Satan is the Enemy Not Each Other

The battle of the sexes is planned by Satan to destroy the human race. God wants us to love one another not hate one another. When we obey God, there are no losers, and we become free, valued, loved, and respected, and also, we bring the best out of one another. We need each other. Married couples are one flesh. How they treat one another matters very much. What we sow we reap. It takes both the husband and the wife to make a marriage work. You can’t expect one to do all the giving, while the other does all the taking. It doesn’t work that way. If you want happiness, you must follow Jesus’s example. Jesus is a giver. We are told to treat one another as we would like to be treated ourselves, which is kindness, respect, honour, forgiveness, love, friendship, loyalty, patience, acceptance and so on. Nobody wants to be ruled by another. Nobody wants to be nagged to death. Nobody enjoys it when they aren’t appreciated.

Men and women are different in many ways for a reason. We complement one another, that is if we follow Jesus’s example. We have different needs and different strengths and weaknesses. Men want respect more than love, and women want love more than respect. We have a different language; we have to really listen to one another. I believe most arguments between women and men are because of misinterpreting one another.

A man’s strength is often what a woman is in need of, and a woman’s strength is often what a man is in need of. God has designed us that way. Women have leadership ability too. Men and women lead differently. We need both leaders. We have different nurturing and protective skills. The Church needs both men and women leaders. Together, we can fight Satan with the power of God and win souls for Him.

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