A Child of God

God has told me about the article I have just written on this subject. And it goes like this. “Your choice of words make out it is easy for people to give up their old ways and be simply a child of God. But I say to you it is not that simple if you live a life of sin. Be frank that I come to the simple of heart and make things simple for those who don’t know how.”

Now if you take those above words to heart and read my article that this article is on how a child of God should behave. We all battle with this, because the old man that is described in the bible, is sinful and always listens to the flesh and not by the Spirit of God as a pure child of God would. God also said to me. “Gods love for sinners, who try to be good will be rewarded on the day of Judgement.” Now I proceed with my article.

To be a child of God.

Matthew 18:3.’Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’

What powerful words. Scary if you don’t know what it means to be childlike in your approach to God. Not to be immature as a child, but take on their innocents, their ability to be themselves and believe simply, without their head knowledge getting in their way. To speak openly to God how they feel towards something or someone. They can sense an evil person and keep away from them, because of their closeness to God, they appreciate the wonders of the world. And treat everything as brand new which it is for them. With us if we learn to pray and do things for God the way they do and then we will feel the closeness of God immediately. Depending how open we are to him. Be ready and open up like a child and you will receive the benefits from a God who is more like your father than your earthly father is to you. Doesn’t matter how good your father is he is no match to the Father who holds the whole universe in the palm of his hand comfortably. I have seen that in a vision God gave me. And you may think he can’t see the planet earth because it is so small, never alone us, yet God does see and he counts us worthy, to die for us on the cross, to save us from what ever we are going through. As a child of God, believe in his love and you will be rewarded for it. Even if it takes a couple of years for your prayers to be answered.

God has just answered my prayer of bold friends in Christ. It took a couple of years before it was answered, but he sure has answered it. We don’t always know why some prayers take longer to be answered than others. But remember a child of God has faith and will persevere and keep asking and declaring it until they see the prayer being answered. I was told not long ago by God that I loved money, which shocked me since I pay 10% tithe and more away. But what he was saying, which I found out later on, I love security and I have more faith in cash than I have of God ,who is my provider. If I didn’t ask as a child what he ment, he would not been able to explain to me, because I would otherwise listen to my intellect and not believe. And so if I didn’t humble myself and put my faith in God that he would explain and deliver me from my love of money. So you see we all have problems to deal with, but when we come to him as a child, he fixes it up the problem as a loving Father would. Maybe not in our timing, but in his wisdom and perfect timing. Be child like in your love of God and speak to him of your love for him as a child would and it cheers your heart and brings you ever closer in union with God our Father.