A prayer Claiming back what was stolen

In the most precious Blood and Name of Jesus I claim back everything Satan has stolen from me, from the beginning of time, seven fold return for the glory and praise of your name.

Jesus has told me to pray it. Not only do we receive what has been stolen from us, Jesus can re own what was lost in us too. You don’t have to word the prayer the way I did, you can do it the way it has more meaning for you.

Planet Nibiru or Planet X

Planet Nibiru is now is behind our Sun. You can now see it without a telescope. Problem is the military have clocked it so you have difficulty in seeing it. There are many YouTube shows that will show you pictures of it and give you far more information than I will ever be able too. I just want to bring it up for those who don’t know about it. I believe it is referred to in the Bible as Wormwood. It is said to orbit our sun every 3,000 and more years. And each time it does, it causes masses destruction, through the magnetic fields. Depending where the earth is, will determine how destructive it can be. Some scientist feel it could have been what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. The earth at present is in a very vulnerable position.

The thing is the Rapture I believe will come before it happens. So it is a time of great prayer that we and all our love ones and all people be found worthy to be taken up to Heaven to be the spotless Brides of Christ. Otherwise we will face approximately one third of the human population to die and another one third die through diseases. It is very serious, but if our faith is in God we should be at peace and know God is in complete control. Trust Him with all your heart and He will look after us. Maybe not in the way we expect, but He is our Daddy who really loves us more than we love ourselves


Our prayers are only answered if they are good for us. But sometimes you will hear people say be careful what you pray for you might just get it. We all have had times we wish we didn’t pray for something, because it turned out not exactly what we expected. I prayed for a pup and it turned out a disaster for me and for the rest of my animals and I end up having to give it away. And that brought tears, because I loved him, but he simply wasn’t suitable. So it is advisable ( here I have to listen to my own advice) and that is ask God whether it is His Will or not. His Will is always love, so whatever He Wills it is going to be the right decision to make.

Blaspheme Against The Holy Spirit

Most Christians I think go through a period where they think they committed the sin of Blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, but have not. I know I did when I was a young person. I suffered with blaspheme thoughts directed to God and became quiet sick over it. Now I know I was just being attacked by the devil. It was him making out the blaspheme thoughts were my thoughts. When they were really him putting those thoughts into my head. Without me wanting them there. Many Christians are having this problem. So don’t be disturbed.

What is blaspheme against the Holy Spirit according to Clare from the Small Still Voice? Jesus explains it is someone who knows God exits, but still preaches against God to everyone. They deliberately turn people away from God, even after a personal experience of Him. These people can still be saved if they turn back to God, but they will have a stain on their garments for eternity. So it is people who once knew Him and became His enemy despite knowing His love and mercy.

Protestants and Catholics

is(9)Many Protestants don’t believe Catholics are Christian and therefore will all go to hell, far as they are concern. Both my parents have left this world. My mother a Catholic and my father a Presbyterian. Both of my parents appeared to me after they had died. Even though I can’t prove this, but both have made it safely to heaven.

I just want to remind Protestants that they didn’t exist until the fifteen hundreds. So what they are saying about Catholics going to hell, because they happen not to understand our relationship with Mary and some other things. I just want to say what kind of God do they believe in? Do they believe since there was no Protestants until the fifteen hundreds, that everybody in the entire world went to hell, because there was no Protestants at that time to teach us better? Not all Protestants believe Catholics are not Christian but sadly many do.

Joyful Thoughts

is(16)We have to be more and more alert as the time of Our Lord draws near. So many Christians are being attack through witchcraft. So it is very important to keep our thoughts on how loving a God we serve and not always dwelling on our problems.

Once I was so concern about my problems, God brought my attention that God wanted to be praised. At the time I was too busy rebuking the enemy. I remember many years ago I had a dream. On the left side was Satan’s army, tanks, missiles etc. and on the right was God’s army. We were all joyful and praising God. That is our strength being joyful in the Lord and praising Him. When we do that all the time our intercessory prayers are even more powerful. We are pleasing God and getting to know Him. You can’t be joyful if you are not confident in God’s love and protection for you. A couple ways to become joyful is to look at God in all his mercy and love for you. And remembering all the good things and the protection He has given to you in the past.

Philippians 4:8. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honourable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

There is a lot of training in this and I am still very much a beginner myself. But I am getting better at it and the relief now that I have in realising even to a greater extent of God’s forgiveness and how He does come to our rescue all the time, if we humble ourselves.

Crime is Increasing

Crime has increase regardless of what they are saying. back in the old days when Australia was a beautiful Christian nation, there wasn’t many terrible crimes like it is today. Nobody was ever abducted etc. Once I was watching a documentary many years ago of Australian news. They brought up the ‘pyjama’s girls’. when these girls were abducted the  whole nation went into mourning. And when we saw it, we went into mourning as if it was yesterday. My youngest sister of eleven and a half years difference from me, piped up what is so special about them.’ We were all shocked, my mother and my other sister and John were present and we couldn’t believe our ears what she just said. I thought to myself this is not like her to be so uncompassionate. Then light dawned on all of us at the same time. John then turned to her and said ‘it just didn’t happened.’ It is happening all the time now and she was just wanted to know why the ‘pyjama’s girls’ stood out from all the others. There was no others she didn’t know that.