The Beautiful things about You

is7EUPT5IRNow it is time for many of us to look at the deep beautiful things about us, who serve the Lord in particular. Some of us can be so good at noticing our sins and weaknesses, but not humble enough to see the beauty of our souls. That is either false humility or an inferior complex, which the world teaches. I want to make a confession I believe in Natal Astrology. It is the only New Age thing I believe in. Nobody knows for sure when Astrology came into being. I believe it started with the Jewish race, because in a Synagogue in Israel on the floor there is a permanent fixture of the Western Astrology horoscope. (Not Hindu). When asked the Rabbi about it he said Leo represents The Lion of the Tribe of Judea and Virgo represents the Virgin Birth and so on. Natal Astrology was invented after the Bible was written and has nothing to do with fortune telling as some of the other branches of Astrology do. The prophets in the Bible warned us against fortune telling not Natal Astrology because it didn’t exist back then. Why I love Natal Astrology, it will tell you in black and white terms of your mostly likely weakness and strengths may be.

A friend of mine had a daughter who thought so badly of herself that her mother told her she wanted her to see five things about herself a day that she liked about herself. In Natal Astrology you have hundreds and hundreds of potential nice things about yourself that you were born with. Some might complain and say what about all the bad things. I like to point out to you, look at all the generation curses of our fore fathers sins we were born with. Every time we do well our virtue grows stronger. Let’s be fair with ourselves for those who only see the bad stuff. You are magnificent in God’s eyes, we are His master piece. There are many beautiful traits about God’s children, courage being one of them. Every time we do God’s will we become more like Christ every day.

I have been told one of my main virtues is empathy. You may not agree since I write so much about beware of our fallen nature. I am also honest to a fault. Just think how we insult God by not admitting there is plenty of good things about us. So it is a question of not going too far left or right but stay on the straight and narrow road when looking at yourself.

Song. 4:7. You are all-beautiful, my beloved and there is no blemish in you.

That is how Jesus sees us, because we are always washing our sins away with His Blood. The power of the Blood of Jesus can wash away all sins and so we become all-beautiful in God’s eyes.


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