Praying Without Ceasing

Praying Without Ceasing

To pray without ceasing sounds daunting at first. When you first tried, you probably thought it would be impossible, but found later God is only too willing to help you, if you are set on doing it. We do have our off days. But let me encourage you for those yet to try. Have you notice in the early days God will set you up so to speak. You go to a barbeque as an example. You can’t seem to fit in so you find a quiet place and just start talking to God, because He is the only one willing to listen to you. While talking to Him you realise you only come to Him when you are feeling lonely or sad. Or when some emergency comes your way. That seems how our relationship with God starts off for many of us. We are brought up to be Christians, but the seed of upbringing has just started to come alive with the awareness of God’s love and patience, when we are not happy with life or ourselves.

To pray without ceasing is not always praying verbally. To be conscious of God is with you throughout the day is also prayer. Doing a kind deed or holding back your tongue, out of love and obedience to God is a form of prayer as well. With me it started with a huge trial I was facing. I was fighting all day with thoughts that would over-take my mind. But finally it all stop through a gracious miraculous event through the power of God. By the time my trial was over I was already in the habit of thinking about God all day long.

There of course times like at work or school etc. that you have to concentrate on the job, but the thought of God is just under the surface. In a moment you are asking God for help in your work or shopping etc. God becomes your companion daily and not just when you are struggling. Always put time in for verbal prayers as well. If you are to have a close relationship with God, you need to talk to Him about everything, your problems, your joys, what you have been doing that day, what has impress you and so on. You talk to Him as a child would its father, except with more intimacy and trust. You talk to Jesus as your Saviour, Brother and Spouse etc. And the Holy Spirit is a person of the Holy Trinity too, and He is your best friend, who will open your eyes to truths you haven’t thought of. Practise makes perfect.

If you do pray without ceasing it changes everything about your life. You will receive the peace of the Lord, the joy of the Lord and you will become more loyal to God. And come to love Him more, as well as getting to know Him better. You will also be more likely to get visions etc. But when that starts to happen you test the spirit. Not all visions, prophesies etc. come from God.  It is a commandment of God to pray without ceasing as St. Paul tell us.

1Thessalonians 5:17. Pray without ceasing.

Paul spoke it very straight forwardly. No room to mistake what he was saying. There should be no argument with what he is saying to us through scripture. Following Christ is not always easy. We do have to put effort into it. Most of us are lazy by nature. But with the help of God we can overcome it, if we be gentle, but firm with ourselves. Continuing asking God for His help. I hope you see how wonderful a gift it is to keep God’s company, all throughout the day. God is so keen for us to come to Him with faith and complete trust. The only way to get to know a person is to be with them and communicate to them. The same, with God. He wants your company badly. So give it a try and if you persevere, you will see your life change for the better.

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