Pray for People to Get to Know Mary Better

I am starting to pray in earnest for people to have a better understanding of Mary’s role as the Mother of the church, Mother of God, and the Queen of Heaven. I wish more and more people understand who she is and how powerful her role is and why it is so important to say as many rosaries as you can.

Many people don’t realise how many times Mary appears to people privately and how sweet and powerful she is. They mistakenly believe we worship her. That we think she is equal to Jesus, which is far from the truth. We are all powerful in Jesus, the more you lived for Him on earth with complete surrender the more you become like Him. And there is no one equal to Mary. Mary lived for God and God alone more than any of us put together, except for Jesus of course.

Satan Hates Us

Satan hates us knowing how dedicated she is in helping us. Satan doesn’t want you to say the rosary, because he loses so much ground and souls when we do say the rosary with devotion. Mary is our Mother and she comes to us as a Mother and Queen. She has for me and I know I am not the only one. I get upset when people turn up their noses at Catholics for honouring Mary the way we do. Remember she is also Queen of Heaven. People miss out so many blessings from God when they refuse to honour her as such.

Jesus obeys the Ten Commandments more than any one of us perfectly and we all know one of those commandments says to honour your father and mother.  Don’t you think Jesus would have honoured His Mother with great love and humility? Jesus is our example to follow. Everything  He did, He did perfectly to glorify His Father. Since Jesus is our Brother and Saviour we have inherited everything Jesus has. And one of those things is His Mother that He so tenderly loves and wants us to love her the way He does.

Mary Strengthens Us

When Mary visits us it is always strengthens our love for Jesus, so why do so many people think that is the devil in disguised. By the fruits you can tell a false prophet from a true one. The fruit being that you are made humble before Jesus and fall madly in love with Him. That is not the work of the devil. If you don’t have a true devotion to Mary you won’t experience her.

We are told by Jesus as well as Mary to pray the rosary. Jesus has said to a prophetess ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ to say at least three mysteries of the rosary daily, because of the times we are living in. Mary has said it is going to be through her Immaculate Heart and the Rosary that will give us the victory we need for the great tribulation, which we are already in.

Remember she is the Queen of Heaven and Jesus can’t say no to her, because of her humble obedience to Him, while on earth and she is His Mother whom He honours so much. True we will become queens when we reach Heaven, but we won’t be the Queen of Heaven. That place is only reserved for Mary His Mother. 


I like giving donations to Christian charities, because I want God to get all the credit and glory that He deserves. I believe when we give to other charities that don’t acknowledge God, mankind tends to get all the credit and glory instead. God does want us to be kind and generous to one another. We must remember we can’t do one kind deed without the Holy Spirits promoting us. We are so selfish left to ourselves. Only God is good and deserving of Praise. If we want to help people be saved we must let them know, all good things come from God and not man. Man tends to have an interior motive like ‘I am really good person for helping’ instead ‘God is really good for motivating me to help’.

To love one another as Christ loves us is a commandment from God, it didn’t come from us. So that is my reasoning. More people know God is good the better, and they will only know that if we give to Christian charities. Not only does it help them physically, it will help them spiritually to know God is love. If we hold back we are in fact disobeying God and God gets the bad name for not helping them, when they are in need. And not us, whom the Holy Spirit promoted us to help them in the first place. The truth of the matter is we are called to give at least ten percent to tithing and ten percent offering. Unfortunately very few do it.  I heard on a YouTube show that this women visited heaven and she wanted to know why her house in heaven was only at foundation level. And she was told because she didn’t tithe. That tithing is the brick and mortar for our spiritual homes. So it always pays to do what is right.  Not everybody can pay it, for example I can only pay the tithe and but not ten percent of the offering, but I do my best. And I am sure that is the case with a lot of people. So I find other ways to help expand the Kingdom of God. I am sure that is what many do as well.

Hebrews 13:16.  Don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These sacrifices that please God.