There are some good books on the subject of self-deliverance that will help anybody who is interested in giving it ago. If the problem is of a serious nature than you need to go to a person who is gifted in exorcism. I believe every born again Christian can do self-deliverance with some training. One book I recommend is called “Unmasking the Devil” by John Raminez. He use to serve Satan and is now working hard to free people of the bondage from evil spirits. He is now in love with His Saviour Jesus Christ.

We all have strong holds that we have to tear down. Pride is just about in everyone and it is a demon. So things like fear, lust, greed, laziness etc. they are also demons. Long story short I use to see demons of pride and judging in just about everybody I met, for about ten years, then another ten years I would react to people as if I saw them. I had a severe breakdown from it and also suffered social phobias because of it, for about forty years. I know people will have difficulty believing it, but there is a gift called discerning of the spirits and it cost me. There was a reason why God gave me that gift, which was to expiate sins of judging and pride. Protestants tend not to believe we can expiate sins on behalf of others, but if you read Sr. Josefa Menendez book “The way of Divine Love” from Tans publication, you will find she was a Sacred Heart nun, who was sent to hell many times to expiate sins for others. She was what Catholics call a victim soul. The book is very inspiring and as I read it I felt grace coming to me in abundance. So it is another book I would love you to read, it gives you courage to carry your cross.

We all have fallen short of Gods glory and we have been given weapons to deal with this problem. I wish churches were more open to teaching how to deliver people from bondage. I feel the church has failed us in many ways, because they are not teaching us, or encouraging us in most churches to use the spiritually gifts of God. Some people don’t want demons to be cast out of them, because they are afraid of them. They don’t realise demons are afraid of us more so, if we know who we are in Christ Jesus and know the power and authority God has given us. The more we practise self-deliverance the more confident we become in our authority.

Declaring and decreeing positively over ourselves is important. We pray over our problem first and then we decree it into existence. We have to get into the habit, because too many of us, including myself decree the negative and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. There is power in the tongue and also the way we think we become. It is not easy changing a life time habit, but we must persist and remember we are overcomers in Jesus Christ.

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