God is Eternally Patient to the Humble

Once God told me He was tied of me thinking a certain way. I can’t remember what it was. Anyway I said to Him ‘aren’t you suppose to be eternally patient. And His reply was ‘only to the humble.’ In scripture it says He humbles the proud and raises up the lowly. He is also merciful to those who are merciful. So how we behave determines how God treats us.

We need a great deal of Gods’ patience, because we are so slow in learning the ways of God. How many times do we put our own reasoning above God, to find we have made a serious error? Gods’ patience is so tender that we want to love Him more. And His wisdom is so great and eternal we can never out-think Him. In Gods’ wisdom He allows hardship to come, so that we may learn humility and patience. They say the quickest was to learn humility is to be humiliated.

The spirit of pride is a hard thing to remove from our natures. So that is where rebuking pride in Jesus Name comes in handy. And deliberately making choices to stay humble has to be a way of life. We must keep our eyes on Jesus example all the time and then we will grow in the ways of God. Also with much prayer helps. Praising God is also important as well. Sometimes these things are easy to do and at other times it is very hard, because of our sinful nature. Keep persevering and you will see a change in you. There is always more room in ourselves to grow closer to God. The closer we are with God the happier we are, because God is the only true source of real joy there is.

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