Believe and be healed

Dear God please forgive me for the hurts I have caused others, may you heal their wounds that I brought on them and bless them with eternal life. Amen.

Many people who suffer traumas, quiet often will isolate themselves, because they now have difficulty trusting another. When they isolate themselves, the thoughts of their trauma goes round and round their heads, making it difficult for them to forgive and let go of their hurt. Then they have problems to communicate love to another. They may communicate their anger, their hurt and their lack of trust. So it is like a vicious circle. They then receive more unkindness from strangers who don’t understand.

I use to say to God that I feel like a three year old who has just come back from fighting a man’s war. I remember I had a vision from God. And what He showed me was me as a three year old in soldier’s uniform that came back from fighting a man’s war. I looked into my eyes and saw great hatred and God gave me the understanding, people saw that hatred as me hating them. But the truth was my eyes were saying look at all the hatred I received. God showed me how we judge one another so wrongly. Like I said it is a vicious circle. But God can get us out of it. By believing in His love and asking Him for the ability to love and forgive others.

I understand now if the same people were enlightened by the Holy Spirit what was the real reason seeing hatred in my eyes, I would have a different response. And probably would have been healed fairly quickly. So please don’t give up, keep praying for your healing and the ability to let go of the pain you are going through. And forgive those that hurt you. Forgiving is not easy for most of us, but Jesus is our healer and we need to put our trust in Him. The more we trust Him the quicker we will see results of loving our neighbor and our healing. Look through the Bible promises and stand on scripture that strengthens you daily. And you will see results if you persevere.

Trust the Word of God

Trust the Word of God

Matthew 7: 24-27.

“Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to be a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on the house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock.

“But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. And the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on the house; and it fell. And great was it fall.

The scripture tells us if we don’t build our house on the rock, which is Jesus, who is the Word made Flesh, it will fall the moment the big storm comes. I lost my faith once and I know that from experience. I let go of the rock, the Word of God. And instead placed my trust on my feelings. My house fell mightily, as the scripture tells us. It has taken such a long time to rebuild my spiritual house. What I learnt out of all this, is don’t rely on our feelings or our intellect, but trust the Word of God.

We don’t always think wisely, or know how to handle our circumstances well, but God does. Gods’ Word has been tried and tested well and truly. When we look at the Bible we see Israel at different times, thought they were wiser than God. God let them go their own way, in hope they will learn their false gods won’t save them. So that they will come back to Him. He is doing that right now. We sometimes have to learn the hard way that our Heavenly Father knows best. He loves us too bits and knows what is good for us and what will benefit us in the long run.

Gods’ Word is not about what is fashionable, but what is true. People disagree with parts of the Bible saying it is all right then, but times have change. That’s probably what the Israelites thought too, when they strayed from Gods’ Word. It is time now that the church comes back to Christ teaching and not the worlds. When we obey and believe in His Word, we become strong, because we no longer rely on ourselves, but by the Living God. Who gives us strength and wisdom and protection, through His Word.

We say we believe in the Word, but the moment a crisis comes, we will soon learn most of us rather believe in ourselves than God. And then we live in fear, because we know we aren’t strong enough and we soon learn, we don’t always have the right answers that will get us out of trouble. So all God wants us to do is obey and trust Him, and He will deliver us out of the crises. If we are called for things like martyrdom, we will be given the strength and wisdom to endure it to the end, if we stand on the Word of God and really believe it. Faith grows accordingly to how many times we use it. Just like our muscles. The more we use our muscles the stronger we become.

We have plenty of false gods that many people put their entire faith in, such as the New Age and scientist and so on. Some scientist are out to deceive for example the big bang theory. Which is of course a lot of nonsense, but people buy into it, because they don’t want to be answerable to God, which they are anyway.

The more we study the Word the deeper it goes and if we pray for revelation we will get it. God wants His children to be free of worries, but if we don’t believe in Him, we will never receive the peace that Jesus offers. God is our safe haven, we won’t find true peace anywhere but in being obedient to Gods’ Word. Even when enemies attack us there is a place in us that won’t be disturbed, because we put our complete trust in God.


I believe today more than any time in history the separation, of true believers and non-believers are becoming more noticeable than ever before. And I believe it will continue to be even more noticeable as time goes by. Lukewarm Christians will oppose the words of the Bible even more and will be very hostile to a true believer who preaches it. Remember Jesus tells us that our reward will be great to those who are persecuted and hated for His sake. True separation from people of the world is very uncomfortable. You don’t fit in and people judge you as being possess by a religious spirit, when in truth it is the other way round.

We can’t blend the words of the Bible with what the world teaches. It becomes for those who do it a water down Christianity without power. If we talk about heaven we must also talk about the existence of hell without over doing it, but with love. Not backing down from what is written in the Bible will create enemies. You are either for God or against Him.

2 Corinthians chapter six, is a reminder what true Christians are prepared to face for their love of God. True Christians can’t afford to be weak in this time of history, nor are they. God makes us strong and stronger as we obey Him. God loves us passionately and despises hypocrites which is what water down Christianity is. We don’t look the same, act the same, dress the same our speech is different from Christians who don’t take the lessons of the Bible serious enough. For example we don’t use the Lords name in vain, which so many Christians are doing right now and don’t realize just how serious it is in doing so. Many Lukewarm Christians, I believe don’t know what the Bible says or they wouldn’t be content at being Lukewarm. They would have a Holy fear of God that will keep them safe.

2 Corinthians 6:16. And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said “I will dwell in them. I will be their God, and they shall be My people.

A temple of holiness is what we are called to be, and the world is anything but holy. I understand we fall many times and have to be washed by the blood of Jesus many times a day. There is a remarkable difference how a true believer behaves, from those who are half-heartedly Christians that really live to please themselves and not God. We are taught by the world to pamper ourselves. Jesus and His disciples lived it rough and all the disciples except for John died for their faith. We must be prepared to strengthen our faith by means of prayer, fasting and studying the Bible and putting it into practise.

Christians have become weak in this society, because we don’t want to offend anybody, which is a good quality, but we need not offend God in the process. There is a time to speak and a time to be silent. We need to learn to discern Gods’ voice in every matter. Showing people the way by living as the Gospel teachers us, and that is a holy life with joy and love of God and our neighbour. Will save more people than trying to fit in with preaching what the world wants to hear. If we do that we just look like hypocrites and save no one.

Remember we are warriors and we fight by being imitators of Jesus Christ. We are powerfully heard in prayer. Fasting and obedience to God strengthens our prayers and our faith can move all kinds of mountains. The closer we are to God, the braver we become and holier and are willing to give up all for God and love all, whether people deserve it or not. We choose to follow Jesus all the way. Not let the world bully us to do it their way.

I apologize that what I write is hard, but it needs to be addressed. Too many Christians are being deceived and living as the world preaches and not how Jesus commands us to live. God truly loves us more than we can comprehend and His wisdom is beyond us. We need to follow Jesus, because He knows the way to please God our Father and enter heaven. Jesus is the way and the life, not the world which we live in for now.

Praising God

Praising God, not only is God extremely happy with us for doing it, we are strengthen by doing it also. Praising Him is the most powerful way of getting close to Him. Even if we don’t feel like praising Him, but do so anyway. God rewards us. I am trying to make the habit of saying “I love you” to Him throughout the day. It is a quick prayer and a reminder who I serve. Thanking Him for everything for me is the first step that leads me into praise and worship. It is hard to praise Him when you don’t feel like it. I envy King David’s praises. He has a very colourful way of praising Him. The Psalms is one of my most favourite book in the bible. It is very good and informative about how great our God is. And helps my imagination to look deeply at how much God truly loves us all. And that He will save those who love Him and protect those who acknowledge Him as Lord, is a promise in Psalms 91.

Learning not to take myself so seriously is an important lesson for me. I wonder if you have the same problem. I find praising God, miracles can happen, and there are times when God will manifest Himself to you. For example this morning during Holy Communion, I was praising the Bread of Life while eating Him, and I felt His presence within me so strongly. Another thing, if we can’t praise Him while we are going through a fairly good time, how much harder it will be during very challenging times. We are in the last of the last days and we are going to need courage and reassurance that God is in control of our lives, if we put our full trust in Him. Start getting into the habit of praising Him now and start declaring verses in the bible that strengthens you now, so when you are in a middle of a crises you are already in the habit of doing it. It will give you strength and stamina to fight the good fight to the end. If you have the gift of tongues, don’t waste that gift and speak it often. We need to be strong in the Lord in good times as well as in bad times. Praising God lifts your spirit, and declaring His promises strengthens your faith. And when your faith is strong you become a powerful child of God in Christ Jesus.

God Answers Prayers

Many people think, God won’t answer their prayers. They think you have to be a very, very holy before God will even consider your prayers to be important. I have heard many times people won’t pray for the little things, because they don’t want to bother God. The truth is God is so interested in you and all that you do. Even the most ordinary and insignificant act of your day is all important to God. If I lose a pin I ask God to help me find it. God never gets mad when we include Him in our day. Doesn’t matter how unimportant you think it is, it is important to God, because His love is not like ours. Infinite in fact and infinite in mercy. God is a doer. Because most people think they are unworthy of been heard by God, much could have been done that wasn’t. Not only does God take a keen interest in your day, He wants you to pray for others as well. Because God is all powerful and He is waiting on you to call on His power and love to help you with every detail of your life and to help others through you.

When I started to realise I could help people on the other side of the world still in my pyjamas that was exciting for me. I was too shy to speak to people never alone about God, but I could pray for someone and know God will help them because I prayed. I pray that you will pray to God with confidence and not be shy about it. Your life will change for the better and you will learn more about God’s character if you persevere with a prayer life. What I mean your life will improve for the better, I don’t mean you won’t have problems, but you will find through your prayers and obedience to God, you will be given the grace to deal with those problems far better than you would relying on your own strength.

The joy you give God when you spend time with Him is enormous. His love is bigger than we can possibly imagine and you know yourself you don’t like to be ignored, but happy when people give you their full loving attention. God is bigger than us and He gives you some of His joy to us when we make a habit to look to Him for help in everything we do. God becomes not only your Father, but your best friend. And when you know your prayers can make a big difference in someone’s life you know it is the kind thing to do. The more merciful we are the more merciful God is to us. Your light will shine, people will notice something different about you, the more you pray and let God enter in your life.

About three years ago I lost my faith because I refuse to listen to God. I was sure I was going to hell. I didn’t stop my prayer life though and God restored my faith back little by little. Praying to God is one of the most powerful things you can do to save yourself and others from the lies of Satan. It is like a life saver to a drowning person. Obedience is also important. There are many temptations out there and prayer can help you so much in every circumstances that you find yourself in.