Truth Will Stand The Test

What I found in life that God is indeed the rock of salvation. We can build our lives on truth and it won’t fall during tragedies. If we build our life on or around lies, sooner or later our lives will be one big mess, depending on how great the lie we built our life on. On other occasions it is not our fault, but people around us that mess up their lives and drag us into it. But here I am just talking facts. Lies can’t stand, truth will. I believe it is so important to pray for an increase in faith. Truth only works in my opinion if we really believe it. Also I have learnt that God won’t give until we learn to give generously not grudgingly to others. If we are mean or disobedient our prayers may not be heard also. Sometimes our prayers are on hold for other reasons, not due to displeasing God.

Sometimes God puts us in a set of circumstances that look like we are defeated, but in fact we are very victorious. We only have to look at the cross. Nothing could have looked worst then what Jesus went through at that time, far as the disciples were concern. Then three days later Jesus rose from the dead and made a way for us to enter heaven if we believe and follow Him. God often works that way. You may be going through something your prefer not to, but if you remain faithful, something good will eventually come out of it. Stronger faith for one thing and a greater intimacy with God for another and much more.