Announcements and Rules


I warmly welcome everyone joining this new Christian community. I am sure we will enjoy one another’s articles and we will meet many friends on this site, because we share the most important goals in life and that is being true to Christ. I believe we will learn a lot from one another and be able to encourage one another by writing a brief comment on one another’s articles.

I look forwarded in you sharing your life experiences and your walk with God on this site, and deepening one another’s relationship with our Heavenly Father. Protestants and Catholics have a chance to explain their differences and why they hang onto them. I have personally learnt a lot from other churches beside the one I belong too. I may not agree with everything they believe in, but never the less they have expanded my vision on how I serve God. I think we will all come to that conclusion in the end.


  • Love one another as Christ loves you.
  • No bad language or immoral jokes.
  • Don’t belittle anyone who happens not to share your beliefs.
  • Respect one another even if it hurts.
  • Articles may be deleted without explanation or notice.
  • Your writing skills doesn’t have to be perfect, but make sure it is readable and use your speller check please.All articles are to be written in English.
  • Your work has to be your own.
  • Non-believers are also welcome to this site and may even ask questions if they wish, but only in a peace loving manner.
  • If you refuse to cooperate with these rules set out here, you have three warnings! and if you continue to disturb the peace, your membership will be cancelled.

I am sorry if some of these rules seem harsh, but religion can bring out the best in people or the worst. And I truly want this site to be enjoyable for everybody and free from any violent emotions towards one another.