Opinions are only Opinions

We all have problems sometimes when we think without a shadow of a doubt that we are absolutely right about something, only to find out we were absolutely wrong. It is very humbling for me and I should imagine for many. I take a great deal of interest in listening to the modern prophets of our time. I am so surprise with most Christians that they are not interested in what God is saying about the times we are currently living in, through them. To me if you love God and have a real intimate relationship with Him, you would want to hear His voice whether He is talking to you directly or through a chosen prophet.

Some prophets of God have an exceptionally powerful anointing that if you belong to God you can’t miss it. I am not saying that I have discern correctly every time, but God has given me the ability like so many Christians who are trying to follower Jesus closely; the ability to discern correctly most of the time. The Holy Spirit opens your spiritual eyes for you, and you then can see who is true or who is false. Sooner or later false prophets will trip up. And unfortunately many true prophets of God are labelled as false prophets, because they are not saying what is pleasing to the listener or sometimes it is just a case of the listener, doesn’t know their bibles well enough to know that the prophet is agreeing with the bible.

When I listen to the true prophets, I notice many times I don’t always agree with their personal opinions, because it doesn’t add up to what I have experienced. No doubt you can say that of me too and be correct in saying so. When God speaks through them, it is so powerful and obvious that it is God, which proves to me, doesn’t matter how gifted we are, we all fall short of Gods glory. Using only our human intellect we tend to get it wrong every time. Only God knows all the answers. I notice that when people judge me or I am judging somebody by human reasoning only, it is always far off the mark.

Proverbs 3: 5-6. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

I often pray that when people read my articles, the Holy Spirit is with them giving you discernment of what comes from God and what comes from me. I also pray that you will forgive me of my short comings and say a little pray for me as I do you.

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