About Church Divided

Saint Peter the apostle of Jesus Christ, I have offered to God for him to be the patron saint of this site. Many people believe in the help of angles, I do too, but I also know that saints don’t want to be kept idle either. I remember my mother telling me once, that one day she asked Saint Peter to help her in something and she said she felt his presence. He was so pleased that she asked him for help and she also was led to know that he has been waiting a long time for people to call on him for help.  I don’t believe for one instance he is the only one. Mary the mother of Jesus, complained to the Fatima children ‘why do you keep me so idle.’ I have receive many answered prayers by asking the saints to intercede on my behalf.

The purpose of this blog is to iron out the confusion of what Catholics actually believe in. I am also finding out unfortunately many Catholics don’t seem to know what they are supposed to believe in either as a Catholic. I have come from generations of Protestants and Catholics intermarrying with one another, so I was brought up with both the Catholic and Protestants beliefs at the same time. I believe personally that was to my advantage, because both Protestants and Catholics have much to offer one another if they will only hear one another out. Let God Spirit guide you and you will be surprised how much God is willing to reveal to you. It shouldn’t be about religion, but intimacy with God and since there is no one person who knows it all, nor one church or denomination, we best to humble ourselves before God and learn from Him, through prayer, meditation, fasting and good works in obedience to Him.

Just to warn visitors that it is a real effort for Christians these days to post any material of Christianity on their blogs or YouTube. There are people hacking into our computers stoping many things. Like I have problems getting photos on my blog because they have stoped it and you can’t have access to my e-book that I want to give you freely. They tried to make my blog as  unattractive as possible, so you won’t be interested in reading it. The thing is God is with us and He has answered that many prayers, so much so this blog wouldn’t be here today without God’s intervention.