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I am very studious. I don’t like going to classes, but I do enjoy reading books that give me knowledge about my favourite subjects. Learning about my faith is the most-dear and important thing to me, and always has been that way. There was a time I was exploring New Age beliefs, which I now look back and think to myself I have wasted valuable time. Even though I have had many communications and visitations from God, you wouldn’t think that I would have fallen into that trap, but I did. I never left God, but I was confused about certain things, partly I believe because the Bible is not always taught properly or they don’t always teach parts of the Bible that we need to hear. I am not a theologian or anything like that. Instead I am a compulsive meditator on God. For a long time I haven’t been reading my Bible, regularly. Instead reading religious books and finding out what other people have learnt from their studies of the Bible. The Bible I have just started to pick up again for myself and reading it regularly  the last two years with new eyes.

I have been a lay missionary for six months, I was suppose to stay for two years but I became very ill and terribly homesick. At a later date I was blessed in that I joined the third of a Carmelite order. The third order you are in the world, marry, work anything at all provided you live very devotedly serving God with prayer. Each order concentrates on different aspects of Jesus life. Carmelites dedicate their lives to prayer, fasting and penance. I left after I had finished the formation, so I left before I said  my final vowels. Even though I have left the order I still feel it is a part of me.

I grew up Protestant but became a Catholic at the age of twenty three years old, so I feel I understand both sides fairly well. And I always have had many Protestants friends, more than Catholics ones. I think God has done that deliberately so as to keep me in touch with what Protestants believe in, because He knew one day I was going to do this blog.