Look Forwarded to Going to Heaven

The Bible is not only a manual on how we should conduct our lives to please God. It is full of hope and miracles, which we can still see today. However the problem today is most of us don’t study the Bible enough including myself. When I studied it, I am learning about the character of Our God and His powerful miracles. Full of comfort and encouragement to imitate Jesus. Who is the only way to God. We all have faults and we are to love one another and pray for one another without ceasing. By doing this we will be rewarded for it and go to heaven worshiping our God in a powerful way that is not possible on earth. We will be purer, holier and far more loving towards one another than we can comprehend on earth. No more sin. Can you imagine that? No more temptations of any kind. It is something to look forward to. Meeting God who is so pleased with us, because we are His beloved children.

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