A Prayer to the Holy Spirit

is(16)Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit wake me up to your great love and kindness. Fill me with Your Mercy and Wisdom. Fill me with your tenderness and care, fill me with yourself and anoint me with your oil. Help me to trim the wick of my lamp, so that I can burn more brightly with Your presence. May You set me on fire with Your love and mercy. Fill me with a loving light that shows the way to the heart of Christ. Make me Yours completely, so that I can resemble Christ my Lord and Bridegroom.

Holy Spirit fill me with Your power to change me into the perfect Bride of Christ. Holy Spirit have compassion on me and make me new in Christ. Deepen our relationship with one another. A beautiful intimate union with each other. Blow away all my sins, toss them into the sea of Your mercy. Blow all chains and strongholds that are offensive to You and that are keeping me back.

Teach me Your ways, all of them, so I can become pleasing to You. Free me Oh Holy Spirit from all evil ways. I want to be made whole in Your Spirit. Make me pleasing to the Father, so that He won’t regret making me. Throw Your arms around me and protect me from pride and selfishness. Holy Spirit fill me with your eternal self and fill me with Your power to be changed in the True Image of God Almighty.

Keep my eyes on Jesus, don’t let my eyes become blind, but instead see the wonderful beauty of my God. Watch over me. I can be very stubborn and I so long to be Yours forever and forever more. Fill me with all Your fruits and gifts, so that I become another Christ, fill me with your meekness and graciousness, make my soul beautiful by being ever so present and united with me.  Amen.


I don’t usually pray to the Holy Spirit that much, I usually pray to Jesus, but I know the only way to get to know the Holy Spirit is start talking to Him. When I finished the prayer I thought other people may like it, but wasn’t sure so I rang my friend and asked what she thought about it and said to post it, so I am now doing that. I hope it brings you closer to the Holy Spirit as it did me.

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