I Pray for Unity for Protestant and Catholics

I am grateful to God that I was born into a family, approximately for four generations of Protestants and Catholics marrying one another. By the time my mother’s turn, to marry my father who was a Protestant, she learnt to balance the difference with love. Love is the commandment of God. To love one another as Christ loves us. How did Christ loves us, He laid down His life for us and we are to do the same for each other. I grew up seeing both sides of the same coin and I respect both Protestants and Catholics – that genuinely follow Jesus. You know by the fruits if somebody is in love with Jesus or not. And there is some very beautiful people in both churches that follow Jesus closely. The problem is most Protestants and Catholics are not sure of one another’s faith, due to upbringing mostly.

There is a great deal of corruption playing out in both churches. Satan is really attacking openly now. I believe especially with the Catholic Church. It has been prophesised by a Catholic prophetess (Maria Divine Mercy) that the current pope is the false prophet from the bible. Long before any of the Protestants prophets had. I bringing this up so that you understand true Catholics are not happy how the church is going under the leadership of this pope. And people with kind hearts should be praying for them and not criticizing them, that God will use the genuine souls of Christ, gloriously through these hard times. We should be praying for protection to all Christians.

I want to clarify a few Catholics beliefs. Most people who say they are Christians are lukewarm, they have itching ears. They take out of the bible what they want to believe and discard the rest. A true Christian whether a Protestant or a Catholic reads the whole bible as the word of God and not to change it in any way as this pope has done. I have been told by another, that a women purchased a Catholic bible under this pope’s leadership and the Ten Commandments have been changed. The prophetess Maria Divine Mercy had prophesised this long ago would happen. That the church will be unrecognisable, it will changed so much. It will go pagan under this pope direction. The true Catholics are going through deep sorrow of what is taking place. And it has been prophesised that a purer and holier Catholic Church will arise from all this chaos.

I pray every day for unity between Protestants and Catholics and a greater understanding between the two churches. I also pray that Protestants will have a greater appreciation of Mary, because she deserves it. She is our Mother, because she is part of the inheritance that Jesus gave us. Everything that belongs to Jesus belongs to us. He is our brother and so we now are adopted into His family. Father and mother included. I believe Protestants miss out a lot by not honouring her that much. I heard an interesting lecture on the times when in the bible the Jewish people had kings. The king’s mother held the most dominate position in his kingdom, not the wife of the king, but his mother. I believe that also applies to heaven.

I know Catholics have a danger of worshiping Mary, but it is not part of their religion to do so as many people think. Like Protestants, a true Catholic worships God only and uses statues to help meditate on. Many Protestants believe the rosary beads are cursed. I know that is not true. Most Protestants haven’t sat down and do research work on what Catholics actually believe in, written by a true Catholic. The Hail Mary prayer are short prayers honouring Jesus conception. While the short prayer of Hail Mary being said they meditate on Jesus birth, ministry, death and resurrection. It is a powerful tool that Satan doesn’t want anybody to know about or use for Gods glory.

The Hail Mary prayer is simply. Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with you, bless are thou among women and bless is the fruit of your womb Jesus. Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

Mother of God worries many Protestants, but what Catholics are saying is Jesus is also God, second person. They are not referring to Our Heavenly Father or the Holy Spirit as many Protestants think. Blessing and honouring Mary is biblical.

Luke 1:48. For He has regarded the lowly state of His maidservant, for behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed.

Luke 1:42. Then she spoke with a loud voice and said. “Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb!

Protestants rarely bless or give her honour. They tend to say she was just an ordinary teenager. A ordinary teenager would not be spiritually strong enough to take on the role of raising Jesus or protecting Him from His enemies, or even having the faith to be conceived a child the way it was done to her.

In this article I can’t write down all the things I would like to. I am hoping it will make a big difference to some of you, how you think towards Catholics and Protestants. I wish we would all get along with one another and learn from one another as well. Both churches may interrupt parts of the bible differently. But people of both churches, hearts are for God and God is who we love, adore, obey and truly worship. Pray for unity in the body of Christ. It needs healing badly and it breaks Gods heart to see a Christian solider fighting another Christian solider. I have learnt much from Catholics and Protestants and I believe I have been blessed because I have studied the wisdom that has come out of both churches. No two Christians think alike. They have different experiences and learn at a different rate.

Let’s us image for a while, when the body of Christ is untied, restored and full of wisdom and respect, and love for each other, regardless of what church you belong to. Because we listen to the Holy Spirit and learn to discern the bible in unity with God’s Spirit, instead of fighting one another, as if we have all the answers. What would it look like to the out-sider looking in! Will they see the world in us or will they see Christ. His love and mercy and wisdom and power.

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