Confusion Who to Listen to

isCDQ8IBZ3I have been watching more video’s and I feel I have to write this urgently. I have enjoy Kat Kerr video’s very much about what heaven is like. The confusion was she claims certain people that lived a very wicked life that they are in heaven, because somebody prayed for them, so they repented just in time. I am also hearing people that I feel are very honest and they do not agree, because they claim that they either saw them in hell or God has told them they are there. So now I am wondering about if Kat Kerr has been deceived herself. Good people can get it wrong. And another confusion came about, which God used it for His glory and that is some people say there will be a rapture before the great tribulation and others say it is going to happen in the middle of the tribulation and others say after. So I ask God ‘is there more than one rapture. I looked in the Bible to see if He would answer me, but He chose not too. The very next day I was watching another prophet of God that I believe he is very honest and God told him that there will be three raptures. So I feel God has answered my prayer, but in a different manner than what I expected Him to.

I know God is telling me through the Bible for me to get ready now. I feel there is some few things that I am to do and I feel it will happen very quickly, but still not sure about it. All I know the rapture is real, even though Kat Kerr is saying that Jesus has told her ‘pick up your rapture rug.’ I know false prophets often will tell you what you want to hear. She is talking about there will be no rapture that we are not living in the perilous times, which everything in our era does indicate it is so. So these times are very tricky, so be very careful, what and who you believe. One thing for sure is to obey God in all things. Live a holy life and pray for your own salvation and everybody else. And ask for decernment in everything and give witness much as you are able that their is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ our Lord. And ‘repent of your sins before God!!!’ I am sorry if I have mislead anybody and I am praying if I have that God will come to their aid.

Rapture Dream

isRKENV7PDI received this dream approximately thirty eight years ago. I have never thought of sharing it with anybody before, because I thought it was just meant for me. Now I am not so certain. The dream starts out with me looking at the sky and I could see the sky was choker block full of messages that said Jesus is coming right now!!!! I was so excited that I was telling everybody I could and everybody including people that was most dear to me such as my mother were not listening to me at all. I was shock that no one was listening, especially my mother who was very much a spirit filled Christian. They were all lukewarm. Everybody was just going about their daily business as if nothing was going to be any different from one day to the next. I was in a state of upmost excitement waiting for Jesus to come now all day and well into the night. By about 11pm at night I was so angry with God I said you are not coming. And then somebody knocked on my door and I open it to find my aunt and uncle came to visit me. I was so angry with God and my uncle, because I thought he was such a bad husband to my aunt, I let him have it.

Apparently my outburst of anger towards him was well truly forgotten by all of us. We were talking to one another as if there had been no arguments. And then very suddenly about thirty minutes later Jesus was coming and the earth shake violently. The first thing that happen was the memory of my angry outburst to my uncle, even though at the time, I thought I was justified in doing so. The gravity of my sin was revealed to me and the fear of the Lord came upon me. I also remembered somebody saying to me once when and earthquake comes the safest place is to lay flat on the ground. So as I was going to do this (prostrating to God for my sins, symbolically) I saw both my aunt and uncle was confused and suffering from shock and saw me prostrating to the ground so they too was doing it. It was like they were looking at me to show them what to do. Jesus definitely did come like a thief in the night in my dream.

My mother and both my aunt and uncle are now with our Lord in heaven. Symbolically my mother represented people I would absolutely be certain they would be just as excited about the Lords Rapture as I was. People I completely trusted and found out they were not as holy as I thought them to be. My aunt and uncle represented people that I should have been praying for instead of judging them. And of course we do not know the hour He will come. There is another thing I want to add, there is going to be violent persecution soon on all Christians, so we don’t know the hour we might die for our faith. So we have to be ready right now, either way. We only get one chance at being ready, so we have to be alert at all times and not take the little time we have left for granted.



The Kind of Church I would Love to Belong to

isNQHK1W8II have always said that I believe the Traditional Catholic Church and the Protestant Charismatic Churches have much to teach each other. God speaks to all Christians whether you are a Protestant believer or a Catholic believer. God first appeared to me when I was eight years old. I repented even at that age and God responded to me with a very powerful visitation of Himself. The point here I am making I was then a Presbyterian. At the age of twenty three I formally became a Catholic, I believe I was one spiritual speaking at the age of seventeen. I have had many communications from God and visitations from Christ while being a Catholic also. So I am trying to bring home this truth it doesn’t matter whether you are a Protestant believer or a Catholic believer, God loves us all. I am also trying to convince those Protestant that preach to the whole world that Catholics aren’t Christians that you are being deceived by the devil, because if we are not Christians why would God visit Catholics also and the same applies to Catholics who think Protestants that they are not Christians are also at fault. Now I hope I have cleared the ground to explain why I believe what I do.

The Church I would Love to Belong

The Church I would love to belong to would celebrate the Holy Traditional Catholic teachings, but some things needs to be added.  Like a time and place to let all the gifts of the Holy Spirit express itself amongst God’s people, especially after the celebration of the Holy Mass, with discernment. I wish we were back to keeping the true Sabbath which is Saturday. And after receiving the Eucharist we spend thirty minutes of silence, worshiping God privately and then worshiping for hours on end like so many Protestant Charismatic and some Catholic healing meetings do. With the addition of food and non-alcoholic drinks at lunch time, because it is a whole day affair in the Church hall. I wished that we all respect one another and our gifts that God place in our hands. I respect the leaders of the church, but they have to remember the Church first belongs to God, not them.

So it is very much like a party. By this I mean praising God with songs and music, clapping your hands and shouting out His Holy Name in victory, whatever the Holy Spirit puts into our hearts we do. Letting the Holy Spirit being unleashed is what the Church is in need right now, but we must be all aware that Satan imitates God’s Holy Spirit also, so we need to know what is coming from the Holy Spirit and what is Satan’s Spirit in disguised as coming from God. There are many fake healings that come from witchcraft unknown to the innocent. When God’s Spirit is unleashed you don’t know what’s going to happen next. Because God can do the unexpected and so gloriously that we truly want to worship God from our hearts. Let God have His own way with us. I believe we need formal worship which is orderly and a time of letting go and just being free. The formal worship is a time to remember what we are before Him. We are giving God the reverence that is due to Him as our God. And we also acknowledge our nothingness and total dependence on God and all that He has done for us as Our God and Saviour. I also believe informal worship to, because since Jesus has paid the full price of our redemption we are now part of His family. I believe God has a wild side to Him as well, He is not always quiet. When I say He has wild side, I mean He has an adventures, creative and exciting side to His nature as well as the gentle loving side that we all expect of Him.

Two Sides of GodisO5HO9OA7

I believe there are two sides to God and they are both just as important as the other. The God of Justice and the God of Mercy. People being what they are tend to lean one side more than the other. The Catholic Church I think for the most part of course not in all cases, because we have many saints that are well balanced, but the Church as a whole I think tends to lean too much on the God of Justice. And Protestants tend to lend too much on the God of Mercy. If you lean too much on Justice you tend to have too much fear of God. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but if the fear is not balanced by being assured that God is so loving that He is so ready to forgive, then you can be too easily bossed about by your superiors (priest included), because you don’t have enough confidence that you are indeed a child of God. Now Protestants on the other hand in my opinion, lean too much on the God of Mercy. I think many may believe deep down they can live as they please, because when it is all said and done they think they only need to say the words ‘I am sorry’ to God and they will enter the kingdom of heaven, whether they really mean it or not. Now of course once again there are many Protestant that know better, but I feel the Protestant church as a whole has this tendency.

I wished that the spiritual leaders were so humble that they would be respected as they should, and also they likewise respect the lay people by encouraging them to recognised their gifts and use them accordingly. God give gifts to whom He chooses, not according to the wisdom of man. We only have to look at the twelve disciples that Jesus chose for Himself, most of them were uneducated. They didn’t have diplomas, yet they were filled with God’s Spirit and became apostles of Jesus, spreading the Good News around the world. Wouldn’t it be good if we had spiritual leaders that were so humble and true to God that they would honour God’s wisdom and delegate people according to their God given gifts. Those who have the gift of teaching would teach, those who have the gift of prophecies would prophecies, those who have the gift of healing, heal and so on throughout the whole community. So that each and everybody in the community of the Church had an assignment to fulfilled that they could contribute to their Church that they belong to. That way everybody would really feel a part of the Church and not just feel like spectators.

What I believe God Wants for The Catholic Church

I have been told by God to pray for priest that they will be able to marry. I know a lot of good priest think it is God’s will that marriage be banned by all priest, but it is not so. For centuries woman have complained within the Catholic Church that priest couldn’t understand their emotional needs that well, because they were always in the company of other men. If they were married and had five daughters of their own, they might have a better understanding of women and their needs. Also they would have a better understanding of marriage and raising up children. They wouldn’t be preaching only from theory, but from actual experience. So I believe there is wisdom in having single and married people as priest. Another thing God has told me and it would be unpopular for most Catholics, is that God does want women in the priesthood too. I get a little confuse why God wants me to pray for it since I know He is going to take His Church up any minute now. Maybe it is for the time when Jesus reigns on earth for a thousand years. Maybe He wants people to get ready for a higher level of understanding how God wants His Church to run. I pray for people mostly who are suffering and that their faith endures to the end. So I don’t spend a great deal of time praying for priest and women entering into the priesthood, but I do most days say the Divine Chaplet in obedience to God for them.

I am talking here about the Traditional Orthodox Catholic Church. I haven’t attended a Catholic Church myself for seven years and I know a lot has changed for the worst. I have heard a prophecy that the false prophet will if not has already done this, will have women priest in the church, this move is not for the Glory of God, but to bring down the Church. When Jesus reigns on earth without a doubt He will lead His Church personally and I believe He will allow priest to marry and women will also become priest one day. Jesus will run it personally not men, but Jesus still has to train us step by step to accept higher and purer levels of worship. So this is what I would love to see happen to the Church. I believe the Church in those thousands years will not resemble anything like the Churches as we know it. After a thousand years of peace Satan will be let out of his prison and once again the majority of people are going to choose to believe in Satan’s lies. Those who will remain in Christ are going to be so much more spiritually advance than we are today.



The Prince of Peace

John 14:27. “I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

I don’t watched T.V. anymore, but I do watch a great many shows on the internet, mostly about the Rapture. I have been hearing how more and more of the practise of Christianity is being banned in countries that were once a Christian Country, lately. It is all part of the end days set up that we were all warned about in the bible and also by modern prophets. From the very beginning I knew our so called pope was the false prophet, because it was prophesied from the very beginning by a Catholic women prophet by the name of Maria Divine Mercy. Out of all the prophets I trust her the most, because she has the strongest anointing of all of them. The false prophet pope Francis, is turning more and more people away from the true Catholic teachings. This is a time when you have to decide what side you are on. Are you prepared to be a martyr for Jesus or not? This is where Jesus is going to find out who His true friends are. You can’t follow Jesus if you don’t rely on Him for strength. Your own strength will fail. You have to keep your eyes on Him and not the situation you are in. You have to be very serious about prayer. And stick with people who are friends of Jesus so that you strengthen each other. You can’t do it alone.

isK0M5TO0LThe peace Jesus gives you, you can have at any time. During all kinds of hardships, wars, imprisonment and also in good times. It is God’s Spirit. When Jesus gives you peace it is Himself. I know because once somebody mistook me for somebody else and threaten to kill me. Jesus gave me Himself all that morning and it was the Spirit of Peace. God will do this if you put your complete trust in Him and let Him guide you through this period of time. The good news of course is, He is planning to remove His Church very soon. Soon as He can win the last possible soul. We all can help by praying that His kingdom will come soon and the souls saved. We will experience some hardship, but the worst is to come if you haven’t humbled yourself before Jesus and completely surrender to Him as your Lord. You can’t have your cake and eat it. You have to choose God or the world, there is so little time left now to choose. If you choose Jesus you will go up to meet Him in the clouds as promised by Jesus, before the nightmare really begins. The Great Tribulation is not that far away now. Start praying and start disciplining yourself. And repent of all your sins, not the majority of them but all of them, even the ones you don’t know about.


Pictures of Jesus


I was watching one of YouTube videos on pictures of Jesus. To my surprise it seemed that this lady thought that we actually believe the pictures and painting of Jesus was what we really thought Jesus looked like. That is not true, but She did bring things to my attention that I didn’t know about. One painting of Jesus was painted by Leonardo De Vichy, who painted his lover according to her, which did make me nervous.

I received a picture of Jesus not long after seeing this video and just put it aside with mistrust, wondering who the person in this picture really was like. I felt immediately the presence of Jesus beside me, sad that I had that reaction to it. Of course the picture is no way looks like the real Jesus either, but according to one visionary each picture shows a facet of him.

Jesus is in all of us and we are all made in Gods image.  We cannot reveal his whole image, because I believe He is just too big for that, so each person shows a side of God that nobody else can. So I feel Jesus was saying, just look at what my Spirit is giving you through the use of that picture, which is always pure holy love.

God Can be Sneeky! I am so Glad He is Sometimes

I often read people teaching us to be thankful to God for everything that comes your way, even things you hate. For example Corrie ten Boom, while she was in the concentration camp she complained about the fleas and her sister told her to thank God for them. Corrie didn’t understand why then, but later on she found out the fleas did in a strange way, protected them from the guards. It turned out that they were allowed to get away with teaching the Gospel in their barracks, because the guards were too afraid to go in there, because of the fleas. God has a plan up His sleeve that He doesn’t tell you straight away, but if you obey Him, it will all eventually unfold and you will see clearly His infinite wisdom. I use to hate and dreaded my earthly father words ‘you will thank me one day.’ I use to think ‘no way am I going to thank you one day.’ Of course now I understand where he was coming from and I have to admit that I do now thank him.

Where I live is on the outskirts of a town and across the road from me there is open space. So I can look out and see kangaroos and cattle grazing on the land. I so wish I was living in the bush. I thank God for this little open field I can look out every day from my front door, it is the next best thing, to living in the bush. God has placed me here for a reason, I always known that. When it rains heavy I use to have great problem with field mice. Without fail they would turn up after rain. And I use to use natural remedies to get rid of them and it did work after a long time. Then it would rain again and this time the natural remedies were not working. So I desperately asked God why? Have I done something to displease You? I was trying to be grateful, but it isn’t really in my nature when I think things are out of my control. You can see right there what God was trying to teach me.

 In desperation after praying about it, I turned to the internet for suggestions and one person said get a cat. I have never been a cat lover. I always preferred dogs ever since I can remember. So I wasn’t that keen on the idea. The things you do when you are desperate enough. I asked a friend if she knew somebody who was giving away kittens and she said she knew of a place and she would get one for me. Then later on the day I texted her and asked her if she would get two for me, to make sure the mice will have double trouble and so she did. These kittens were half feral.  

So I had to trained them to trust and like me and on top of that I had an hysterical dog that wanted to play with them and of course the kittens were terrified of him and the other dog who is a real mummies girl, was not pleased with the two new additions in the household and wanted to kill them both, the moment she had a chance. So there was a lot of training to do on all four animals. After three weeks I was desperate again, because I was really beginning to think Mindy the dog that hated them would never ever accept them. I asked God to give her a change of heart. I think it only took two days later, I was then able to take Mindy of the leash, because she then decided she would tolerate them, which is better than nothing. Things eventually sorted out and then about five months down the track, the dog next door killed one of my cats. By this time I am extremely attached to him and I was feeling very sorry for myself and I was so surprised how long it took to get over him. (I never really totally ever get over my animals.) By now I love cats just as much as I love dogs. I would never thought it possible.  

I then decided to keep Persey the other cat, to stay indoors so as to make sure nothing happens to him. After about four months later I can see that Persey was in a real need of a cat friend. His brother and he were really close. So I wasn’t sure what to do, so I asked Jesus if He would give me permission to get another kitten for Persey. Straight away Jesus appeared so happy and to let me know he was overjoyed for me to get another kitten. So I went searching for one on the internet and found one in the RSPCA, where the unwanted animals go, in the hope of a home. Now I have a fear of driving outside of my town. Because I wanted this kitten so much I asked another friend if she would come with me. To get to this place I have to travel on a high way that I hate, because nobody is polite these days, but I did and I did it well. So I had to overcome one of my major fears before I could get her and she is so beautiful and worth every bit of sacrifice.  

Remember Jesus was so happy to let me have her. Guess what kind of kitten He has chosen for me? A real rascal! She gets up to more mischief then the two boys ever did. Now don’t you think God is teaching me something here? God doesn’t always choose what makes you comfortable. Persey now accepts her, it only took a day and now he is as thick with her as he was with his brother. They are great friends. And there is no mice still.  

God was in-charge the whole time and had a very sneaky plan for me to find His love through His creation of Cats. Dogs have taught me so much and I am still very much a dog lover. Cats are so different and they have different things to offer. The way they show their love for you is so different. Cats are a lot more sociable than I ever thought. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. All through my childhood we had more cats than dogs, but I never knew this about them. The thing I love about domestic animals and very young children, they just pour out their love for you and I see a little of God’s love, loving me through them.  

I actually had something else in mind to write when I started writing this article, but it seems God had other plans as He often does.


Warning for those who don’t know already!

I am looking at a lot of YouTube shows about the Rapture that is coming. I know I might sound strange to people, but I have covered my windows with dark blankets, because one of the prophecies that will be fulfilled soon, will be the whole earth will experience 3 days and nights of darkness. I will go into that later. Before that happens God is going to give us a warning before He will chastise the people who have refuse to obey Him. In other words they are listening to the so call wisdom of the world, instead of Him who made the earth. He is doing this so everybody will know where they stand with Him. For example many people are going to experience hell for about 15 mins, because they have not obeyed Him. If you are redeemed you won’t feel any pain. There are many people who think they are redeem, but are not living as God intends them too, so they are in for a shock. Many people will die of shock when they see their sins for what they are and won’t be saved, because they will die before they had a chance to repent. Jesus is asking us to pray that they will have a chance to repent before they die, so that they can be saved. We will all experience an out of body experience and we will all experience what it would be like to die in mortal sin, so there will be no excuse for us not to repent.

Go Home

After this event He said if you not home, go home straight away, because then the 3 days and nights of darkness will come upon the earth. And you are to stay indoors, because it be too dangerous not too. Long story short, demons will be let out of hell to roam the earth. Believe it or not the scientist are trying to find ways to do it, there are many, many people in our day that worship Satan straight out. God will allow them to do this, because of the world’s sins. When we are at home, we are to cover all our windows, don’t let any light at all enter in your home. And we are not to for any reason at all open the doors when it becomes dark, because many demons are what people call shape shifters, will be roaming the earth. They will pretend to be people you love very much and say things like ‘I am not really dead let me in.’ The prophets are saying don’t whatever you do open those doors to let them in.

Make Sure You Have Everything Ready

Make sure you have enough water and food and clean clothes for 3 days and nights. I also bought many towels so that I can wipe the kitchen floor, because my dogs will have to go to toilet there and Jesus told me that it was a good idea. I would not leave my animals outside to face the horror that is about to come on this earth. Also some Christians are going to be transform into their glorified bodies during the three days and nights of darkness, it won’t happen to all Christians. God is saying to a prophet, don’t worry if you are not one of them, because you still have time to reach the holiness level that is needed for that to happen. The Christians with glorify bodies will shine like the stars and convert many people to Christ and they who are converted will also will have glorify bodies in time for the rapture.

You Will Need Blessed Candles

I know it sounds strange why cover your windows if it is going to be dark outside? I saw a show where they were re-acting it out and there are zombies that had bright red eyes, so apparently you will see frightening things, despite of the darkness. The only people who will have lights on in their houses are those who have blessed candles, nothing else will work. Only very few people will have electricity on, the lucky ones! After this Jesus will come personally to everybody and ask if you are for Him or not. He will give the world a little time to repent, maybe another three days and then the rapture of all the people who are truly repented, will go up to meet Jesus in the air and stay in Heaven until the wrath of God deals with the world.

They say only twenty percentage of people who call themselves Christians, will meet Jesus in the air, because only they are truly faithful and trying to live out His commandments. When that is all over the people, who went up in the rapture will return to earth and there will be 1,000 years of peace with Jesus personally ruling the earth.

Have Your Windows Covered

I have practically covered the windows because it is a big job and I am not that well, so I am having a head start. This all will take place after Israel is forced to sign the paper to divide Israel. The prophets are saying that God won’t be mocked any more. Israel is called God’s chosen people, because they were the first race to worship God. They are Abraham’s descendants and God promise them land they call Israel to be theirs.

California will have a massive earthquake. They say it starts with Miami. Then the whole earth will shake, you will see signs in the sky, like two planets collide with one another. I am not too sure about the signs in the sky, I think everybody will see Jesus at the same time. This does sound far fetch I know and with humans it is always going to happen to somebody else or another generation, but never me. The problem is that this is the end time and we will all be caught up in it. So as the saying goes I rather be safe than sorry.

Jesus and His Host are Already Here

There is a YouTube show called Joyof the Lord. Please watch it, things are going on in the sky right now. The governments of the world do not want you to see, they actually trying to cover it up and many people on the YouTube shows are saying it is too big to cover up. People are posting it on Facebook all over the world. People who are not looking out for signs of Christ coming; they be the ones that don’t know what is going on, because they aren’t looking. The government and media are not going to tell you, because they don’t want you to know. They want us to go to sleep through it all. Many people are asleep, when they should be wide awake and ready when Jesus comes for them. Remember in the bible about the 10 brides, 5 were not wise and the other 5 had oil in their lamps and when our Saviour came it was the wise brides that went up to heaven with Him. The 5 foolish brides had to stay down to face the Great tribulation that this world will very soon have to face.

Be Ready

The world will not be the same ever again. The prophets say when God takes those who have been prepared and waiting for Him, go up to heaven with Him, there will be no peace left on earth and many and many are going to commit suicide. They can’t face what is about to happen. Don’t commit suicide, because many people will go hell that way. Hell is a lot worse than the Great Tribulation. God will still be watching over those who have repented. God will continue to help His children who really put their trust in Him, but it is going to be a million times harder than to serve Him on this side of the Rapture. Because the Anti- Christ, which the Muslims consider to be their Messiah, is going to rule the earth and he wants to be worshiped and many Christians will leave their faith and worship him, because a great many of those who have repented before God are going to be beheaded or butchered most cruelly.

The Mark of the Beast

The mark of the beast is already here and people are saying what a wonderful thing it is. It is a microchip, that will have all your information on it and they will know exactly where you are all the time and what you are doing. It may sound convenient and harmless, but the bible warns once you receive it on your hand or your forehead you as good as gone to hell. Because this microchip will control you when it is convenient for the Anti-Christ to do so. It sends electronic message to the brain and will control your moods, you will be good as a robot in the end. The Anti-Christ will make sure you won’t be able to buy or sell in the end without it implanted in you. If you rely on God and do as He says the prophets say food will appear from nowhere and food will multiply, but you have to give your life up totally to God for this to happen.

This is Good News for Those Who Love Him

I know you think I am a bearer of bad news, but it is a very important warning and you can make it at the rapture if you truly decide to surrender to Jesus on His terms. That means give up anything that contradicts the bible. Many people like to make the excuse that the bible is full of wrong translations, so they don’t have to follow the bible. God is going to make sure His truth is felt despite of a few bad translations. So give up all worldly views that are in contradiction to the bible like believing in abortions, homosexuality, and fortifications and so on. If you don’t you won’t be ready for the rapture and then you are going to have the test of your life. Life has been very easy compared to what is going to happen for those who are left behind

The Animals are Coming With Us

I want us all to make it and there is one beautiful thing to add, our animals are going up with us in the rapture. There is another site called Small Still Voice. Jesus talks to a woman called Clare most days for our benefit and He is so sweet and speaks so encouraging to us, so that we be ready for Him when He comes. Please look at it, it warms your heart up like nothing else can. God is love and He has been very patient, but the world can’t go on like this, it has to be cleansed.

I have to warn you there is another site that the devil has put up to confuse those who are searching for God and it is also called Small Still Voice. The woman running it calls herself Sister Clare. There are many wolves in sheep skins to be aware of. And I see so many shocking lies about very good and holy people from the enemy, to keep people away from knowing God and destroying His servants reputations. I am afraid many people are easily lead to believe in the worst about innocent people. So watch out we are in very evil days, which proves Satan is trying his upmost to steal souls away from God.

Well I am praying for you and your families that we all make it. It is something I am very worried about. It could happen today or six months away, but it is serious and we all need to get ready and treat it as if it is today, even it takes another year, it be worth getting ready today and hopefully bring many people with us through our prayers.