Vaccinated or not to be Vaccinated

Vaccinated or not to be vaccinated

I know this is a very hot topic. So much division in Gods Holy Church. I recall, a solider once said to win a war you divide and then conquer. It is my belief Satan has very successfully achieved this in our Churches today for the most part . Not only so many Churches believe in their doctrines are correct above all other Churches, we now have the problem with the spiritual and physical war against the vaccinated and the non vaccinated. Because instead of listening to the word of God most Christians it seems rather listen to the world teachings on every subject, including whether or not to take the vaccine or not. I personally believe in certain prophets, one of them is Joni Bonnette. I believe she has a very powerful anointing from God. And God has told her not to take the vaccine. He also said that it is not the mark of the beast, but the preparation for it. He didn’t use the word preparation but I could not spell the word He used. So forgive me.

I can see for myself and I hope you can too. The whole world is demanding people to take the vaccine to the point if you don’t many are losing their livelihood over it. And are mightily disqualified in so many ways. This is not Christian behaviour. Where is our faith in God’s ability to provide and protect us. More and More I read Psalms 91, the more and more courage I receive from God. Politicians and media have had the reputation throughout my entire lifetime that they lie. I am now 67 years old and my question is why all the politicians just about, all over the world are in agreement to control and take away God’s given rights from us. That to me spells something very big and horrific has been planed behind the scenes. If Christians all over the world return back to trusting God and completely surrender to Him, we will see Psalms 91 into action. Put your whole trust in God and not man. The Bible says the world is against the ways of God. I don’t know the exact wording. So when I see great multitudes bullying others to do their will, I immediately remember the world hates the ways of God. And because of that I mistrust anything that people of the world demands of us.

It reminds me of a vision I had when I was in my early twenties. Basically Satan was trying to tempt me to bow down to him. I said no. I was on a very high cliff and on me was like a harness that mothers put on their small children to keep them safe in the old days. My harness had a very, very long reigns, like a mile long. A angel was holding the end of the reigns. And I knew if I felled down, all I had to do was called out for help and the angel would pull me back up straight away. After I said no to Satan, he immediately was boasting how many people he had in position of authority, trust and power. He showed me a great many faces that were placed by him in positions to accomplish his agenda. And laughed at me and said God has only got a few. How is God going to win. It didn’t worry me, because I knew God is so much greater and far more powerful than Satan and his army.

When I look around I can clearly see Satan has got his finger in everything including God’s Holy Church. What prompted me to write this article was what God told me. And that is. “My people are scattered in the belief that all medical professionals are true to their vocation and are not concerned about money or exploiting people above their means. Continue to say your prayers.

I was just told by God to “apologies to my people that not all have forsaken me.” Sorry I took it for granted that you understood I wasn’t speaking to everyone. Just that I am so sadden that many Christians can’t see what the devil is up to. I love God with all my heart and I do love His Church so much that it is so sad what has become of the world. If we unite as one and pray, pray and pray as much as we can, we will see great victory for the glory of God, who has already got His army ready to fight mightily in the spiritual realm.