Be Faithful to Jesus

is(10)Many non-believers do study Christians if they live up to Jesus teachings or not. Not one of us follow Jesus perfectly and non-believers don’t understand that. They expect perfection from us all. So when we stumble we can hear them say ‘and they call themselves Christians.’ Churches are the same. Even a good Church, you are going to find imperfections. I know Churches fight amongst themselves and all presume they know best, including me as an individual I know. We are expected to believe in everything the Churches teachers is true. And there is so many different opinions out there. In truth we should follow Jesus not the Church. We are all individually a Church by itself any way.

Doesn’t Matter Which Church You Belong to

I have been both a Protestant and a Catholic and I can tell you both Churches were full of very nice Christian people, but when I was in my greatest need both Churches let me down. The only reason why I am a Christian today is because Christ never let me down. So sometimes I get puzzled why people leave Jesus because of somebody or the Church has let them down. Their faith must be in people or the Church they belong to and not God. God never fails anybody who calls on Him. The trial might not go away in a hurry, but God will give you grace to carry it. Sometimes we don’t feel God is near because we believe we are too unworthy for God to want us. That is a cleaver lie, so don’t believe in it, I have many times and it is not wise to believe that God can’t love you. Jesus died for you don’t ever forget that.

Strong Faith

Most Christians especially those with a very powerful and strong faith got it for a reason. They have been truly been tested. And when you past the test even by the ‘skin of your teeth’ you get rewarded like you can’t imagine with a much stronger faith. That is how God works. A passage came to me ‘seven times refined.’ I don’t know where to find it in the Bible, but I know it is there. When silver goes through the furnace to be purified, you should see all the junk that comes out of it. It is not a pretty sight. God gets rid of a lot of junk from us by allowing these trials come our way. If we suffer without leaning on God we grow worse, but if we call on Jesus all throughout the trial and really turned to Him for help, we come out so much stronger than when we enter in the trial. It is how God works. Remember we are at war with Satan. It is not meant to be a picnic. Growing pains are never easy to deal with.

Psalm 37.5. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.

Put your faith in God, not the Church you belong to. Jesus is the truth and the way, not Churches. They are very necessary, but you must listen to what the Spirit of God is telling you and not let some man made doctrine rule you.

What Jesus Did for Me

isW102ZQ1LI wrote this out for myself and then thought there may be others who would like to use this as to meditate the love Jesus has for you personally. That Jesus not only suffered to pay for the world sins but each and every one of us individually. I admit it is not written that well but I was afraid if I tried to tidy it up it would lose its punch, if you know what I mean.

1.      I can’t help myself, I can’t help God without His Grace, and I can’t do anything without God.

2.      Jesus took my place at Calvary. He took the beatings that were meant for me. He was stripped off His clothing in public for me. He was mocked, scoffed and hated for me. He became weak for me. He was crowned with very long thorns for me, because of my pride and arrogance. He was sentenced to Death and Judge by three judges. The Judge of this world was judge guilty for me. It should have been me. He was nailed to the cross slowly for me and made fun of. He received no compassion except by a very few people for me. He had to face fear and shed His blood for me. He shed every drop of blood for me. He truly did take my sins upon His shoulders and took them all the way to be crucified for me. And He struggled with the weight nearly fainting and half dead while carrying that cross for me. He was sneered at by the passer byers. Every part of His body was slashed and parts ripped off for me. He was stretched on the cross as far as they could stretched Him for me and He was on the cross for three hours before He died for me. He couldn’t breathe properly because of me. He took my place well and truly, all my sins and weakness on the cross. There was nothing left to do to save me. By His merits, sacrifice and blood and His wounds I am truly healed and restored to my former glory and beauty. It is all His hard work. And His love for me is unquenchable. It is everlasting. It will never die. I am His and there is nothing Satan can do to stop it. Because Jesus stands in front of me fighting every battle before me. He has won. He is victorious and now my sins are forgiven and I am now worthy as His Bride. Because He, Jesus said so. The King of kings said so. I was bought at a high price. I am His.

Now all we have to do is believe and receive and follow Him.

The Bride and Christ

isRKENV7PDI had a vision a few months before I became ill. I must have been thinking about the rapture, because I saw a vision and it was like I was looking through a curtain and I saw Jesus and His Bride. The Bride didn’t look like me, but represented me at that time. I now think that is also represents all His Brides now. God has done that to me before. He has given me a half vision and half visitation kind of thing and it clearly teaching me one thing, but as time passes by He then teaches me something else from it, that I didn’t think of before. So that I can look at the vision deeper.

Well the bride was in a very beautiful wedding gown as we all can imagine. And Jesus hand went out to hold the Brides hand. Then immediately I felt I was behind the curtain and I gave Him my hand. It was so romantic. I can’t say this enough ‘He wasn’t Prince Charming, that all women desire to meet, but the King of kings Charming. He is so glorious and romantic. I don’t know how to explain it better than that. I told a man once that men are a bride of Christ too and his response was ‘I don’t want to wear a dress.’ I didn’t say anything more to him, but a prophet saw men dressed in white suits, I forgotten what they are called, those evening ones.

One day we are going to see Him face to face. He is so majestic and we are nothing, and yet He treats us like we the only thing that matters to Him. Who would want to miss it? That was all I saw, but it stays with me more than most of my visions and visitation experiences I ever had. I think because it is one of the most personal ones, where you feel He is in love with you.

The Holy Bible

Many people have different opinions whether the Bible holds all truths that ever will be known. The Bible is incredibly powerful because it is the Word of God, but does it hold every truth about God and heaven? I personally believe because God is infinite the Bible can only speak a little of all that God is and does. Just think about His infinite love, creativity, power and might, you would need an infinite amount of books to describe God and all that He does. So I don’t go along with God doesn’t do anything new. After all we are supposed to be doing greater works than Jesus soon. The wonderful thing though about the Bible it does describe how to discern what comes from God and what doesn’t. ‘By the fruits you will know them.’ If it leads your soul and spirit into true pure love of God and you are covered with humility that to me comes from God. Satan can be sneaky so you do have to really pray about it and really have a close look at what is going on in your heart. Sometimes we can be easily deceived not always because we are proud, but we take things at face value. We can be naïve thinking every spirit that acts friendly must be friendly, much like being conned by people who are really wolves in sheep’s clothing.


Trust Him as a Small Child

Have you ever thought of making up your own songs and singing them to our Lord like you did when you were a small child. It doesn’t have to be any good, because our proud Heavenly Father is going to love them. It will bring you much closer to God and often God will give you new revelations about Him, if it is done in a childlike faith and love. When we try out new ways of loving Him, we get rewarded by God. God often will heal the heart and give you a sense of freedom, joy and closeness to Him. When we learn to rest in His love, we are then free of worrying; worrying about the present and the future.

I had difficulty in understanding what it meant to rest in the Lord once. But after a lot of searching and praying I realised when we rest in the Lord, we are simply leaning on Him with trust and faith. Just like a small child leans on His father for protection and love. When we let go of all our worries and just turn to God for help, knowing He is strong enough and wise enough to look after us in every detail. Then we can rest, because we are handing over the reins of control to God. All we have to do is believe, trust and obey and then God will do the rest.

Childlike trust how liberating is that? You can never trust God enough. The more we do it the more we will see His powerful hand working for us. God is good and just so we know He is capable of doing the miraculous in our lives. We don’t have to worry about anything, but pray and do what is before us to do and then wait on Him. So much responsibility is taken off our shoulders when we gladly do His Will and not ours. When we now no longer strive to be in control, gives us rest and peace in the Lord.

Isaiah 26:4.  Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord is everlasting strength.

Proverbs 29:25. The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.

Our Hope is in Jesus

The world is a scary place, but our hope is in Jesus. He does give us peace. Have you notice your mind maybe worried or even fearful about something, but something inside you is peaceful despite of it. I have experience His peace when I was going through a terrifying time and the peace was so strong, despite of my fears. It was living and I realised it was Jesus Himself. Jesus lives in us. We may still have to go through hard times, but Jesus does give us His peace. He is our only hope in this world. His truths are all sane. Whereas what the world calls truth is all fantasy. Sooner or later the truth will prove itself. It will stand. Truth will not bow down to lies. When we practise what Jesus teaches us we are building our house on rock and when the storm comes your house will remain standing. But people who live out their fantasies are building their houses on sinking sand. And when the storms hit, the house will come tumbling down. The fuller version is found in Luke 6:48-49.

Luke 6:48-49

He is like a man building a house who dug and made deep and placed the foundation upon the rock: and when the flood came the river burst upon the house and it was not able to shake it because it was well built. But the one who heard and did not do is like a man who built a house upon the ground without a foundation, which the river beat against and it immediately collapsed and there was a great ruin of that house.    One New Man Bible translation.

We hear these verses so often and fail to see the depth of what Jesus is teaching us. There is only one truth and that is what Jesus teaches us. His commandments are beautiful and people who obey them in His Spirit become beautiful people.

1 Corinthians 1:25

This foolish plan of God is wiser than the wisest of human plans, and God’s weakness is stronger than the greatest of human strength.

When we learn to trust God that is the greatest day of our lives. Because trusting in Him gives us His peace, wisdom and courage to live our lives victoriously in Him.

Praise Him and Bless His Name

is(16)When we praise God out of pure love, not thinking of what we will get out of it, is when God gives His graces to us the most. If you praise Him just to get something, isn’t that similar to us when we do something for somebody just to get something back in return? It becomes a business deal, not an act of love and appreciation. God wants our love. If you new at this, just listen to beautiful worship songs that touch your heart, or something else that does this to you. Don’t worry about your concerns, just hand them over to Him in faith that He will deal with it. Then sing along with your favourite worship music and allow yourself to be lost in praising God. That is one of the ways to God’s heart. The same with us. When somebody pleases us just to please us, softens our hearts and we respond with appreciation. Presuming you are a nice person, which I think you must be to read this article. We are made in God’s image, that is the nice side of our natures, but the evil side is in the image of the evil one. You will end up looking like your Father. Hopeful it is God who is Your Father, because that is what we originally were created in. Look at babies aren’t they sweet, and wonderfully beautiful. As they grow up it maybe a different story, depending on who they serve.

If You are Worried about the Rapture

If you are worried if you are ready or worthy enough to be taken up at the rapture or not. My advice is hand the problem to Jesus, knowing He wants you more than you do to be ready. So if you hand the problem to Him in faith and then praise Him just for the sake of praising Him. It will get your mind of the lies Satan is telling you and you will be in a better position to listen to the Love Jesus is telling you. You must realize it is not about you at all. It is all about His Love, compassion and mercy. He saved you, and paid the price you couldn’t pay on the cross for you. It doesn’t depend how long you have followed Him either. You can be saved at the last moment if you hand yourself completely over to Him. Forget your past sins and hand them over to Jesus. He will take care of things. He will wash you clean of all your sins with His blood if you just believe and receive His love for you. You must be sold out to Him. If you are all His, He will gladly take you. Praising is where you beginning to have a relationship with Him. Praising Him keeps your mind of all the negative thinking that you are not worth it. Instead you look at His great eternal Love for you. That is very important. It is all about His greatness. What better way of showing it by being merciful to somebody who doesn’t deserve it, such us weaklings.

A Dream

I had a dream many years ago that came from God. If you are not sure it came from God, you must ask Him. You need to discern everything somebody tells you. In my dream on the left side was frightening because I saw a regular mean army of tanks, missiles etc… And it was going to attack God’s children with so much aggression. I was getting worried, but when I looked at the right side God’s children were all jumping up and down praising God. That is how we are going to win the war that is coming up. Sure there will be other things beside this, but the main victory for us is going to be our relationship with God. And that is going to be a loving freeing relationship. So no wonder there is so much joy in God’s kingdom especially during the 1,000 years of peace. Love is wonderful not so with hate and domination. It now reminds me of a vision my mother had of aggression against God. The aggression was like a solid rod, it couldn’t win because God is love, love was like the air, and the rod couldn’t attack it because it needed something hard as well to do any harm.

Praising with joy in our hearts. When we do this, do you think we are going to be out doing God’s love for us? He will give you your heart’s desire, providing it is not going to be harmful, or He wants to give you something better. Maybe straight away or a few years later when you are spiritually mature enough to receive it.

isZJPOFTZOWe know there is a war coming. In the Bible the Great Tribulation the war is going to last seven years. And half of this the Anti-Christ is going to have full control of the world. The thing is when he is the most proudest that is when Jesus will come to reclaim His kingdom. The Anti-Christ and all those who serve him will be thrown into hell. We will have one thousand years of peace with Jesus on earth reigning. I mention this because a prophetess was told by Jesus that He has shorten the Anti-Christ reign because sacrifices were made. He didn’t say by how much. So this message has given me so much joy in thinking it could be shorten even more. I once said to Jesus ‘wouldn’t it be good if it was shortened by fifteen months and Jesus appeared so happy as if it was possible, if we were willing to make the necessary sacrifice and prayers. I do trust this women, she goes by the name Maria Divine Mercy. If you check out her sight I am sure most of you will trust her too.

Psalm 44: 6-8

I put no trust in my bow, my sword does not bring me victory; but You give us victory over our enemies, You put our adversaries to shame. In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise Your name forever.

Praising God is even more important than intercession prayers. Praising God builds a living relationship with you and God over a period of time. And when you really love Him, you will know His Will for you, you will know what to pray about as well.


Science Has Caught Up with Some of The Things in Our Holy Bible

is9YG6VBK5A YouTube show, showed how scientifically they proved that Jesus the Son of Man and the Son of God was conceived without any help of a man. So there is only one alternative reason for this and that is God’s Holy Spirit over shadowed Mary as it is written in the Holy Scriptures. There are so many things that they were able to prove, through the study from Jesus shroud. The shroud of Jesus is said to be the first negative. When the resurrection happened the imprint of His body was infused on the shroud. It has been studied by scientists for decades. And scientific equipment’s has been so advance now they can see the shroud three dimensional.

A young women when she was a young child went to heaven and saw Jesus. When she came back she painted a picture of Him, while she was still a very young child. It has proven to match so accurately the shroud that it is about 90% correct. To look for this painting, I just googled the words ‘the real painting of Jesus Christ’ and the picture came up. The painting is famous, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting it.

True Picture of Jesus

You can see for yourself that Jesus does not resemble any of the paintings we often see in churches or books etc. He is very masculine and there is no way you can mistake Him as anything else but a man. This piece of information is very important. Because it just so happens that men determines a baby’s sex. A man sperms has either and x or a y. On the other hand a woman’s egg has only an x. So if she receives a sperm that has an x, she will conceive a girl child, but if the man’s sperm is a y the child will be a boy. When they tested Jesus’s blood it is an xx. So by the laws of nature only girls have xx. And there is absolutely no mistake that Jesus is a man. I know people want to disbelieve that Jesus’s Father is truly God the Father and that Mary was truly conceived by the Holy Spirit. They are going to distort the truth of what this message is all about. Satan is a father of lies. If you are not really interested in seeking truth with all humility you will not find it.

Our Bible is Always Used for Research

So much of the Bible has been proved correct. Mathematicians and historians and so forth have relied on it throughout the ages. There is no other book of other religions that has been so relied on as the Bible to acquire knowledge and etc. That is saying something in itself. Mind you that is about to change with the Mandela effect. You need to do some research on this subject for yourself.  You are not going to hear it from the news. And it is easily proved. It is not just isolated with the Bible either. Cern is involved, changing the written word that was written in the past to be something else. In other words many scientists have interfered with space and time. Time travel if you like to call it has happen.  And they change Bible passages in very old Bibles. Look at your old Bibles that you grew up with you will find a great many things are in it now that wasn’t there once. Like a lion sitting with a lamb is now a wolf sitting with a lamb. Wine skins are now called bottles and so on. Have a look for yourself. This is going to a big problem with the young and new believers, because they don’t have our memories to rely on. So we must pray for them in earnest and God will look after them, but we must pray.

People are so easily led to believe in the lies of Satan, because he does know our weak spots and much of that is our laziness to find out the important truths of our salvations. People often stay in the dark. You have to be opened minded enough to ask God Questions and seek. If you don’t ask you won’t receive and if you don’t knock the door will not open and if you don’t seek you will not find. And if you don’t persevere you will never reach your goal. God does test you to see how much you want it in truth. If you don’t persevere until the end you have proven you don’t want it badly enough, so God will not give it to you.

Keep Seeking Don’t Give Up

When I was young I believe in the mid 1960’s most Christians that I knew of back then were all going around in circles, asking everybody ‘who is the Holy Spirit?’  We all said ‘I know who the Father is, I know who the Son is, but who is the Holy Spirit? God was putting in our hearts this question, and we were all going crazy with really wanting to know the answer. The Holy Spirit back then was often left out. So I asked my minister and I could see in his eyes, he had the same begging look that I had felt inside of me and everybody else. He too wanted to know who the Holy Spirit was. He answered me with something he was told to recite when asked this question. I could see that answered wasn’t satisfying him either. This went on for about a few months or more.  It definitely went on for a very long time. I then noticed God was answering those who were still searching for the answer, by giving us another question and it was ‘what is love?’ And I noticed that only a few of us remain persistent long enough to get this far. Even fewer still remain persistent long enough to get the answer of the question of what is love?  The second question was in fact the answer to the first question. Sometimes God does answer this way. God does test you out. God will test you to see how much you really love Him and how far you will go and how much do you truly want Him to be the centre of your life. He if you past the test you will find the testing has strengthen you and you always get rewarded for ‘pushing in’ as they now say.

Are You Getting Bolder in Your Walk with the Lord?

is(7)I think many of us are getting bolder in the Lord. God is pouring more of Himself in us and so we are getting to know our Father better. I think more and more of us are getting to know our true identity in Him as well. I was surprise one day I just felt within me telling the devil how small and insignificant he was before God. I was really letting Satan have it and at the same time I visualised myself as a toddler jumping up and down with joy as a victor (like you can’t hurt me sort of thing) on our Heavenly Father’s lap with His huge arms wrapped around me for protection, while I was really letting Satan have it. I was real surprise, because this was just my imagination, but God became a part of it and was smiling at me and encouraging me, letting me know He was all for it. I would never do such a thing without the arms of God’s protecting me that would be mad. Only through the precious blood of Jesus was I am able to get away with it.

Just yesterday I was outside. I am becoming closer and closer with God by looking at His clouds, now that I know that it is the second heavens. While I am looking at the clouds I know there are real angels doing battle for us and especially when we release them to do so in the precious name of Jesus. I am learning that I am a king now, because Jesus has given all born again believers in Him who are faithful this role. All kings have authority and we are called to use it and the angles are stuck and can do nothing until we call them into action. Before it was only head knowledge and now I am really believing it in my heart. We always growing all the time, it never stops and I am so glad, because I love growing in the Lord.

Getting Bolder for Jesus

Well yesterday I was so unusually bold and was giving Satan what for again and I felt the power of God or angles I don’t really know, but it was sure powerful and once again they were egging me on so to speak, to be even bolder still and not to back down. Our power is in believing God will answer our prayers and when we really do that, we see results and we become even bolder again and start praying and declaring for all sorts of great things to happen in Jesus’s Name. We see clearly how much we depend on God for everything and if we are praying for the right things we are so powerful, because we have a very, very infinitely more powerful Daddy who rules and is the God of all that is seen and unseen. What a Father! It is so much fun. I am not ignoring the fact that fighting for God’s kingdom is always fun, there are plenty of times we cry out of sorrow of all the evil is going on around us, and we have to work when we are too tired or simply not feeling up to it. But there is a fun side too and we shouldn’t miss it out on it.

I use to often hear people speak highly of Derek Prince so I thought I search him out in YouTube and I am now see why everybody thinks so highly of him. He does a very good teaching on demons, witchcraft and at one of them he finished it with deliverance and I had never wailed and cried so much in my life when he did it. He definitely has a very strong anointing for those who need to know more about those subjects I recommend him highly.


And I have just read a prophesy from Daryl Crawford-Marshall and he saw Jesus pulling things out of a bag and one of the things Jesus pulled out impressed me so much was a compass. Jesus is telling us we are going to war and we are going to win. He told this to Daryl with a big smile and I do feel it, don’t you?  I thought about the compass Jesus took out of the bag and thought compasses are real handy and life-saving if you are lost. When you at the thickest part of the battle and you cannot see anything, but hopelessness with your physical eyes, you can only survive by relying on God’s words, because they act like a compass or a lamp to your feet. That gives me great encouragement. Any Christians with strong faith, know what I am talking about, because you don’t get strong faith by sitting around doing nothing.  You get it because you have been at war with Satan and you had to rely on God and not on what you see with your physical eyes but by His promises. The reward for perseverance is a stronger faith and love for God, because you always win when you fight with Jesus and in His name.



The Era of the Holy Spirit

is(10)About forty years ago I heard a preacher, preached that he believed during the Old Testament was the era of the Heavenly Father and the New Testament was the era of the Son, Jesus Christ. He believed we are now in a new era of the Holy Spirit. I personally believe him, because when I look around now and compared to how it was back then and now, there is a remarkable difference. God is no longer head knowledge to many of us. Of course we are learning more and more about Him all the time. And getting closer to Him as our relationship grows.

A Horrified Child

I remember being horrified as a child of eight, of what the minister at my church was preaching one day. He said God doesn’t talk to you the way He did with people in the Bible anymore. We don’t do miracles like the first century Christians. I was only eight at the time, and didn’t know that what he was teaching was what most preachers were teaching at the time. I had two visitations of God the Trinity and Jesus at another time. So being so young I just thought a man of God knew everything, of course that is not true, but for a child that is how they think. I remember being so shock at what he said, it was like to me blaspheme in the first degree. I would not have known how to express it in those words back then, but that was what was going on in my soul. Total disbelief a man of God could talk that way about God. Poor man, right! He simply was teaching what he was taught. So of course now that I am a senior citizen I know now where he was coming from.   

In these times more and more people are coming to know God in a supernatural way. Especially Christians that are hungry for more of God are experiencing life supernaturally. As I am growing God is increasing my gifts in a variety of different ways and that is what I am seeing in other Christians too all over the globe. More and more Christians who are genuinely following Jesus can no longer truthful say ‘I believe in God the Trinity’ because they have experienced Him in some way. In all truth the real answer should be ‘I know God.’ What a difference is that; HUGE!!!. Once you experience Him you are never the same. God is eternal, so nobody can say I know all there is to know about Him.

Ask God Questions He will Answer You

I asked God this afternoon a question, I have a sick dog and I have felt God presence in me saying He is healing my dog, about three weeks ago and I can’t see any healing taking place. So I prayed I hope he will be healed and it is not me that is blocking the healing, because of lack of faith on my part. So I turned to the Bible and asked God a question, before opening up the Bible. I asked what way is the quickest way to grow in faith so that I can heal people and my dog. I opened up on

1 Corinthians 14:1

You must constantly pursue love, and you must continually be zealous for the spiritual things, and particularly that you would prophesy.

It is spot on. God does that so many times with us. It is not always the Bible either that God uses to speak to us, but it is always spot on. And I think it is funny too, because just after my first visitation of God, which happened to be the most powerful experienced I ever had with God, I was so afraid that He would send me out to the world to prophesies and for some reason (it can only be God’s doing) I seem to want to do that now. I think God is amazing how He can get around you.