Praising God

Praising God, not only is God extremely happy with us for doing it, we are strengthen by doing it also. Praising Him is the most powerful way of getting close to Him. Even if we don’t feel like praising Him, but do so anyway. God rewards us. I am trying to make the habit of saying “I love you” to Him throughout the day. It is a quick prayer and a reminder who I serve. Thanking Him for everything for me is the first step that leads me into praise and worship. It is hard to praise Him when you don’t feel like it. I envy King David’s praises. He has a very colourful way of praising Him. The Psalms is one of my most favourite book in the bible. It is very good and informative about how great our God is. And helps my imagination to look deeply at how much God truly loves us all. And that He will save those who love Him and protect those who acknowledge Him as Lord, is a promise in Psalms 91.

Learning not to take myself so seriously is an important lesson for me. I wonder if you have the same problem. I find praising God, miracles can happen, and there are times when God will manifest Himself to you. For example this morning during Holy Communion, I was praising the Bread of Life while eating Him, and I felt His presence within me so strongly. Another thing, if we can’t praise Him while we are going through a fairly good time, how much harder it will be during very challenging times. We are in the last of the last days and we are going to need courage and reassurance that God is in control of our lives, if we put our full trust in Him. Start getting into the habit of praising Him now and start declaring verses in the bible that strengthens you now, so when you are in a middle of a crises you are already in the habit of doing it. It will give you strength and stamina to fight the good fight to the end. If you have the gift of tongues, don’t waste that gift and speak it often. We need to be strong in the Lord in good times as well as in bad times. Praising God lifts your spirit, and declaring His promises strengthens your faith. And when your faith is strong you become a powerful child of God in Christ Jesus.

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