Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide

I have known for a long time that Satan puts thoughts into our heads that are not ours, but seem to be, trying to bring us down. I have now after many years of late, discovered that he will fill us up with emotions that are not ours, to manipulate us into things like suicide, deep depression, anxiety, stress and bad feelings about ourselves that we are unworthy of being saved, that God is always angry with us etc. There is also a great deal of witchcraft going on sending spirits of fear onto Gods people, which stops us from fulfilling our calling etc. I remember I woke up with a feeling that came over me like a very excessive huge swamp of unworthiness. I felt so weak that I thought I was doomed. In my weak state I rebuked it in the name of Jesus. Not knowing if it would work or not. It lifted immediately after I rebuke it. It happened a few other times. Usually coming out of sleep.

So I am writing this down so as to encourage anybody at all who have to deal with this kind of torment, not to give into it, but rebuke it and cast it out, in the Name of Jesus. I know there will be many people who will say things like I am too scared to try it in case I upset the demon. Things might go out of my control. I am no expect in casting out demons either, but I have been force to give it a try. If you read up on self-deliverance it will help build your confidence, in giving it a try. I have a friend who is so scared of doing a good deed, because she is afraid the devil will retaliate. He does, that is why we have to learn not only to defend ourselves but attack back.

The church isn’t much of a help to us, by being in denial of the seriousness of the problem in the community of saints. Like I said I am not an expect either. I am self-taught, because the church I attend to won’t have anything to do with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. That is why the numbers are declining. Most of us want more than just to sit in the pews and listen to a nice sermon. We want to be free in the name of Jesus. Even though I had to rely on books and video shows to get me started. God is strengthening my spiritual muscles little by little. We have to start somewhere or we will get beaten down by witchcraft.

An ex-warlock said that he believes there are more witches and warlocks than there are Christians. Mind you most Christians are asleep, while the witches are very active and they learn fast their craft. I also have read the prophetess going by the name of Maria Divine Mercy that Jesus told her that they are increasing quicker than ants. And that was back in 2012. I do recommend John Ramirez’s books they are helping me. Most of you probably know he was a general in promoting the dark side and now he is very much in love with Jesus. So he knows all the tricks of the devil.

We have to remember we are a child of God the Most High. And God loves us more than any father on earth and will protect us against evil. God is on our side. We are on the winning side. Satan has been defeated at the Cross of Jesus. Demons in truth are more afraid of us once we know who we are in Jesus Christ. God is great and marvellous and won’t let us down if we put our trust in Him. We are already victorious in Jesus. Just put your faith in where it belongs in Jesus. Of course some people are called to cast out demons. That is their ministry, but we all can call on the name of Jesus and get an expert on deliverance, if you know one to do the hard stuff. You do need guidance in self-deliverance and we do need to be sensible about it.

I was too timid to try once. I am a shy person myself so I didn’t have much faith in my ability to order and rebuke demons. Then I was force into it. I had insomnia so serious that I was dying of exhaustion. I had no choice, the doctors couldn’t do anything about it. We must remember God is our friend and loving Father.

If you are suffering with suicide thoughts the chances are they are not your thoughts but somebody put them there and you can do something about it. Stand on the word of God and say to the demon of suicide, I rebuke you spirit of suicide in the name of Jesus to leave me at once and never return, or something similar. Say it and mean it. If it has left me it will leave you too in Jesus name. Remember I have a timid nature too. Despite what my writings sounds like to you. You may have to do it every time the thought comes to you. If you are determined in Jesus Christ you will see results. I bless you and congratulate you for trying, because so many are too afraid they think that the demons are bigger than God who loves you and won’t forsake you.

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