I Want to Make an Announcement

I have been writing on my Author Sue Darling Page – Facebook. I have been accused of violating copyrights laws. As it is Christian material and there is very little chance that many writers would want to own up, with what I have been writing about including women to go back to wearing a veil, that is now made clear it is more than a veil to disgrace women, but it is indeed a reminder of Christ return for His Bride in the later days. God would of loved me to write a great deal more than I would be allowed. Since we are no longer living in a Christian society. I have received some very mean comments on my articles from time to time against Christian teachings. Not once I exploded anybody, but have spoken on some occasions up front, of what we Christians believe and more besides, have said Amen, but the anti-christ is now free to discriminate us further, without much effort. As today I have complained mildly and yet firmly my stance as a writers, right to express every religion, but ours. This is fixed in my mind as an act of treason by the government regardless, of what country it stands for. As we are now not even allowed to write scriptural reference regarding what books, we refer to as a help for those who are interested in furthering the studies of our faith.

Men are allowed to discriminate women’s behaviour to men. Then why has it been so long, women are not allowed to be spared the indignities assault in their own homes. Now tell me in what way is that discriminating factor, but true happenings all over the world. I am apologetic of men of virtue that have to be told that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to women only, but in my experience it is happening to women throughout my entire lifetime. Men beating women and are excuse in a state of law. How is that fair? I may well ask. Do you think God will not punish men, supposing to be officially accepted in the Kingdom of God, with that kind of behaviour expect to be punished if you are not willing to sacrifice your pride and give way to cruelty, thinking that it is OK to hurt another.

I am also ashamed that my own sex’s cares little to protect their unborn as well as men trying to pull it off as a women’s choice over her body. I live to see the day when I shall see Christ return as my Husband, which is what the veil that you refuse to wear on your head declares. I am not referring to men, as they are called to imitate Christ, but haven’t got an notion of what love is, in regards to the love of Christ has for His Bride.

I am also very sad, that while I was in a mental hospital suffering with schizophrenia, there was a visitor I suppose, that came very often to the hospital. Performing illegal abortions. I was so angry with God for putting me in that position, where I knew I should have to speak to the Head Psychiatrist. But I didn’t want to tell her anything, because I thought for sure, she would just put it down to my mental illness. I was then horrified with what I saw. I believed a very sick patient was talked into aborting her child, and her skin was deep purple. So you can imagine what kind of tortured thoughts that Satan was putting in her head. I know that I am forgiven, because Jesus appeared to me years later. I have not stop praying for the protection of the unborn child since. To kind of, making it up for my refusal to help those women and the unborn babies.

I have posted this article and it is not my doing that the words are so small, as many Christian writers will tell you the enemy of God are always interring with our work. I have even been told by a warlock that if you knew what buttons to press, they can control your computer with theirs. That is why I have given up trying to put up pictures for example.