How many times when we are praying our minds wonder off, or some other distractions takes place. In the middle of the night there was an irritating fly of all things, kept buzzing around my head and then when I finally got up to spray it, it played hide and seek on me. I am thinking all this times, I just want to pray and this fly is taking up all my time. So eventually I go back to praying. Now I am totally unsettle and there is no peace within me and I am wondering if God will answer these prayers. Then a thought came to me, all God is asking for me is to do my best. Even if my best is deplorable in my eyes. God will accept it, because of His love and mercy for me. Then another thought came to me. My Aunt and Uncle had a son that was extremely bright. He passed his exams without having to study. The daughter on the other hand had to struggle really hard just to get a pass. My Aunt and Uncle praised the daughter’s’ efforts so much that the son complained and asked why she was getting all the praise and not him, when his marks were so much higher. He was told by his parents your marks came effortless where as your sister had to work really hard for hers. That came to me and I realise God just wants my will, not my performance.

My Prayers

My prayers can’t do one bit of good, if God doesn’t listen to them. I believe, when our prayer time is most difficult that’s when our prayers are most powerful. The reason being we are praying solely to please God, since we are not getting any pleasure out of it  ourselves. When we are praying and enjoying ourselves as well as pleasing God, it is not so challenging, therefore not as powerful in my opinion. I am not saying prayers aren’t powerful at any time, but there are times when we give God pleasure more when we prove we are doing it for Him alone and not for our benefit.

Who to Believe

There are many false prophets and teachers out there. So it is so important these days to stay humble and as Proverbs 5:5-6 says. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding: In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path.

We need to practise that more than ever these days, because deception is increasing. When the world agrees on something that’s when I get suspicious about it. Because the world is at enmity with God. So my reasoning is if the world is in total agreement with one another, the chances are it opposing the will of God. When Pope Francis was made Pope the world raved over him that to me was a sign that something was very wrong about this Pope. There is a prophetess named Maria Divine Mercy who long before any other modern prophet told us this Pope is the false prophet from the bible. Very few people believed her. She prophesised the one world region, the one world economics and the one world government years before anybody else did.

She has books called ‘The book of Truth’. I have got the volume two copy from 7th January to 4th September 2012. It is Choco block full of prophecies of the end time. I trust her anointing the most, because it is so powerful. You can get this book on-line. Just type down Maria Divine Mercy then click on the book of Truth. And you will see some of the things Jesus has told her about.

A few people I follow on the internet are Kevin Zadai ‘Warrior Notes’. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, Godshealer 7 End Time Prophecy, LatterRain 333, David Heavener – Last Evangelist, A Servant’s Heart. Those are some of the children of God I watch fairly regularly. There are others too. I do watch as well like garden, survival hints, and cooking. I have given you this list so you know where some true prophets are on the internet. They will keep you on the straight and narrow. Of course there are others who follow Jesus closely, but that is enough to get started with. There are so many who say what people want them to say rather than the truth. The truth can be hard to swallow at times, but it is the truth that sets you free. Too many people I find are burying their head in the sand hoping all the judgements will just go away and leave them alone. It won’t you have to choose what side you are on. And then fight the good fight and persevere unto the end.

Churches Disputes

We all suffer from blind spots. And sometimes it is no use pointing it out to us, because more times than not we won’t believe it. Not until the Holy Spirit reveals it to us do we believe. We are told to pray for wisdom and treasure her. Having wisdom will save us from falling into a trap that the devil plans for us. So as to destroy us if he can, and he is more successful than we like to admit.

I like you to turn your attention to all the different denominations of churches out there. All having different views on how to interpret parts of the bible. All claiming to be right. I believe without a doubt they all can’t be right in everything. I have been baptised and brought up in the Presbyterian Church and then became a Catholic. Now I am disappointed in all the churches, but I am not blaming any of them, because we all are human with blind spots.

I believe in Holy Communion that Jesus is truely present in the bread and wine. I use to believe it was symbolic like a good Presbyterian. Since then Jesus has communicated to me directly from the Host, and many other experience, I have received from the Holy Communion that proves to me that Jesus meant what He said. Read John chapter six. I learnt that from the Catholics. I learnt more about the spiritual gifting from the Protestant. I speak in tongues for about an hour a day. I believe in honouring Mary. There is a great difference from honouring and worship. I say about eight rosaries a day if not more, because I believe the power of Mary’s intercession. Once I failed God and betrayed Him and I asked how I could thank Him and He told me to say the rosary. It was Jesus speaking to me not the devil disguising himself as Jesus.

Mary the mother of Jesus told me fairly recently that I don’t go under the banner of a Protestant or a Catholic. The truth is very important to me. Jesus does say seek and you shall find. I believe in following Jesus closely, and not the church so much. He will free you from the religious spirit that is in most churches of today. The church you are in I believe isn’t going to be perfect, because only Jesus is perfect. And we are called to follow Jesus under the influence of the Holy Spirit. You will find some of your beliefs, if you are growing will be corrected, where it needs to be corrected, that is if you give God a chance to teach you.

I am not dismissing the importance of churches role by any means. But what I would like you to consider is to pray for wisdom and discernment daily. And don’t be so sure you are right every time. I have been guilty of that many times myself. So from personal experience I am saying to you God will only reveal His secrets to the humble and teachable, not the proud. Only a few find the narrow gate that leads to life, is what Jesus said. Let us be that few.

Matthew 7:14. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

Consider this Prayer

My marvellous, great God who provides for me and protects me from all my enemies, my gracious loving Father who knows me intimately. I am always in your thoughts. You love me too bits despite of my nothingness. You see beauty in me that I don’t yet see. And everything about you is powerful, majestic presence of love, mercy, kindness, tenderness, wisdom, intelligence and awareness. You are so creative that you can make something out of nothing. And you love this sinner so much that your son Jesus was willing to die for me a cruel agonising death on the cross. You love me so much that I am free of my penalty of sin. Thanks to Jesus prepared to be punished on my behalf. Now you have made me a bride of Christ, a friend of the Holy Spirit and your child. You have made me equal heirs with Jesus. So now I am a Royal Child of God. Raised from a servant into your family. You continue to find excuses for me to be saved by the precious blood of Jesus. You remember my sins no more. What a great Father and God you are. I gladly worship you with all I have, because there is no other love like yours. And I am willing to die for you as your son was prepared to die for me.

Be a Follower of Jesus

Matthew 7:21. ‘Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father in heaven.

To follow Jesus we must all obey Him, only then can we say we actually following Jesus. So many people pick and choose what they want to believe to be true, instead of genuinely seeking truth. The Holy Spirit will open our eyes to truth if we genuinely seek it. But so many, so many people who say they are followers of Jesus don’t really want to know the real truth. It shows when they openly disobey Him. Like one person said on one of Sid’s Roth shows, everybody wants a saviour. They want a saviour in their relationship, their finances, their healing and so on. But not many are willing to bow down to Jesus and call Him Lord of their life. Most of us want our cake and eat it. But with God that is not possible. You are either all in or you are out. God is a very jealous God and we have to remember that with holy fear and trembling. God is a God of love and mercy, but He is also a God of justice. And because even our good deeds are nothing but filthy rags to Him we need Jesus to save us. But it is not possible if we don’t even try to obey Him. There are perfect examples found everywhere in the whole Bible on how to live. The Bible explains clearly how to behave in EVERY generations. We are answerable to God.

Be brave and stand apart from the rest of the world. Then people will know Jesus better by our lifestyle. Most people I believe who call themselves Christians are Christians in name only. They are living a duel life. One foot in the world and the other at Church. We must listen and obey Jesus all the time. We pray daily that we are found worthy and ready when He come for us. God is saying to you. ‘My only desire is to see you safely in my arms.’ This is a message from God to you.

We are a child of God who is saved by grace not by works. But we must try to do the will of God and believe Jesus has paid the full price of our redemption. God forgives the repented sinner. And we are always falling short of God’s glory, but we keep trying to please God in everything and in every way, proving to the world we belong to Jesus and not to the world.

God is Eternally Patient to the Humble

Once God told me He was tied of me thinking a certain way. I can’t remember what it was. Anyway I said to Him ‘aren’t you suppose to be eternally patient. And His reply was ‘only to the humble.’ In scripture it says He humbles the proud and raises up the lowly. He is also merciful to those who are merciful. So how we behave determines how God treats us.

We need a great deal of Gods’ patience, because we are so slow in learning the ways of God. How many times do we put our own reasoning above God, to find we have made a serious error? Gods’ patience is so tender that we want to love Him more. And His wisdom is so great and eternal we can never out-think Him. In Gods’ wisdom He allows hardship to come, so that we may learn humility and patience. They say the quickest was to learn humility is to be humiliated.

The spirit of pride is a hard thing to remove from our natures. So that is where rebuking pride in Jesus Name comes in handy. And deliberately making choices to stay humble has to be a way of life. We must keep our eyes on Jesus example all the time and then we will grow in the ways of God. Also with much prayer helps. Praising God is also important as well. Sometimes these things are easy to do and at other times it is very hard, because of our sinful nature. Keep persevering and you will see a change in you. There is always more room in ourselves to grow closer to God. The closer we are with God the happier we are, because God is the only true source of real joy there is.

Forgiving yourself can be the Hardest thing to do

After preaching for a couple of years on how good and loving God is, I failed to believe it myself terribly. In a moment, I was attacked by Satan and lost my faith. It was no small thing. After receiving countless visitations and communications from God I should never failed God. And God was so angry with me. God can get angry, because of His great love for us being wounded by our carelessness. It took three years of God telling me on and off that my sin was absolved, that I was forgiven. I couldn’t believe it in my heart. I kept punishing myself. I still worshiped Him and served Him. I knew I was saved, but just couldn’t believe that He had forgiven me over that sin.

One day in worship, it finally dawned on me that I was forgiven and I became so free within myself that I praised God with all my heart. I was filled with joy and a new hope filled my soul. I found God was so pleased with me for trusting His mercy at last, that it made me even happier still. So what Satan stolen from me I received it back again.

Hope is so precious, it gives us something to hang onto when we are going through our trials of testing. I did a very silly thing. The more God gives you in the way of visions and visitations the more He rightfully expects of you. I feel not only have I let God down but I let down the whole of heaven and you my readers for not being the example I should have been.

My beloved brothers and sisters always be on guard and realise God never leaves you. You may not see Him, but He is closer to you than you are to yourself.