“Love One Another As I Have Love You”

Brutality against women in the western society is on the increase. As the society moves further away from the belief of a loving God.  Humans left to their own, are very selfish creatures to the extreme. It is Jesus example in particular that teaches us how to love one another and be merciful with one another, especially towards the ones who are the most vulnerable in society. I remember once I was meditating on that men do not really have good role models on how to treat their wives and women in general. I was thinking to myself the only true role model they do have is in fact Jesus Himself. Men treat women by how they have been taught by their father’s examples and their fathers were taught by their fathers and so on. Even in Christian society’s men have treated women less important than a man. Women for example were not allowed to learn how to read and write, if they did people considered it was the work of the devil. And later in the Middle Ages when women were finally allowed to read and write, they were not to write down anything to do with the bible. In another time in history a minster of God was allowed to beat his wife with a thicker rod than most men. Now what kind of example of love and mercy is that?

Sins Against Women

I thought to myself one day that most men’s sins against women is through ignorance and at that moment I then felt God’s presence come down towards my head and He repeated to me ‘most men’s sins against women is through ignorance’. I believe He wanted me to really understand that, so I could find it easier to forgive them. You hear some horrific stories how many men have treated their wives throughout history. It is easy to hate them for it, but it is not God’s way. I haven’t met many people especially men, throughout my life. Mainly because I had suffered social phobias for nearly forty years. So it has curbed greatly my ability to mix with strangers. From time to time I have met some very charming Christlike men that reminded me not all men are brutes. Most people even many who call themselves Christians, do not follow Christ teachings. So there is very little true love in this world. To say you a Christian and not obey His commandments you are lying to yourself and others. Giving everybody who do not know Jesus the wrong impression of what Christ is really like.

1 Corinthians 13: 7-8. (Love) always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

1 Peter 1:22. Love one another deeply from the heart.

The Bible is All About God’s Love is

There is plenty of evidence of what love is and how to treat one another in the Holy Bible. So many people read it, but do not even attempt to practise it and they think they are going to go heaven after they die. What an illusion. Jesus said ‘if you love me, obey my commandments.’ Another time I was really being upset with men who treated their wives with such cruelty, I use to pray a certain prayer that asked God let those men know they will have to face His wrath over their cruelty towards women. Once again God made His presence felt and He assured me those men will. So it is a huge warning for men who think themselves as little gods and who think they can treat women how they please. God is also a God of Justice and we are all answerable to Him. Nothing else matters in this life and in the next, but how you please God. The way to please God is to obey His commandments, which is love.

Matthew 5: 7-8. “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

If you are not merciful you can’t expect mercy from God. You will receive the same measure you give out to others. Don’t live a lie, it is important to wake up and practise the faith as God intends you to.

1 John 4:15-17. If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they in God. And so we know and rely on the love of God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgement: In this world we are like Jesus.

There have been times when I have met certain men in a group situation such as retreats and so on. We may never had said a word to each other, or in some cases only a few words to one another and yet with God who can do all things, has bonded us. We have felt very sad saying goodbye to one another.  God had allowed us to experience the spiritual connection that we were indeed brother and sister in God’s sight. When men and women do connect with one another as God originally planned for us, we complement one another. We both have something that only our gender can give and if we exchange this gift God has us to give, it is a very beautiful experience. When we don’t love one another as God wills us, we rob ourselves of God’s precious gift that we were meant to share. It is to our loss, not gain when we disobey God.


The War Is Not Over! For Women

Many women think the war is over regarding the threat of women being dominated by men. Think again. Satan is always on the lookout to destroy, steal and kill. And he loves seeing people being dominated. Taking their free will away and creating hate. He is always finding new ways to turn people against one another. You can’t listen to the voice of Jesus if you refuse to slow down and spend time in worship with Him. I mean true worship, not lip service. When you listen to Jesus, you will soon learn He is a lover not a controller of men and women. Satan works though human weaknesses. And we have plenty for him to choose from. If you are true follower of Jesus you will be instinctively drawn to His Spirit, which is always very loving. Even when He has to correct you firmly and sometimes He has too, but it is always out of Love and you can always recognise it.

The Bible Has Always Been Used to Control, by the Wrong People

People all through history have used the bible wrongly and they are still doing it. For example for centuries they used the bible to excuse the right to have slaves. And they are still using the bible to exploit women. The wrong use of the word ‘head’ is used to control women to keep them down. And most men love that. In the bible it says in Genesis, Chapter 3:16. Because of sin, women will yearn for their husbands, only to be lorded over by them. God couldn’t speak plainer than that. It is not God’s will, it is the will of man, because of sin. Bible scholars recognise different parts of the bible has been translated wrongly, especially regarding to women. There are many men in the church ignore it deliberately, because they don’t want to lose their power over women.

God has spoken through respected prophets of our time, reassuring women that we will come out of our caves and do great things for God. And everybody is going to know it is God’s doing. For those who are interested in seeing what our prophets are saying there is a link Elijah List.

Human Nature is Weak

People who refuse to believe it, are mostly men who want to believe they are superior to women and have a right to control women as they please. The argument about good men would naturally love their wives like Christ loves He church are few and far between. Many men in the church insistently preach at the pulpit women have to submit to men. They extremely and rarely bring to the attention to men that they have to love their wives as Christ loves His Church. And when on rare occasions they do, they do not do it with the same enthusiasm and domineering tone as they do, when addressing women to submit to their husbands. The information on how the bible is not always translated correctly, is not hard to find. So there is very little excuse for ignorance. You are either for God or against Him. And let’s face it most Christians are not going to meet Jesus in the air when he comes for us, as many visionaries are warning. When God’s word is preach in all honesty it is very rarely accepted, because men and women love their flesh too much and will not deny themselves for the love of God. God is all about love not domination over others, it is always that simple.