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  • For those who enjoy writing
  • Share your knowledge
  • You have the opportunity to get known as an author
  • Links to your website
  • Opportunity to promote your book
  • Friendly community
  • Receive support from other writers
  • Receive and give comments on articles
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  • There are topics to discuss that deeply concerns us all such as
  • Protestants and Catholics differences
  • Supernatural gifts of God
  • On Mary the Mother of Jesus
  • Women’s role in the churches
  • The importance of prayer
  • On Christian living in general
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You can publish posts in the following categories:

  • Christian Living
    Teaching articles on the word of God in all areas of life. Any kind of testimony is welcome that gives God glory.
  • Protestants and Catholics
    Explaining to one another why we hang onto our beliefs and what and how they affect our lives.
  • Women’s true role
    Do you agree or disagree with all the churches preaching about women roles, does it sit right with you?
  • Honouring Mary the Mother of Jesus
    Reason why Catholics honour her so much. Give examples how she has influenced your life.
  • Prayer
    Are their beautiful prayers that you want to share with the community?  Here you can also discuss the importance of prayers.
  • Supernatural gifts of God,
  • covers all areas of God Spiritual gifts, whether it is something that personally happen to you or somebody else, anything that relates to the subject that gives God glory.
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