My Testimony of Late

My Testimony of Late

I have asked God if I could have permission to share with you what He told me on the 9th of November 2021. I was told to post His words if I feel it will help people. First though God wants me to tell you that too many of His children, wait too late to start their mission of love. We all have been given gifts to us to help others and increase His glory.

Before I write down what God told me on the 9th November, I have to explain somethings first. Devil worshippers are not a small group of people, but a very, very large army. Many I believe get involved with witchcraft innocently with New Age. Scripture says test every spirit. The devil will disguised his true intention by bating us with something that looks helpful and innocent. For example every position you get into in yoga is honouring different gods of the Hindu religion. Many are unaware of it and many Christians think it is alright to do yoga, but it is not. Satan is truly sneaky.

One x-warlock said that he believes there are more devil worshippers then there are Christians. I an sorry I don’t know the x-warlock name. I heard his testimony on YouTube. My favourite prophet is Maria Divine Mercy who was told by Jesus in 2012 that they are multiplying quicker than ants. She has books on her prophesies called ‘The Book of Truth.’ When you look at the vast majority of Christians they behave no differently then the non believers. Satan’s children in my opinion serve Satan with far more zeal and belief than most Christians serve God with. I met three warlocks in two different churches. And they are usually very popular. Their job is of course to poison the church members so they are no threat to Satan’s so called empire. X-witches have said they know who the true followers of Jesus are and so naturally they target them fiercely. They use witchcraft and spy on them by astral-projecting into their homes. They interfere with your dreams too and break things in your home and their witchcraft will bring on sickness and premature deaths. How do I know? I have been attacked by them for years. In the churches we should be learning how to do spiritual warfare, but it is not so.

I am just starting to learn how to pray on command. I started to pray in earnest to expect victory when I call on the Name of Jesus. I also have been praying that every trick, trap and plan Satan is using against me and others will backfire in his face and the opposite effect that he is planning will happen instead. I remember once I prayed this prayer years ago and Jesus showed up to encouraged me to say this prayer often, because He will answered it.

Well as it turned out the devil worshippers kept cursing my favourite worship music Cd’s. At first I didn’t recognise what they were doing, but after six Cd’s in a row that wouldn’t work that should of, I got so angry with them. I just kept repeating over and over again ‘Satan is going to go to hell.’ with absolute confidence that is exactly were he is going to go. I didn’t called on Jesus Name at this point. The Cd’s miraculously played without incident. They backed off. A couple of days later they tried again. This time I said over and over again ‘I command in the Mighty Name of Jesus that every form of witchcraft you use against me past, present and future I send back to you seven fold.’ It is biblical to return the cursed back seven times. Once again the Cd’s worked well, mysteriously. Now I have confidence in calling on Jesus Name. I had to be put into a tight spot before I found out how to call on Jesus’s Name with the authority that God has given us. My temper was so great I was determined to get my own way. We usually learn the hard way, especially when you don’t have any teachers to help you get started


So now you know a bit of the background. I will share what the Lord said to me. I believe it will help others as well. First I asked God a question and it went like this. “My beautiful God did I do right by telling the devil worshippers that every form of witchcraft they have sent out to me is going back to them in Jesus Name. They keep attacking my favourite worship songs.” Gods reply was; “You indeed have permission as long as you remain firm and not back down with wish-washy thinking ‘that I can’t win.’ then know this my girl I will assist you in victory, you are my child and great is my Name. Be strong and faithful. I am challenging you to go higher, so much so, I am rewarding you with further education, how to win the battle against Satan’s followers. After every decree you will sound the alarm, my alarm will be heard above every other noise and will drown out Satan’s voice and it shall be heard and wonders will never cease, because I am with you all the way.

I believe this message will help others, as well. With me I don’t just say the command once, because my faith is still growing in this area. I speak out the command over and over again with determination to believe until I feel the job has been done. I am finding out how to pray with the authority God has given us through the merits of Jesus Christ.

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