Can the Devil Hear Our Thoughts?

Many people are beginning to believe that the devil and his demons can’t hear your thoughts. There is an argument that the devil didn’t really know who Jesus was, which I accept, but who is like Jesus?

I remember I dared the most evil spirit in a cemetery once, to chase me down the block when I was a child and it did. I dared it in my mind and it heard me. I had one demon tried to silence his thoughts, because he didn’t want me to know the prayer I was considering to say was more powerful than the prayer I usually say to get rid of demons. It was too late I already heard his thoughts. Another time I wanted another demon to go, without finishing the whole prayer. I told him in my mind it was stronger enough to get rid of him without saying the rest. The demon agreed but stubbornly refused. I got the idea through reading his mind there was agreement with God that I had to finish part two of the prayer as well. Satan was angry with me once when I said to God in my mind, ‘Satan is only a speak compare to You.’

isGB1GPL5DI don’t know why believing that the devil doesn’t hear our thoughts make people feel secure. Because truly it doesn’t bother me if he can hear my thoughts or not. God of the universe is in-charge of everything. We just have to rely on God for our victory and we will come through. Just don’t talk to demons if you can help it.


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