Important Warning

I know you have heard the end of the world is near many times and it hasn’t happened yet. But now you can see for yourself the planet Nibiru and at least nine other planets coming so close to the Sun, that there was a report that the moon is now wobbling in its path. It has been prophesied that the earth will wobble so much so it will be like a drunkard. The thing is we need not be scared of the future disasters that is coming, if we truly give up our lives to God and repent of all our sins and put our whole trust in our Saviour Jesus Christ. He is the only way. Many Christians have lived with one foot in the world and the other with Christ. That won’t do. If this is what you are doing you won’t be ready when Jesus lifts His Brides (true and faithful Christians) to the clouds and then takes them to the Wedding Feast in Heaven. Which is talked about in the book of Revelations in the Bible. Some Christians are so worldly you wouldn’t call them Christians because they are not faithful at all to Christ teachings, even twisting them to mean something else. Those who are left behind can still hope for another rapture that God will once again take the second lot because of their true repentance of not being ready the first time around. So there is a great hope that we can be excused of much of the disaster that is coming. (The Great Tribulation as it is called in the Bible).

A person will rise to power that the Book of Revelation in the back of the Bible calls the anti-christ. There will be a third world war and he is going to stop it (he started it secretly in the first place so he could stop it to win the trust of the people who will be so desperate they will follow anybody and doing anything for peace.) He will make everyone he can to inset a micro-chip in your hand or forehead. You won’t in the end be able to buy or sell without it according to the Bible and modern day prophets. This miro-chip in the Bible is referred as the Mark of the Beast, so don’t take it whatever happens don’t take it. He is not going to tell you he wants to use it to control you. It will change your DNA. If you do take it don’t think you will be able to repent after it. Because they will block God from your mind. This might sound convenient at first, but it will take away your whole freedom forever and you will never ever be going to Heaven, once you volunteer to take it.

Jesus promises those who will put their trust in Him will see miracles like never before and things like food and water appearing and multiplying will be happening. Jesus will increase your faith if you let Him. Your faith will be tested like never before too.

Mary the mother of Jesus has appeared so often telling us all, Protestants and Catholics alike to say the Rosary. The church didn’t make it up there are fifteen promises if we say it devoutly and one of the promises is, we will never perish. So important for those days to say it. I had a vision of a city totally burnout and only one sky scrapper standing it was all charcoal like the rest of the city. There was a faint light amongst the ruins. A survivor who was saying the Rosary. In the sky there was a solid round object with a small hole in the middle of it. It represented God. The solid part was His Justice and the hole was His Mercy which was gushing out as the result of the person saying the Rosary. The person’s faith was weak, but Mary’s faith is strong and her life so pleasing to God that what makes her intercession so powerful. So even though the prayer was weak, in that the person’s faith wasn’t that strong, Mary is powerful. So yes it is going to be extremely hard for those left behind, but there is still hope. You still can be converted and saved if you don’t volunteer to have the Mark of the Beast.


Planet Nibiru or Planet X

Planet Nibiru is now is behind our Sun. You can now see it without a telescope. Problem is the military have clocked it so you have difficulty in seeing it. There are many YouTube shows that will show you pictures of it and give you far more information than I will ever be able too. I just want to bring it up for those who don’t know about it. I believe it is referred to in the Bible as Wormwood. It is said to orbit our sun every 3,000 and more years. And each time it does, it causes masses destruction, through the magnetic fields. Depending where the earth is, will determine how destructive it can be. Some scientist feel it could have been what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. The earth at present is in a very vulnerable position.

The thing is the Rapture I believe will come before it happens. So it is a time of great prayer that we and all our love ones and all people be found worthy to be taken up to Heaven to be the spotless Brides of Christ. Otherwise we will face approximately one third of the human population to die and another one third die through diseases. It is very serious, but if our faith is in God we should be at peace and know God is in complete control. Trust Him with all your heart and He will look after us. Maybe not in the way we expect, but He is our Daddy who really loves us more than we love ourselves

Crime is Increasing

Crime has increase regardless of what they are saying. back in the old days when Australia was a beautiful Christian nation, there wasn’t many terrible crimes like it is today. Nobody was ever abducted etc. Once I was watching a documentary many years ago of Australian news. They brought up the ‘pyjama’s girls’. when these girls were abducted the  whole nation went into mourning. And when we saw it, we went into mourning as if it was yesterday. My youngest sister of eleven and a half years difference from me, piped up what is so special about them.’ We were all shocked, my mother and my other sister and John were present and we couldn’t believe our ears what she just said. I thought to myself this is not like her to be so uncompassionate. Then light dawned on all of us at the same time. John then turned to her and said ‘it just didn’t happened.’ It is happening all the time now and she was just wanted to know why the ‘pyjama’s girls’ stood out from all the others. There was no others she didn’t know that.

Are Vaccinations that Safe and Reliable?

Vaccinations are they all that safe? I really don’t believe they are. So very few of us know its history. According to ‘Hard Evidence magazine'(which is a very informative magazine) the town Leicester in England had the highest vaccination rates in the world and it didn’t help because the breakout of small pox was higher than ever. When they stoped vaccinating for small pox they had the lowest rate of small pox. People who were vaccinated often had a worse case of small pox in history than those who weren’t vaccinated. I had an uncle who died from small pox after he was vaccinated against it. And a cousin who was seriously ill through her vaccination. So I believe personally that diseases have been controlled mostly through hygiene and good healthy food and exercise. My mothers generation were very strict on those things, but now days I don’t think people are as strict as they use to  be.

I believe people put too much faith in man made science and not enough in God our Creator. People can be greedy and all they want is the big bucks, regardless how it hurts others. I believe in trusting your intuition more than people’s arguments, because God does speak to all of us when we are quieten down ourselves to listen to Him.

Social Phobias

Social Phobias

At the moment I have very little to write about, because I believe God hasn’t given me anything to say, but I still feel He wants me to write. So I thought I write a bit about my social phobias and the benefits of suffering when it is offered up to God.

I was a tediously shy at the beginning of my life with a very bad speech problem, which I now know it was due to lack of confidence in myself. My mother was the only person who could understand me until I was at the age of eight years old. When I reached twelve I prayed for nine months for a friend because I was terribly lonely. God gave me a very good friend and we still are after fifty years. She gave me the confidence in myself to talk normally so everyone could understand me. Sometimes I still get tongue tied when I am nervous or over excited about something.

At the age of twenty one I was able to socialise really well. I always had a problem of what to say to people still do, but at that time I was really good at socialising. Not for long, my father died when I was twenty two years old and the whole family had a breakdown. A year later I joined a lay missionary group in Western Australia. I shouldn’t really because I wasn’t over my father’s death and I had a mild social phobia was developing as well. But I did because I so desperately wanted to serve God. I really wanted to join the Carmelites disclosed order, but I misinterpret the saint’s writings. When they said be careful what you decide is not God’s will but your own. I thought to myself ‘do I want to join the Carmelites for myself or for God.’ And since I had no one to talk to I chose to do lay missionary work for two years. Thinking two years will go so fast. I was dead wrong, I never suffered so much I think in all my life. I can’t be certain, but it was something I wouldn’t want to go through again.

It wasn’t the work it was living with seven Christians. You think living with Christians would be easy since the commandment is to love one another, but that isn’t so. Everybody is hard to live with, because we have so many faults and if we don’t have a wise person in charge, things can fall apart easily. I lasted six months and far as I am concern I had a breakdown on top of a breakdown. And a very bad social phobia as well.

I then wanted to offer myself up to expiate the sins of pride and judging. God answered that prayer so quickly that you knew it was Gods doing. I was given the gift of discernment of the spirit.  In particular I would see pride and judging in people. I reacted very badly too the demons. I was in so much pain both physically and emotionally, I wouldn’t be able to exaggerate it. Ten years of this and then the next ten years about, I didn’t see the demons in people anymore but my reactions were like if I saw the demons. Then the next twenty years getting healed and the last ten of those years, growing out of my social phobias. Which I think is an absolute miracle what God has done for me. Much more I have had to endure than what I am saying here, but this is enough. God gave me the courage and endurance to deal with my problems and I think that is why I and so many people are receiving many visions, dreams and visitations from God.  

We all would like to have the rewards without the sacrifice and hard work, but it doesn’t happen that way. At the moment I am going through another trial and I have to learn to have faith in God in a different area of my life. I feel God is so kind to me and patient because I have to fight doubt so much. But what He is teaching me when sadness overcomes you don’t automatically think it is you, it could be a demon you need to rebuke and cast out. Refuse to give into it. I have had to do that a few times and it really does work.

Graces Derived from Assisting at Mass

  1. The Mass is Calvary continued.
  2. Every  Mass is worth as much as the sacrifice of Our Lord’s life, sufferings and death.
  3. Holy Mass is the most powerful atonement for your sins.
  4. At the hour of death, the Masses you have heard will be your greatest consolation.
  5. Every Mass will go with you to judgment and plead for pardon.
  6. At Mass, you can diminish more or less temporal punishment due to your sins, according to your fervor.
  7. Assisting devoutly at Holy Mass, you render to the sacred humanity of our Lord the greatest homage.
  8. He supplies for many of your negligences and omissions.
  9. He forgives the venial sins which you have not confessed. The power of Satan over you is diminished.
  10. You afford the souls in purgatory the greatest possible relief.
  11. One Mass heard during your life will be of more benefit to you than many heard for your after your death.
  12. You are preserved from dangers and misfortunes which otherwise might have befallen you. You shorten your purgatory.
  13. Every Mass wins for you a higher degree of glory in heaven.
  14. You receive the priest’s blessing which Our Lord ratifies in heaven.
  15. You kneel amidst a multitude of holy angels who are present at the adorable Sacrifice with reverential awe.
  16. You are blessed in your temporal goods and affairs. In eternity, we shall fully realize that it was certainly worthwhile to have assisted at Holy Mass daily.

I believe that many Catholics and priests are no longer celebrating the Mass with this understanding. The Catholic Church is being attacked. I have been kicked out of my local church and far as I am concern there are many traitors within the church, watering down the truth in every way they can. Since I have been kicked out approximately seven years ago I have been saying my own form of the Mass at home. Many people would be horrified in me doing this, but I can reassure God has made it clear to many times that He has accepted it. Only because I can’t receive the host in any other way. One of my Masses that I celebrated in my home, I asked God if other people who can’t receive the Mass for what ever reason such as living in remote places or like me kicked out, may you put it into their heads to celebrate their own Masses at home too, and God was please with that prayer.

These promises I got from ‘The Pieta Prayer Book.’

Last Days

I originally wrote this article as a letter to my family and relatives and as I was reading it I felt God’s Spirit telling me it is a good article don’t waste it. Meaning for me to post it for other people to  read as well as my family. So here it is with some changes.

I am over excited. Videos of different visionaries have been saying Christ is going to take His Church anytime now. And He is saying there is no going back. At other times He has been saying He is coming very soon, but He has also been saying pray for extended time, which we all have been doing. So that has allowed Him to hold Him back His hand of Justice. Now He is saying there is no going back, in other words we can expect Him anytime now. He said every minute you have is a gift from God. We are getting so excited. One visionary said many of you are feeling it in your spirit. I feel it, I hope you do too. If we miss it, and most Christians will, they will have to face the Great Tribulation with the rest of the world. It is never too late to repent, while there is still breath in you. But it is going to be much harder to be Christian during those days than before the rapture. Good and evil will stand out like never before. And the world is truly going to hate Christians like never before.

I think the 3rd world war will break out first. Then the so called peace maker will stop the war. Unknown to many he had originally started the war in the first place. So that he can fool people the better. By looking like a very powerful, successful, strong and good leader that has other people’s interest at heart. It will be all lies. He will be what the Bible calls the Anti-Christ.

Don’t take the mark of the beast. It is a microchip that they insert in your hand or your forehead according to the Bible that is where the mark of the beast goes. It is already beginning to be advertised by the media overseas, as a great thing. They tell you how it is going to be so convenient. You won’t have to carry money around you and so you will be able to buy things in the store without paper and plastic money and so on. In the Bible it will tell you in the end you won’t be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. And that is what the chip is. In the end it will control your mind, they are not going to tell you that. You won’t be able to repent, because they will block God out of your mind and also they will control your emotions as well. In many ways you may as well be a robot.

There is a video that a woman scientist said that they have been secretly planting this chip in people, without their permission, or their knowledge during surgery. I don’t know what doctors are doing it or which hospitals it is happening in. She just said millions and millions have had it done to them in the last 10 years. Operations like hip0 and knee replacement and breast enlargements and so on. She was an American scientist very high up in her field. That is all I can tell you. I have an idea, it is just my opinion that she could well have been converted to Christianity and now has a conscious, so she is blowing the whistle. She said this chip means all those who have it, are now linked up to the world web. So it is preparing us for the one world government, so that the Anti-Christ will be able to rule the world so much easier. Jesus has told the prophetess Marie Diving Mercy about this years and years ago. And God said He won’t judge those who have been implanted with this chip without their knowledge. But truly don’t do it voluntary because that is a different story.

In the Bible it says people who receive this mark (in Revelations) that they will seek death for six months, but they won’t find it. Visionaries have seen in their dreams people trying to kill themselves through drowning and shooting themselves others may try to jump off tall buildings and still live through it. And they all look with disbelief that they can’t kill themselves. People who take the mark of the beast are in fact are going to suffer more than Christians who will be martyred for their faith. It doesn’t matter how horrific Christians die for their faith, in the long run, when the Anti-Christ is in full power those who take the mark of the beast, will suffer far worst than any Christian Martyr will. So you fear God  who has the power not only to kill the body but also take the soul to hell. Don’t fear the Anti-Christ more than God.

God said those who have missed the rapture can still repent even though they will see His Justice and fury everywhere. A prophet said people left behind will have to do their purgatory on earth. Catholics have always believed in purgatory. At present if we die now and are not quiet up to scratch, but we still love God we go to purgatory and pay the rest of the debts we owe God before entering into heaven. This is allowed because we are still in the era of His mercy, but that door is closing fast and we now moving into the era of His Justice.

You are wrong if you say it is not in the Bible. There are three places I have found with the help of somebody else that Jesus and St. Paul are talking about purgatory. But you have to read them very carefully. One of them as an example is Matthew 18:34. Talks about a person will be tortured UNTIL he pays that last penny of his debts that he owes. St. Paul talks about some people’s works will be burned by fire, but they themselves will escape. So in other words their works were not able to pass the test, but they themselves still made it.

A Protestant visionary saw in her own home that it was all lit up. She knew that represented she was saved. Then she went outside and it was all darkness, and she knew it represented the people of the world are not saved. On the porch it was grey and the couch was folded up. And Jesus told her He will not tolerate any more greys. You are either for or against me. That means total commitment to Him in order to be saved. In my opinion it means you have no other choice, but to become a saint in order to survive the Great Tribulation. In another era God did tolerate grey, they went to purgatory to be cleansed up before they went to heaven. during the Great Tribulation all Christians will suffer as if they are doing their purgatory on earth, because they are.

You will be hunted down like a wild animal and there will be so many people, not to be trusted that you will have to have a real relationship with Jesus in order to be able to recognise His voice. So He will be able to lead you through it all. You will have to have a supernatural faith. Don’t fear all things are possible for God, especially when you call out to Him in complete desperation. You will have your priorities in order. It will be all about survival and we will find a way if we have to. Jesus has told another visionary it is going to be the hardest time of your life and at the same time the most exciting time in your life. Because you are going to see miracles that are perform in Jesus name like never before in history. You will do greater works than Jesus. That is also in the Bible.

So I do suggest you to give your complete all to God now and don’t be so wrapped in the worries of the world. Get ready to put your spiritual house in order so that you will be taken up to heaven before the Great Tribulation. Before the Anti-Christ rules the earth. If you still have a part of you that is hanging onto the things of the world, you will miss out. And you are not to put your family or any person before God. God has to come first in your life. Or you will have to go through hell on earth for some years, before Jesus will come and finish off Satan and throw him into hell and all those who serve him.

isVJF7ODZBI have given you medals for you to start wearing them now for protection. They are not good luck charms, as so many people suppose. A prophetess Marie Divine Mercy was instructed to have them made and circulate them with the promise of protection. They are made to honour Mary’s new title called ‘Mother of our salvation.’ Mary did have something to do with our salvation. If she said ‘no’ there would be no birth of Jesus, and therefore no cross to free us from our sins. And we are all called to save souls, through our prayers and deeds. So if you see it in that light there is no need to be alarmed by her title. The medal is more powerful if it is blessed. So if I was you, I would either get a priest bless it, or ask St. Peter who is a disciple of Jesus, who is now reigning in heaven with Jesus to bless it for dyou, and he will. Just believe in God’s goodness and those of His children in heaven, they will always help you if you ask them.

She said wear it in honour of them and Mary and Jesus will protect you. The whole idea is to reflect on Mary’s great influence on Jesus as His mother. If anybody is going to obey the 10 Commandments it is going to be Jesus. We all know that Jesus honours His Heavenly Father, but so few consider that Jesus also honours His mother. Many will pipe up that we are all His mother and sister and brother if we obey God’s Commandments, and of course that is true. It is also true no one suffered for Jesus more than any other person than Mary. The more you are willing to suffer for Jesus the greater the friend you become of His. It is in suffering you prove yourself if you are really for Him or not. Friends do not run from you when you are in need. They help to share your burdens, they are willing to suffer with you. How much more that is true to Mary His Mother. You only have to stop and think what it must have been liked in her day, giving birth to a child outside marriage and not be able to explain ‘I didn’t do anything wrong.’ And watching her precious loving, kind and gentle Son die such a vicious death for you and me. If anybody knew Jesus! It is going to be the woman that raised Him don’t you think? Nobody has ever come close in understanding how she must of felt. The commandment that tells us to honour our parents, is the only one that has a promise attached to it, to who obey it. And that is you live a long life.

I cannot tell you how many times be wearing this medal I have been protected by fire in my house, because I have forgotten that I had something on the stove. How many times I have been protected from choking in my sleep, because somebody has put a curse on me and I have woken up in time. One time which I won’t go into depth, I saw in my dream two men sitting down and one of them stood up and gave me a hard star into my eyes. Unknown to me in my dream the man put a curse on me. (Witches and Warlocks can work through your dreams). My guardian angel, who was not part of the dream, told me to wake up and I told him in my sleep ‘no I am too tied.’ The next thing my dear guardian angel punched me in my abdomen and I woke up coughing. I would have died in my sleep, because as I was coughing I found I couldn’t breathe.

Coughing can be a sign when a demon leaves a person. I am into casting out devils. I won’t go into that either. Demons after they have been cast out in the name of Jesus , they will often leave the person through coughing, yawning and crying. So I knew why the angel punched me and I thank him very much for saving my life. I am constantly, and everyday being attacked by a few covens of devil worshipers I believe. Because my writings in Faithwriters, and this blog exposes how Satan works against us. So naturally the devil worshipers are trying to stop that. You would be surprise also how many miracles God performs in my daily life, because He looks after us. Many Christians have no idea how many preachers are being attacked through witchcraft. If you are in this circle you will hear often them talking about this subject. So it is not a secret amongst us! It is though for Christians who they do not consider a threat.

So please wear the medal in honour of both Jesus and Mary’s love for you. And you will see how many times they will protect you. You will still have to pick up your cross and follow Him. Which means also you will be hated for His sake.  By wearing the medal doesn’t mean you won’t suffer for Jesus, but it does mean He and Mary will watch over you and most importantly protect your soul from the lies of Satan.





Do Children Go to Hell?

 Many people think of children as sweet and innocent. I remember when children as a whole were sweet and innocent, but I can’t say it of this generation. I don’t blame the children, but our society for exposing them to so much evil before they have time to even learn right from wrong. I have seen four and five year olds with very strong evil spirits in them, influencing them to hate and be evil towards others around them. How can this happen to little children? Just look at the shows many parents allow them to watch. The shows do not encourage purity, innocence, love and co-operation to those around them do they? One mother was telling me that she liked her children before they went to school. Meaning that after each child went to school they learnt a lot of things from other children including from some teachers that she had to try to undo. They are a close family, but that comes with a lot of hard work. Mary said once to a prophet, “Don’t let the world bring up your children.” Most people are.

What about the many children exposed to immoralities in their own homes that hardens their hearts. I remember reading a woman who lived a very immoral life for a very long time, was warned by Mary to stay on the straight and narrow. Explaining to her how bless she was because, a child of eight went to hell over one mortal sin that day. We never know when we will die and if we die unrepented of our sins, we will go to hell. Evil is evil. We are not above God. God won’t allow any evil enter heaven. Heaven will end up just as bad as it is on earth otherwise.

The Catholic Church doesn’t teach about the different degrees of sins anymore. There was three levels they would teach about. One level was called ‘imperfections’.’  They are the kind of sins that spoils a good deed from being perfect. For example when you want to do a very kind deed for someone who is in need, and as you do this deed you may notice a little vanity present. If you are a good Christian you are going to hate it, even though you didn’t do it intentionally. The next group of sins were called venial sins. They are sins you have done out of your own free will. They are not considered the most serious ones, but never the less you can still go to hell over them, if you do not repent from them and that goes with imperfections as well. Then the most serious group is called mortal sins. They are the very, very serious ones.

Our society’s heart is so far away from God these days. Most people don’t even consider them sins any more never alone an abomination to God. And that includes many Christians of our day too. ‘When salt loses its favour it is no longer good for nothing and then is thrown out and trodden on underfoot.’ I think it is how Jesus puts it regarding to a person, who doesn’t take God’s Word seriously enough. Some examples of mortal sins are sex outside of marriages, homosexuality, drunkenness, abortions, stealing and etc. These are like crimes in God’s eyes. Our society is so far remove of the ways of God, it can’t see what God sees anymore. People in our era are extremely, spiritually blind and deaf in understanding God’s wisdom for giving us His Commandments. God’s Commandments gives us protection and when we break them, chaos, disrespect and hatred for each other is going to be the result.

is(7)My mother told me a story that was fiction she read once, about a woman who saw different virtues in each of her children and so she prayed over each one. The problem was they were not very wise prayers. For example one child she saw was a very pure and innocent child and so she asked God that this child would die without mortal sin. The child died at the age of five. Even though this story was fiction, it made a very good point about mortal sin. It is something we pray in earnest to keep away from and it is very dangerous to our souls. We have a very great God. I was meditating on me hammering the nail into Jesus hand  while He was being Crucify on the cross, over my sins. In my imagination I saw how He loved me despite of what my sin had done to Him. We shouldn’t be shocked that we are sinners, rather we should be shocked that God is so loving and forgiving towards us.

I nearly lost my soul when I was eight years old. While we have the ability to choose good over evil we are accountable to God for our actions. One of the worst sins in the world is to rob a child of its innocence. Unfortunately most children in our day and age have been exposed to so much danger as to lose their souls at a very early age. While there is life there is hope. Even a child can repent. I did.

God doesn’t abandon you. Though plenty of parents have abandon their children. Some of these children may have to go through hell on earth before they find God. They usually become exceptionable strong and faithful saints as a results. They usually are very hard workers for God when they discover how deep God’s love is for them. They learn that God was with them the whole time, even though they couldn’t see Him. We don’t understand things that well. We don’t see the whole picture God sees. We can only trust Him. And if we do, God will always reward us, even here on earth. It something you can’t explain to others that well, only experience will give you the understanding. And then you too will have troubles explaining to someone, how God used what was meant for evil for us, was turned around by the power of God to be used for good instead. Satan can and does fall in his own trap often, especially if Christians pray for it. God can use evil and prevent it from doing the job the devil wanted to use it for.

How I nearly lost my soul at an early age of eight years, was through daring an evil spirit to chase me to the end of the block. I hadn’t even finished the dare and it was right behind me like two inches away. I use to visit a friend and she lived opposite to a very old neglected cemetery. The graves were not that deep and so it use to smell as well. I always seem to be leaving her place at dusk. We don’t have much of that in Australia, but for some reason that was the time I use to come home. Walking past it use to scare me. So out of fear I dared the most evil spirit in that cemetery to chase me down the end of the block. I can’t get over how stupid I was for doing it. I quickly repented of it too.

I looked up and started to run and on top of me, was a small white cloud that I used as a go between to call on God for help. The cloud was moving towards the end of the block as to say keep running. While I was running I said to God you can forget the fire and brimstone of hell, just to be in the presence of this one evil spirit for the rest of my eternity, was a hell I would not be able to bear. Just think of it, there are trillions of demons in hell.  Not just that one, I couldn’t bear the thought to be with for the whole of eternity. Finally I got down the block and I ran the rest of the way home, even though I knew I was now safe from that demon. The demon was laughing at me from the end of that block, but he couldn’t go any further than that.

Then when I looked up to thank and praise God for my escape, I saw all the clouds come to life and it was like I saw all the angels and saints jumping up and down in heaven, shouting praises to God that I escaped. So I did an extremely foolish thing. I may have only been eight, but I knew I was so stupid doing that. The moment I called on God He was right there, but I had to fulfil the dare still. God helped me to do that. So God doesn’t leave you alone. I feel very sorry for children whose parents are the ones that are attacking them, because where can they go? We need to think of others when we pray.

Sing Your Own Song to God

isPMK3SZJMMost of us love music and when we hear a song that touches our hearts in a tender or a passionate way in worshiping God, it cheers us up to great heights, depending how much we have given our heart to God in worship. I was searching high and low for my flute this early morning, just everywhere and couldn’t find it at all. God had a better plan for me. I wanted to be able to play a musical instrument for worship that was portable and that didn’t have to depend on electricity, for the days when our world will be griped in fear, through the disasters that will take place. We are going to need music to lift us up so that we will be strengthen and be able to endure what will take place during those days ahead. I thought of this woman’s advice that I read about singing, the day before and I thought that won’t do because I have a bad memory and won’t be able to remember the words. At this stage I couldn’t think of anything else to do. So I gave it a try but with a difference. I looked through my little Bible promises book and made up my own song using a verse that I found. Practise does make perfect. Just be child like.

If you are not a perfectionist and just want to have fun singing songs to God to worship Him with, this is a great way to do it. I believe God appreciates it even more, because it is not somebody else’s words but our very own, especially for Him.  First time I attempted it wasn’t so good, but I did get better. With more courage I tried out different ways of doing it. It got even better when I started to use my hands for clapping with the song that I made up.  The thing is, a beautiful surge of energy of joy filled me up. I believe that is a sure sign that God is letting me know He wants me to do this often. And I believe God would love all His children to give it ago, because I feel you can put your prayers to music and you don’t have to please anybody but God. And He is easy to please if you put your heart into it for Him. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a good singing voice either. You not out to impress anybody but God.

Just imagine if your beloved small child composed a song to you out of their love and appreciation of you. How would you feel? Would you criticised it because it wasn’t perfect or that it wasn’t professionally done well? Or would you look at your child with sheer joy and affection for this child’s attempt in pleasing you. God loves you far more than you do your child. So give it ago. Spend time with God and minister to Him. I think it is odd how God wants us to minister to Him, but the truth of the matter He does and He needs us to do it. Love needs love. I am going to try to do this at least 30 minutes a day from now on. I believe God will be so delighted if you give it ago too, you get instant benefits from doing it. Joy is one of them, and it brings that wall down that some of us put up so we won’t get hurt and after a long time it becomes a habit and we even do this to God. So it is very healing and give us confidence that God does love us, it brings us so much closer to Him. And there are so many more benefits that we all can go on and on telling one another what we all get out of loving God through music.


The Enemy is now

I just want to write to you all, I am having so much problems writing my articles. We at war, right now. Don’t take things for granted. When you get the truth, from any source grab it with both hands and give thanks to God. I and so many Christians in  Western Countries are having so many problems getting our articles out to you that it is very obvious it is getting more and more serious everyday.  And what amazes me it’s not like many people read my articles anyway. So the enemy is very jealous over what material they allow on the internet. We are being attack and most Christians aren’t even aware of it. They are always interfering with my writings so that if they can spoil it they will and they try very hard to prevent me even getting the article posted. I have to pray in tongues maybe a half an hour in front of the computer, before I can get in. So time is getting shorter and shorter. The end is coming real soon. Be strong in the Lord. And don’t give up the good fight. Pray and remember God is with us, because I tell you what they have been trying to stop me from posting ever since this blog got started. And God has supernatural answered my prayers so many times, it is a miracle that I can post any at all. I love you and I am praying for you. God Bless you all, I don’t know how long I will be able to write to.