stoned by the laws at that time. And I didn’t know the fatted calf was there in case a royal member turned up and you were expected to give them the fatted calf. It was not used for any other purpose. The ring and the clock is also very significant, which unfortunately I have forgotten their role in the story. Except to say God the Father has made us His royal children with power, if we only believe and follow His Son Jesus. We are adopted children, but will have equal inheritance as His only begotten Son Jesus has.

isBT9KR36YGod is so passionate about all of us. And that makes Him a jealous God. If He didn’t care about us, He wouldn’t be so jealous of who we worship. Not only is He God and deserves to be worshiped and obeyed, He is in love with us.  It doesn’t matter how low we go or how high in the ranks of righteousness we become in Jesus. He loves a sinner as much as He loves His saintly children. I really wouldn’t be shocked to find in heaven the worst sinners there, because they knew to repent of their sins and put their trust in Jesus sacrifice. Some people have been in hell and come back to life again and have said everybody in hell knows it is not their sins that got them there, but not accepting Jesus as their Lord.

I think I am a one of the worst sinners, in that I have been so blessed with supernatural gifts from the age of eight. So when I sin it is worse than somebody who doesn’t know God. And I have been guilty of many sins.  For example reading tarot cards for about twenty years, thinking there was no harm in it. There is harm, maybe people may not see it, but there is harm in it all right. When I realised it was wrong, I got rid of all my tarot cards and books on the subject in the garbage bin. So you see even if a person is highly gifted in receiving visitations of Jesus, you still can have your blind spots. Jesus has said even many people who cast out devils and prophecy in His name, Jesus will say still say ‘I never knew you.’ So you don’t judge a person to be holy by their gifts, but the fruit of their actions. Does it measure up to Jesus teaching of loving one another as He loves us? God’s children will have the characteristic of humility. Not all the time, because we all fall from time to time, but enough for you to say ‘there is something different about them.’ In a good way, such as kinder, friendlier, peaceful, sweet, and etc.