The Remnant of the Orthodox Catholic Church

is2C12MD3ZThose who are faithful to the Traditional and True teachings of the Orthodox Catholic Church are being persecuted within the church itself. We need to pray for one another not only to be strong enough to endure persecution, but to have a true heart and mind of God over the matter. We know the true church of God will triumph over evil in the end. That God is fully in control despite of what it looks like to many people. Don’t hate the enemies of God, but pray for their conversion. Be patient till the end and we will be rewarded unimaginably so. We are at war with Satan and Jesus has already won the war. It is a time of testing who will leave Him, through cowardliness or indifference of His sacrifice for them. Pray for the children that they will know the truth about what is from God and what is coming from the enemy the devil. The church will be restored to greater glory than before. It is a promised from God Himself. Meanwhile we must fight the good fight to the end with love and courage and pray for one another, for it is urgent. Many do not know what Catholics are supposed to believe in anymore.

Communication Breakdown

Communication can be a real problem. We are not always hearing what a person is actually saying. Humans have a great tendency to do a lot of presuming. We presume we know what the other person is saying. A great many times we presume wrongly and as a result we are forever arguing with one another. Some people are better communicators than others. There are different ways to communicate such as the universal language of music and art. Writing is another form. Not everybody is good at talking and being understood when speaking face to face with another. Especially when there is hostility present, such as prejudice. Prejudice blinds a person so that they are not really listening to what the other is saying. When two people from different backgrounds such as the classic example from a different culture, with a very different personality with completely different educational and emotional background, no wonder why we misinterpret one another so often. We are also told men and women speak a different language from one another and therefore have problems communicating with one another, especially married couples.

We Sometimes Speak A Different Language

What this is leading up to Protestants and Catholics also speak a different language as well. I have been both a Protestant and now a Catholic with very strong Protestants influences. My beliefs are mostly Catholic but I go about it the Protestant way. So I am a cross between the two and it is not a comfortable position to be in. There are some things that I have learnt as a Catholic from a book called “The Way of Divine Love” by Sister Josefa Menendez. It is a classic. Through her sacrifices she made way for the chaplet of Divine Mercy. She was what Catholic’s call a ‘Victim Soul.’ The word victim here does not mean what most Protestants think of when they say victim. In other words there is a language problem. When Catholic’s refer to someone as a victim soul, we consider them extremely blessed and favoured by God. Specially chosen for that important calling. It is a great honour to be chosen by God to be a victim soul in our eyes. You need to be truly loyal, humble and courageous with a huge heart. Otherwise you wouldn’t make it. After reading this book, I didn’t know how to explain it to a Protestant, about this kind of calling.

I remember I had a Protestant friend who was an elder at his church. He had the opinion if you had real faith in God, you would not experience any tragedies. Life wouldn’t be so hard. That view is the complete reverse of the life of being a victim soul. We all understand the calling of being a Martyr better. Sometimes we are called to defend the faith and that may cost our lives. One day I heard a Protestant repeating what Jesus said about her husband and that was her husband had prayed for a long time to suffer a little of Christ suffering with Him. Jesus explained it to her as a fast offering. Catholics would call it being a victim soul. Different words meaning the same thing. Jesus was speaking it in the language a Protestant would understand it. If He was talking to a Catholic He would have said victim soul.

God Does Know Our Language

God does know our language better than we do ourselves. This is fairly a new idea amongst many Protestants and not all agree with it. Catholics have always believed in it. We believe the more favoured you are the greater the fast offering of your life united to Jesus would be. Your influence is great with God, because you have proven faithful to Him. Your prayers are so much more powerful when we make sacrifices for God with love. Many Protestants see it as Catholics believe that we enter Heaven by our own works, which is far from the truth. Any offering you give God if it is not united with Jesus’s suffering and merits, which He alone has gain for us, by faith, it is never acceptable to God.

isSA7LX265Protestants know about food fasting, but it needs not stop there. Victim Souls often do food fasting too, but they also literally share the sufferings of Jesus. Of course not the whole weight, nobody is strong enough spiritually and what we do suffer is given to us by grace anyway. One Asian woman has the stigmas on her hands, like St. Francis had. They say every time you go near her you smell a very beautiful aroma. You can see this program on YouTube. St. Francis was the first person God gave the stigmas too and then many other saints received them after that. Some saint’s stigmas were invisible, only the saint knew about it and others were visible for all to see.

One well known person was a priest who had the stigmas Padre Pio. Somebody asked him if they hurt and Padre Pio replied ‘do you think God gave me these for a decoration?’ For those who are new believers, stigmas are what we call the wounds of Jesus, where they nailed His hands and Feet to the cross. And the lanced that was speared through His Heart after He died to prove that He was dead. The thing that it also proved was that He was who He said He was, the Son of God. It is also said that the soldier that pieced His side with a lance was converted, because he witnessed with others the blood and water flowed out of the side of Jesus. Receiving the stigmas is a very high honour, but by itself it doesn’t give you a free ticket to enter Heaven. You have to believe Jesus has paid the price of our sins, put your whole trust in God and obey Him and serve no other god, but God Almighty like the rest of us.

Spiritual Mothers

isVJF7ODZBI believe God wanted me to write about victim souls, because that wasn’t my intention. My intention was about Catholics and Protestants not listening to one another and that we do a lot of presuming about one another that is not true. For example many Protestants get worked up when Catholics refer to Mary the mother of Jesus, as our mother also. I think personally it isn’t the most important concern of God whether you refer Mary as your spiritual mother or not. Some however do love to make a great issue out of things. Instead of embracing all that we share in common, they love to fight and cause disunity in the members of the body of Christ.

One thing I do notice these same people do not have any problems with Protestants Prophets prophesying that God is raising up mothers and fathers to nourish, teach and lead His flock. And they have no problems accepting Heidi Baker and Joan Hunter and few others as mothers of the flock that God has given them. If that is acceptable to them what is so wrong referring Mary Jesus Mother as our spiritual mother as well.

Be Careful What You Say to One Another

We all have been and most likely be guilty again of speaking out of turn with one another. Hurting Our Lord in a most painful way by being full of self-righteousness towards another. Religious arguments can go ugly. And not all of us repent from what we say or write in the heat of the moment. Some things can’t be repaired, but only through the prayers of our heart. And God does listen. I remember somebody hurt me and I responded I think well, but for two lines, I wished I didn’t write. So we all do it. I wasn’t in a position to say sorry and I also was still in a temper over it. I prayed over the matter for about seven hours. And after two hours of prayer, Jesus showed me my prayer was really helping including me. Of course it was about this Protestant verses Catholic thing. Sometimes it feels like a waste of time trying to explain what Catholics actually believe in, but it is never a waste of time praying about it.

Things We Need to Know

One time when I was young I was saying to myself I really needed to learn patience and Jesus spoke to me and said with great keenness ‘meekness is more important.’ I misinterpreted Him for years. I have just worked out what He was actually saying to me. I thought He was saying meekness was the most important virtue out of the two of them. But now I find out what He was saying I needed to learn meekness more than patience. Just recently God has allowed me to see, as a whole I am a very patient person in most areas, not so with meekness. And something else He has shown me, when my heart arches so badly because of the words of another spoken, it isn’t my pain, but Jesus pain at the cross. If I respond in temper ‘how dare that person say that’ I have obliviously failed Jesus, because that is not what He is saying. He is saying ‘forgive them Father for they know what they do.’ This is not just true for me, it is a fact for all of us. We all feel some of the pain Jesus went through in His life. Jesus lives in us, so naturally we are going to experience not only His joy but also His sorrow. How we react to it is most important. We either give Him glory or we fail Him, by not accepting His cross from His hand.

During my seven hourly prayer for Protestants to have a better understanding of what Catholics actually believe in. I was shown to offer up the false accusation of what many Protestants are saying about Catholics, with what He suffered at the trial when He was falsely accused of things that He didn’t do and it would bring about conversions. What hurts me most are what EX-Catholics have to say about Catholics. I believe in truth even though they say they were more Catholic than the Pope, they were never true Catholics in the first place. They may be great Christians as Protestants but they were never great Christians as Catholics. Just because you do all the outward things doesn’t mean you have the heart of a Catholic. It just means you went about everything very legalistically. And didn’t really understand what it was all about in the first place, much like the Pharisees didn’t really understand Jesus that well. They were on a different planet so to speak. Same as with being a Christian full stop. Jesus says not everybody who calls Him Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, because they are not really followers of Him. To the world they may look like Christians but they do not serve God but themselves.

The Difference Between Protestants And Catholics

If you can understand what I am saying here. I believe, as a whole Protestants are reapers orientated and Catholics are sowers orientated. And therefore they go about everything differently. God is calling them to serve Him differently. I hate it when I meet people who insist that I have to serve God their way. As if it is the only way and there are many out there that are like that. They don’t allow for individuality. The commandments of God are the same, but the path may differ from one another in getting there. In other words we have given different gifts. Do we all prophesy, teach and speak in tongues? Of course not. And it can get very confusing sometimes because the Protestants mostly preach that you should pray for healing and it will happen. Not so with Catholics. What about the many Catholics that have been called to be a ‘victim soul’ for the salvation of souls. I am one of them and I get confused when Protestants are saying the reason why you are still sick is because you don’t have enough faith. I was told by God, it was partly to keep me humble, accordingly to my interpretation of what He gave me to read in the Bible.

isO5HO9OA7God is too big for us to take in and I believe we can’t do it all. We all are members of the Body of Christ we can’t say to the kidneys ‘we don’t need you get lost!’ or to our muscles we don’t need you because you are doing it all wrong! That is what people are basically saying to one another. When we think the only way to serve God is the way God is calling us to do, is very childish and narrow minded. And this prejudice that is creating hate and division in God’s Church, is just what the enemy of God had planned all along.

Romans 10:9-10

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved.

Catholics and Protestant both believe this. According to Paul we are both saved. We are both following Christ even if we don’t understand one another that well.

John 6:40

“This is the will of My Father, that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in Him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day.”

Catholic and Protestants both believe in what is written in the Holy Bible to be true. Very few passages we do not interrupt the same way. Most of our beliefs say about 98% are the same. Just because of a few passages that we don’t agree on, people are filled with so much ungodly hatred to one another that you can’t expect God is please with us. How can we confess to God and the world that we follow Jesus and yet disobey the second commandment, which is to ‘love one another as I have love you.’ When you love people you are willing to hear one another out. If you are filled with self-righteousness you block your ears and you cannot hear. How many people have block their ears and are not listening to Christ teachings, but only listening to what they want to hear. isI2TNE013

John 7:38-39

‘Anyone who believes in Me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.” When He said “living water,” He was speaking of the Spirit, who would be given to everyone believing in Him.

Both Protestants and Catholics have received the Holy Spirit. I have been both Protestant and Catholic and God has visited me whether I was a Catholic or as a Protestant. It doesn’t make any difference to Him. He knows what is in our hearts. And I have been let down badly by both Protestant Churches and Catholic Churches when I was in my greatest need. Jesus has never let me down and that is why I am still a Christian today.

1 John 4:12

If we love each other, God lives in us, and His love is brought to full expression in us.

I live in a country town and we are very privilege to have one Christian book store nearby. It is a Protestant book store and I have been buying books there for years, because I wanted to learn about how to grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Like faith healing and self-deliverance. Catholic books stores don’t go in for that so much, they are more into contemplative prayer, which I have found very helpful too. The thing is out of all the Protestants books that I have read I would say at least 40% will eventually say something negative about Catholics. One of their favourite comparisons of the differences between the Catholic faith and the Protestants is that they say Catholics unlike the Protestants believe we enter in the Kingdom of heaven by our works. They say Protestants are basically superior even though they don’t say it like that, because Protestant believe we enter into heaven by grace. It kills me reading that time and time again, because it is not true. Catholics believe exactly the same as Protestant on this matter. If you read it once and a while, it doesn’t hurt so much, but to read it just about every time you pick up a Protestant book it really hurts. How would Protestants like it if about 40% of Catholic books were saying what Protestants are saying about Catholics?

I got so upset one day and I said to Jesus lets us convert the Protestants into the Catholic faith. I now know that is not God’s plan, but His desires with all His heart that we love one another and stop falling into the trap that Satan has made for us. He appeared to me and instead of all joy let’s convert the Protestants, His face was so serious. I would say it look like a face of war. The war is not of the flesh but of principalities and wickedness in high places. The war is against Satan. And Christians can’t see that, countless of them are falling into Satan’s trap. In Satan’s kingdom it is all about hating one another, trying to rule over one another. God’s kingdom is all about love to towards one another, to accept one another as He does. How can we get it so wrong!!! Because we are not really listening to Him, so how can we obey Him?

John 13:34-35

“Love each other, just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are My disciples.”

There is no other way to prove that you truly belong to the sheepfold of Jesus. We have to love one another, as Jesus loves us, or we are just fooling ourselves. And if you think there is another way and that God is going to say well done my faithful servant, you are wrong.

Hail Mary Full of Grace

There is a huge difference between honouring somebody and worshiping somebody. I honour my parents, and especially my father. Not because I love him more than my mother. Some people might be confused by what I have just said. The last few months of his life I saw the making of a saint before my eyes. I know people are thinking I am just boasting here, but that is not it. I love God with my all, so anybody who brings me closer to God in any way, I am going to appreciate them. To see a making of a saint before your eyes, helps you to understand first what a saint is, secondly how straight and narrow the road that leads to life eternal is and that God can do all things even to people who you think is least likely and so much more. I saw things during his trial that was incredibly beautiful and amazing about God. I also saw the opposite, the horrific attacks Satan placed on him. It is no small war becoming a saint. You have to give your all to become one. And God is right there for you and most willing to make you one. God told my mother and myself at the same time that what my father was going through in a few months, was what a saint normally takes a whole life time to reach. So yes I can’t help be amazed at what God did for him.

When I was a young Protestant back nearly forty years ago, Protestant thought less of Mary than they do today. I rejoice when I hear Protestants spending time meditating on the role Mary played in our redemption, even though they probably wouldn’t say it like that. I remember my Minster back in the old days, even though a good man, with a sneer of disapproval on his face, he told me that he read that Mary and St. Joseph were bad parents. Even then my heart was saying how could they have been bad parents? Where does he get that idea from? He certainly didn’t get it from the Holy Bible.

People Don’t Understand Catholic that Wellis(2)

 I don’t know how many times my heart feels like it is breaking when I hear how Protestants misinterpret Catholic’s relationship with Mary as worshiping. I am not saying there aren’t some Catholics that have over step the line, but certainly not all Catholics have. And I know if we dare call ourselves Christians, we have to first obey God foremost, otherwise it is a lie. God doesn’t want us to consider ourselves superior to others. He wants us to love one another as He loves us. Therefore God does not look kindly on people who act as if they have the authority to judge another; that role belongs entirely to Him. Especially when we judge somebody in His name.  Judging others will backfire.  Instead of judging somebody when you see has a fault, you should pray for them out of your love for that person and God. That way God will not judge you.

How many times I have seen in my own life (and no doubt you have seen it in your own too) when people have judge me wrongly. They judge by outward appearance. They judge by what it looks like to them. How many times a very little innocent thing has been taken out of contexts and made to look like something that in truth was not at all happening. We have all been guilty of it. Pride in our own reasoning is not healthy, but instead dangerous to the road of sainthood. The straight and narrow road that only a few will find, mostly, because we don’t want to discipline ourselves. We want to go on the broad and easy road that many travel on, because on this road we need not care about how we hurt others, we simply do what we like and then we have a nerve to call it good.

God Will Teach You All things if You are Open to Him

God looks into the heart of the matter. Protestant do not know what God Himself teachers the Catholics, because very few Protestants will read and study what Catholics saints have been told by God. I was told by one lady that she did her homework. She knew what Catholics believed in, because her mother was a Catholic and her grandmother was a practising Catholic. So was my mother a practising Catholic and my grandmother too was a practising Catholic. I still didn’t have a clear understanding of Mary. I remember one day I really wanted to know what the rosary was all about. So I asked my mother and she was trying to explain it to me. I couldn’t understand what she was talking about, so very unlike me, because I do respect and honour my mother too, in my frustration I threw the rosary beads at her and I said ‘say it!!’ So my mother starting saying the rosary and then I got it. I then understood what she was talking about.

More you look into Marys sacrifice the more you love her. ‘Love one another as I have loved you’ is a commandment of Jesus. People you owe your life to, always holds a special place of honour in your heart. If you do not have that special place of honour towards them, there is something wrong with you. You simply would not be a very humble or grateful kind of person would you? One day I was worried about one of my cats, he wasn’t getting enough attention. He isn’t as demanding as all my other animals are. So I had to go out of my way to give him the attention he needed and immediately he is now demanding attention like all the others. Now I received a lesson from it, and it was the more time you spend with a person or animal, the more you get to know their personalities and therefore the more you love and appreciate them. Now that might sound a very odd thing to compare this lesson with what I learnt about Mary, the Mother of Jesus here. The truth of the matter is, if you don’t spend time meditating the honour Mary received as the Mother of Jesus in the first place, you are going to miss out on many blessings.

Jesus Wants Mary to be Honoured by All of Us

Jesus wants His Mother to be honoured and thanked for the important role she played in our redemption. If she had said ‘no’ we would be in a lot of trouble. She was especially created to be the Mother of Jesus. Nobody would have been able to take her place. No one would have been strong enough to take her place. She was more valuable than a prophet. God will tell a prophet if you don’t do it, I will get somebody else to do it. This is not the case with Mary. You don’t know things about Mary as the Catholics saints do. Jesus and Mary both tell the Catholic saints things that the Protestants saints are not willing to hear, so they are not told. Jesus and Mary will not speak to them about it. Generally speaking you have to be both humble and open enough, before God will talk to you on any subject. I have had only one experience out of all my experiences where Jesus branched out onto something I wasn’t prepared or opened for.

And that was when I was about eight years old. I saw Jesus in spirit, sitting on my bed and on His lap was a very small white lamb. And He was stroking it and told me it was me. I couldn’t understand it and I looked up and said to God the Father, ‘that is blaspheme only Jesus is the Lamb of God.’ Then a thought came to my mind and it said ‘who is this talking to you.’ Then I thought only people commit blaspheme not Jesus and so then I looked at Jesus again. I saw Him bent over with a stick in His hand drawing something on the ground. (I didn’t know that is exactly what Jesus did with the women that was caught as adulterous in the Gospel.) I saw Jesus had a beautiful smirk on His face. He thought it was funny. I then turn my attention towards the lamb and was trying to work it out. Then the visitation ended.  I was left still wondering what it all meant. Why I have brought this up is to say out of all my experiences this is the only time God left me confused. In that it was too advance for me at that time to work it out.

I am sorry if I have to keep relying on my supernatural experiences to explain things, but I know I am called to write and to teach what I know. Since I am not a scholar I have only my experiences to go by. I let God worry about the outcome of everything I do or write.

Continous Prayer such as Saying the Rosary

isML02FNOPFrom time to time I hear Protestant refer to the Rosary as babbling like pagans. They are referring to the passage in Matthew 6: 7-8. Which goes like this: And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him. – When we read the bible, people can interpret it differently from one another. I don’t consider saying the same prayer over and over again babbling. Babbling to me is when you go on and on, whining and complaining, because you actually don’t believe your prayer is being heard.

When we pray continue prayers such as the rosary, we are not only meditating on the mysteries of our redemption, we are worshiping and giving Him thanks for our salvation, while we are saying the Hail Mary prayer that is not babbling. If we say a continue pray say The Divine Mercy Chaplet, once again you are supposed to go deeper and deeper into thought of what we cost Jesus in His sufferings. To me it is always a question are you judging somebody by what it looks like to you or do you really know what is in fact going on. In the Old Testament it talks about people judging by outward appearance and it then says God looks into the heart of the matter. You know the times when you or somebody else walks into a middle of somebody’s conversation and they think they are talking about one thing and so they start conversing with them about what they think everybody is talking about, only to discover they were talking about something entirely different. I think we do it all the time. We presume we know what somebody else is doing without any knowledge or proof.

The reason why this blog got started in the first place was to clear up false ideas of what Catholics believe in. I know the Catholic Church is severely being attack from Satan from within and from without, but that doesn’t mean all Catholics are buying into the heresy. The Remanent will survive. God has promise us that through the Bible and the Virgin Mary has many times prophesies this over and over again. The true Church will go underground and she will be hated and wrongly accused of many things, but nothing is going to destroy her.


How Does The Holy Mass Different from A Protestant Service


This article was written approximately three years ago, so things have changed. The Latin Mass is what many traditional Catholics are going to, because at present the Holy Mass has been done away with.

When I was young and a Protestant, my mother who was a Catholic would go to our church on a regular basis. She told me once that the service compared to the Mass, just felt like a prayer meeting. My mother wasn’t being mean, that is how she felt. When I became a Catholic I understood what she meant. Protestant are very fearful of the Holy Catholic Mass. They associate it unconsciously if not consciously with the Black Mass. It is how Satan has designed it, to keep them away from it. When I was very young, nobody in our church actually said it, but I could feel it in the atmosphere very powerfully what Satan put into their hearts. They saw the Holy Mass as the Black Mass, I could see that they had visions of all the Catholics taking off all their clothes and dancing around the altar naked. I was very young at the time, but that is exactly how I felt the congregation’s saw Catholics and the Mass. It was as they say so thick, you could cut it with a knife. Of course it confused me no end, because I knew my mother would never do such a thing, nor my grandmother or my aunts and cousins.

A War Going On Inside Me

There was a war going on inside me. Do I listen to the church or was I going to believe what I knew in my heart to be true, which was Catholic are Christians and that they wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing. You wouldn’t think I would have to fight for the truth, but as Saint Pauls says you are not fighting the flesh you are fighting evil spirits, powers, principalities and wickedness in high places. About ten years ago I was walking down the street and an evangelist pull me over the side to chat with me. And since I was now a Catholic approximately thirty years by this time, I was curious if Protestants still felt that way about Catholics, so I tested her. I told her I just come back from the Mass, and I saw instantly in her eyes fear and she literally jumped backwards out of fear. I thought they still haven’t changed. I feel in many ways it is even worst. Since Satan is trying very hard to ruin the Catholic Church by bringing in exceedingly evil people to destroy her within her walls.

People Are Very Easily Deceived

The problem people don’t see that, what they see is the evil people represents Catholics, which of course they don’t. Jesus said to be always on the alert for those who will deceive you, such as wolves in sheep skins. They may seem very holy at first, but as they start to win you over they then twist the truth around, because the whole idea is to lead you straight into hell. By getting you to walk away from the true teachings of Jesus. Christ also said first get the log out of your own eye and then you can see more clearly to get the speck out your brother’s eyes. There of course many beautiful Protestants out there that are following Jesus very closely and they do obey the commandment of love thy neighbour as themselves. But unfortunately there are very many ignorant people both Catholics and Protestants out there that are very easily led astray.

The Members of Christ Should All Be In Harmony

People are naturally prejudice of others and like to think they are superior and just down right suspicious of anything that is different from them. There are of course many Catholics and Protestants that point the finger at each other. I just want to remind everybody, Satan hates Christians and he is going to do his best to bring war on us, from within and from without the walls of the church. The members of the body of Christ should be working in harmony with one another. If you want a healthy body, and Christ does, we need to get on with what God has called us to do and mind our own business, which is a very hard thing to do, because Satan is always tempting us to gossip and tear one another down.

What Is The Holy Catholic Mass?

The Holy Catholic Mass, what is it? Why does Satan want to keep people away from it? Why is he making sure people fear it? All Mass is; is Holy Communion. Protestant practise Holy Communion don’t they? There is a division amongst Protestant in that some of them believe that Jesus was talking symbolically, while other Protestants churches believe as the Catholics do that Jesus meant what He said, that the bread and wine turns into the body and blood of Christ. Many miracles occur when receiving the body and blood of Jesus if you believe. I sure have experience many communications from the Host. In many Protestant churches Holy Communion is celebrated once a month. If you are Catholic and are fortunate enough these days to belong to a church in a city you can go to church and celebrate the Mass seven days a week and receive Holy Communion each time. I use to go to Mass just before I use to go to work and it gave me enormous strength to deal with working in a very worldly place, promoting evil basically (The Education Department). I also was suffering from breakdowns and had social phobias to attend with. If I didn’t receive the strength from Our Lord during those times I would not have been able to endure all this and God used me as a witness for Him. Going to Mass every day got me through.

The Difference Between The Mass And The Service

Holy Communion is what the whole Mass is centred around, with the service it is basically centred around the sermon. So the big difference is Catholics who are true believers (there are many that are lukewarm as with the Protestants) go to Mass to receive the Lord. It is all about Him not the priest or the homely it is all about receiving Jesus. We eat Him!!!! You can’t get any closer to Him than that if you truly believe. You feel the presence of God, it brings you in union with Him and it strengthens you in your daily walk. It is much stronger receiving Jesus this way then only once a month. That is why Satan doesn’t what the Protestants to know about it. Satan doesn’t want Protestant to become stronger by receiving Jesus’s body and blood on a daily basis.

Celebrating Holy Communion In  Your Own Home

I haven’t gone to the Catholic Church for about seven years now, because Satan has successfully kicked me out of it by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I don’t want to start throwing mud around.  I don’t feel comfortable to go back there again. So I am going to a beautiful small Protestant church at the moment. But meanwhile, while I wasn’t going to any church at all. I started to practise my own version of the Mass, other people would call it Holy Communion. God told me very early on, to do it every day. And I did asked once if people who live in a remote regions where they can’t go to church and receive communion would you put it into their minds and hearts to do their own version of the Mass too. God was pleased with the prayer. In other words He was saying Yes they can do their own version of the Holy Mass.

Now I hear that the Catholic Church is now facing a major crisis where this so called pope (the keys of the Vatican was taken up to heaven by God when Pope Benedict XVI resigned, accordingly to the prophet Maria Divine Mercy). has change the Mass into something that it has never meant to be. So if you are in that situation where they are saying that Jesus is not present in the Eucharist (which is another word for Host – the bread that has turned into the body of Christ) I would say my own version of the Mass, if you can’t find a priest that is remaining faithful to Jesus to celebrate the Holy Mass as it should. God will accept your own version of the Mass, if you are not in a position to receive Him in any other way. But I have to warn you when I started doing it I was told by Jesus that I had to do it every day.

Purgatory is real!!!

First I want to point out the difference between purgatory and hell; one is temporary and the other permanent, but there is also another difference. Hell is eternal punishment for your sins, purgatory is purifications for your unforgiven sins. There are many and many Christians that are not worthy or ready to go to heaven when they die. Look at their sins, only the perfect go to heaven and they are only a few. What about the narrow gate, only a few will find it and enter in. Jesus is talking to His followers.

Protestants time after time again will say Purgatory is not in the Bible. Wrong it is in the Bible! The same way the Rapture is recorded in the Bible, though it doesn’t use the word Rapture, we know what Jesus is talking about. That word came after the Bible was written. If you look at the scripture Matthew 18: 23-34, the story begins and ends, but notice what verse Matthew 18; 34 has to say. I am quoting from a Protestant Bible “The Woman’s Study Bible” New International Version. “In anger his master handed him over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed.’

Jesus is Talking about Purgatory

If Jesus was talking about hell we all know you never get out of hell, because you will never be able to pay all that you owe. Only through the blood of Jesus you can pay back all you owe. There are no Buddha’s, Islam, Hindus’ etc. in Purgatory only Christians. Catholics call them holy souls in Purgatory, because they are all belong to the sheep fold of Jesus Christ. They all believed in Him, they were not just quite up to scratched to enter heaven yet. So they are sent to purgatory to be made ready to go to heaven. That sounds a lot like mercy to me.

I remember when my father was dying. There is often a lot of mind reading going on during these intense occasions. I knew my father was satisfied that he confessed all his sins, but I knew different. My mother had very fair skin and my father always insisted that she go to the beach with him. She wasn’t a beach person and so she would find a place to sit down. There was no shade. She would sit there for hours at a time, while my father enjoyed his swim. My mother’s face became so lined that she looked at least twenty years older than she was.

God is not Mean

I was going to tell my father that in my mind to his, but then I got cold feet. Then a spirit appeared to both of us and told me in a very firm manner to tell him. My father was listening into the conversation, wondering what sin it was that he didn’t confess in a peaceful manner.  Well I went from one extreme to the other, I shouted it out so loudly that there was a spiritual echo and it was like the echo went through the whole of heaven. So that everybody in Heaven would have heard it. My father panicked and responded so fast and ask my mother, who was there at that time, to forgive him. My mother didn’t know what was going on between us, but it was an important apology for her, she never forgot it years after. And she always remembered it with fondness.

My father was a very good man, but we all have weakness and we all sin. If I didn’t told him of that sin, he would have died not confessing it. So what I am trying to say, God would not of send him to hell, because he really gave his all during those last few months of his life. God is not mean, he knows where our hearts are at. If we are for Him, but need some cleaning up to do, we go to Purgatory until we have done our time in purification, which is a very painful process to endure! If our hearts are closed to God, even as a Christian we will go to hell forever, when we die.

The Book of Maccabees

There is a two books called Maccabees, it is in some Bibles but not in all. I am going to quote from 2 Maccabees 12: 42-45 …..and gave themselves to prayer, begging that the sin committed might be urged the people to keep themselves free from all sin, having seen with their own eyes the effects of the sin of those who had fallen; after this he took a collection from them individually, amounting to nearly two thousand drachmae, and sent it to Jerusalem to have a sacrifice for sin offered, an altogether fine and noble action, in which he took full account of the resurrection for if he had not it would have been superfluous and foolish to pray for the dead, whereas if he in view the splendid recompense reserved for those who make a pious end, the thought was holy and devout. This was why he had this atonement sacrifice offered for the dead, so that they might be released from their sin….

Another thing to point out; as we all know Christianity roots come from the Jewish faith and in the Jewish religion, they even now still pray for the dead. I am not sure for how long, but it is in fact for a long time, some weeks at least. There are many and many testimonies about people in Purgatory, written in books. One book it is called ‘Purgatory’ and it is a Tan Publications. It was my first book and it scared me like you wouldn’t believe, because of what they suffer.

They suffer the pains of hell. That is why I want as many Christians to know about it as possible, because you can help them through your prayers to shorten their time there. Believe me every Christians has relatives suffering there and because people don’t know about Purgatory, they are not helping them. So they have to stay there full time. For some it is going to be until Judgement Day. How do I know? Jesus has told Catholics Saints centuries ago and is still revealing to Catholics in this century too that it is so. I have been told personally by Jesus to pray for my relatives and I do it every day.