Many are called to be Martyrs

After years of complaining about my exhaustion through suffering from insomnia, God told me to stop complaining. God said, before I was conceived I pleaded with Him to be a martyr. Why I am brining this up, we don’t know what we signed up for, before entering into this world. Many of us blame God when we shouldn’t. Many are called to be end times martyrs for the salvations of souls and purify and advancing our souls in the kingdom. Many too will escape and go to safe havens that are currently being set up for those days. I believe we are very near to those days of persecution. I also was complaining to God another time that everything I did was worth nothing. Even if I was beheaded it would be nothing. God quickly revealed Himself to me and said to die for Him was the greatest sacrifice you could give Him. I can’t remember the exact words, because it happen decades ago. The honour God will give those who are willing to suffer for Him and die a cruel death would be so beyond our imagination. God always out does us in generosity.

If you read Christian history, when we are being persecuted, so as to reduce our numbers, the opposite happens. More and more people come to Christ in persecution than at any other time. Peace time we become lukewarm and stray from the absolute truth of the bible. If we read our bibles in the book of Revelations, tells us that the persecution in the end times will be like no other time in history. So can you imagine it will also be the greatest time in history for conversions to Christ as well. Satan has already lost the war, but he is trying to lose as many souls as possible before Christ comes.

I believe the ones that are called to be Martyrs have agreed to it either in this life or before conception took place. I know when I agreed on it, Jesus appeared so happy that He was looking at something that I couldn’t see, but I believe it was all the people He would save if I went ahead with it. I said to God I know I offered, but did you have to take my word up on it. So be warned don’t agree on it unless you really know what it is you are agreeing to, because God will take you up on it.

If you are called don’t worry, God will give you the grace if you keep your eyes on Him and not on yourself and your circumstances. I believe we all should be praying now earnestly without ceasing to be faithful to God and our calling, whatever that may be. We are weak by nature and we can only become strong through the merits of Jesus Christ. Praying and fasting is so important and especially now. Meditating on Christ sufferings and Resurrection is a treasure. It gives you strength when we meditate on what Jesus suffered for us. I believe it will give you courage and strengthen your love for Him. Therefore gives you endurance to finish the race. If you give into self-pity, that weakens you no end. You hear people say stand on His promises, which is perfect advice, but also look at what He was prepared to suffer for you, so that you will want to return the favour out of love for Him. Pray without ceasing, won’t be an option. You will have to do it, to keep your faith strong enough to finish the race, in God’s grace. God won’t leave us helpless or orphans.

Philippians 4:13. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

Isaiah 40:29. He gives power to the faint; and to them that have no might He increases strength.

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