God is a Jealous God

Many today don’t see anything wrong with having statures of Hindu gods and so on. They just see them as pretty statures to decorate their homes. Little do they know they are inviting themselves with all sorts of problems. They are false gods and God is a jealous God. Demons come with these statures and curse those who have them. Because the people who own them without knowing are giving Satan permission to do so. In other words people are worshiping demons without them knowing it. There is only one God. Everything that doesn’t honour God is false and will bring down all kinds of problems on people, like demon possessions for example. This might sound far fetch, but it is true. Just ask the people who have to cast demons out of people and hear what they have to say. People complain about Catholics having statures of Jesus and Mary (that brings you closer to God), but at the same token will have a Hindu stature on their front verandas. They don’t see how they are contradicting themselves.

1 John 5:21. Little children, keep yourself from idols.

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