If we are faithful to God, we are always calling on God to purify us, so that we become more like Christ every day. Jesus has told us that He is humble and meek of heart. I remember when I was young I didn’t know what humility was. Long story short, God put me in a position that I felt like people were using me and I was so angry with them. While I was in that state God put it to my mind that I wasn’t acting in a humble manner towards them. Then the light dawn on me. I knew what humility wasn’t so it must be the opposite. Humility is often portrayed as being weak and letting people walk all over them. I see it as love and truth walking hand in hand with one another. Somebody else might have a better description of it. When you humble and somebody gives you a compliment your head doesn’t swell up with pride. It can handle a compliment and give God the glory, knowing the grace came from God so you could act out in a way that was pleasing.

When you see a humble person, you might be shocked that they can say things that doesn’t sound humble to you, because humble people can stand up for themselves and tell the opponent an unpleasant truth. The difference with a humble person speaking truth to someone, from a person who does it in a prideful manner, the humble person is doing it out of love. And they hate having to rebuke a persons’ action. The proud will do it to make themselves look better and superior to the person they are talking down to. The proud person just looks mean. If we look at Jesus, He didn’t always say what people wanted to hear from Him either. Jesus doesn’t enjoy correcting us at all and nor does anybody truly follow Him enjoys it either. Correction is done out of love, knowing too that they are also a sinner who needs correction from time to time. A humble person welcomes correction, because they want to be more like Christ to please God.

Being humble is a challenge for us, because being prideful is a weakness in the human race and Satan is for ever tempting us to go the way of pride. When we humble ourselves, so many beautiful things happen, we find we are closer to God and our relationship with Him is warmer. We seem to pray with a lot more confidence. The humble grow in all things that Christ has to offer them. They become more childlike in faith, hope and love. I certainly wish to grow in humility. Like I said it is a battle, we have Satan on our backs trying to turn us away from all that God has to offer. So I beg pardon that preaching it is easy to do, practising it I find it is just as much a challenge to me as it for many people. The more you look into humility the more fascinating it is. God reveals secrets to the humble not the proud. The humble walk in the presence of God. Humble people know the difference between hatred and love.

Matthew 23:12. And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

Matthew 18:4. Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

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