The Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit

The bible in many cases is not treated with the respect and Holy fear that it deserves. I know for a long time I myself didn’t believe in certain passages, partly through false teaching and not studying the bible properly enough. Why I am bringing this up is that many Christians believe in the lie, that it is all right to abort a child in the womb. As if it is not part of the human race. Some will say it is all right to abort babies that are physically handicap in some way, as if they are less human than the ones who are not. If you believe this yourself I beg you to ask God and really want to do His will and not yours.

King David makes it clear that he was a sinner at the moment of conception. So that means he had a soul right from the very beginning of his existance. God loves everybody, we hear that often enough. He loved you and I before we were even thought of by our parents, why wouldn’t he love the handicap or the baby without a handicap as much as he loves us.

The fear of God is missing in many Christians of today. They say He is a loving God, he will forgive everybody, which is true, but God is also is a just God. And if the person doesn’t sincerely repent, how can he forgive? Not only is He a loving father He is also our judge. People tend to forget what is convenient to them, but is it really convenient to live a lie. Anything that contradicts the bible is a lie.

People want to look good to other people, they might say there is nothing wrong with gay marriages as an example. Completely ignoring what God said to Moses. God told Moses if a man lies in bed with another man as a woman it is a hateful thing. You will find it is said twice in the book of Numbers. You either join the world who thinks they are smarter and more compassionate than God the Creator of the human race, or you join hands and please the Creator. You cannot serve two masters at the same time.

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