Consider this Prayer

My marvellous, great God who provides for me and protects me from all my enemies, my gracious loving Father who knows me intimately. I am always in your thoughts. You love me too bits despite of my nothingness. You see beauty in me that I don’t yet see. And everything about you is powerful, majestic presence of love, mercy, kindness, tenderness, wisdom, intelligence and awareness. You are so creative that you can make something out of nothing. And you love this sinner so much that your son Jesus was willing to die for me a cruel agonising death on the cross. You love me so much that I am free of my penalty of sin. Thanks to Jesus prepared to be punished on my behalf. Now you have made me a bride of Christ, a friend of the Holy Spirit and your child. You have made me equal heirs with Jesus. So now I am a Royal Child of God. Raised from a servant into your family. You continue to find excuses for me to be saved by the precious blood of Jesus. You remember my sins no more. What a great Father and God you are. I gladly worship you with all I have, because there is no other love like yours. And I am willing to die for you as your son was prepared to die for me.

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