How many times when we are praying our minds wonder off, or some other distractions takes place. In the middle of the night there was an irritating fly of all things, kept buzzing around my head and then when I finally got up to spray it, it played hide and seek on me. I am thinking all this times, I just want to pray and this fly is taking up all my time. So eventually I go back to praying. Now I am totally unsettle and there is no peace within me and I am wondering if God will answer these prayers. Then a thought came to me, all God is asking for me is to do my best. Even if my best is deplorable in my eyes. God will accept it, because of His love and mercy for me. Then another thought came to me. My Aunt and Uncle had a son that was extremely bright. He passed his exams without having to study. The daughter on the other hand had to struggle really hard just to get a pass. My Aunt and Uncle praised the daughter’s’ efforts so much that the son complained and asked why she was getting all the praise and not him, when his marks were so much higher. He was told by his parents your marks came effortless where as your sister had to work really hard for hers. That came to me and I realise God just wants my will, not my performance.

My Prayers

My prayers can’t do one bit of good, if God doesn’t listen to them. I believe, when our prayer time is most difficult that’s when our prayers are most powerful. The reason being we are praying solely to please God, since we are not getting any pleasure out of it  ourselves. When we are praying and enjoying ourselves as well as pleasing God, it is not so challenging, therefore not as powerful in my opinion. I am not saying prayers aren’t powerful at any time, but there are times when we give God pleasure more when we prove we are doing it for Him alone and not for our benefit.

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