God wants us to pray

God answers our prayers most powerfully depending on our faith, but also whatever agrees with His nature, His will. If we pray the Lords’ prayer, it has to be answered, because Jesus has taught it to us. So if we have a closer look at the Lords’ prayer, it begins to acknowledge our relationship with our Heavenly Father, unlike any father on earth. Our Father is so powerful, and we need to acknowledge to ourselves that God is able to answer our prayers. And is also willing to answer our prayers, if it gives Him glory. So we have to look closely at our motives behind our prayers. Are we praying from a humble, repented heart? Is our prayer free from selfishness? Are we willing for God to say no sometimes and trust Him that He has a better plan for us?

It is important to pray for other people besides ourselves. We can truly save people from the fires of hell, if we pray for them. Not many Christians do that. If they pray it is just to get themselves and their families out of trouble. We can do great mighty things through prayer. And we don’t even have to go outside of our homes to do it. Plus we be rewarded for it, for all eternity. There are many people you may want to help, but not in the position to do so, but your prayers can enter in.

Many people think it is more important to do works that help people hands on. But prayer is even more important, it is more versatile than what you can do. I remember once I watched a T.V. program discussing the difficulties of foster care. Many children are so disturbed they play up with their foster parents dramatically, because they can’t trust. I remember, light dawned on me as I was watching this program. I said to God that’s why we pray and God zoomed in with great joy and confirmed it. Sometimes it is only the power of prayer that can turn things around. Not because we are powerful, but because we win the Heart of God and He acts on our prayers, if they are from the heart. The deeper the prayer is from the heart, the purer it is. God wants more prayers said, so that the angels of God can do their mighty works.

I am surprise even to find so manty Christians, have forgotten God in their life. So much so they don’t even think of praying for their own needs to be met. Never alone their church, their county and all the peoples of the world that they could help by their prayers. We have to practise praying for Gods’ Kingdom to come and believe it will. We are all members of the body of Christ and we all have to do our bit. If we don’t, people suffer that otherwise wouldn’t have to, if we did our part. Whether it is physically hands on or praying for them. We are called to do both. It keeps us balanced. Those who are specially chosen for intercessory prayers, I believe are sadly misunderstood as wasting their time or over the top saying prayers. Prayers I believe is more important than works. For one thing it strengthens our relationship with God. You must be filled with the Holy Spirit of God before your good deeds resemble Christ. And you do that by having a loving relationship with God and living the life that pleases God.

Jesus use to prayer through the night and preach and do good works through the day. Jesus didn’t abandon a prayer life. And God told me that three hours a day is the minimum of hours for a prayer life. Not everybody is called to concentrate on a prayer life, but we are all called to pray for one another and worship God. The greater our relationship with God through prayers and acts of brotherly love, the greater our eternal reward will be.

You are His child, your prayers matter to God. Yes He will answer your prayers according to His Will. Find out what is His Will for you. Ask Him! if He doesn’t answer straight away, persevere with your prayer until He does. God does test your faith sometimes and your stamina. And if you past the test He will strengthen your faith and your perseverance even more so.

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