The Beautiful things about You

is7EUPT5IRNow it is time for many of us to look at the deep beautiful things about us, who serve the Lord in particular. Some of us can be so good at noticing our sins and weaknesses, but not humble enough to see the beauty of our souls. That is either false humility or an inferior complex, which the world teaches. I want to make a confession I believe in Natal Astrology. It is the only New Age thing I believe in. Nobody knows for sure when Astrology came into being. I believe it started with the Jewish race, because in a Synagogue in Israel on the floor there is a permanent fixture of the Western Astrology horoscope. (Not Hindu). When asked the Rabbi about it he said Leo represents The Lion of the Tribe of Judea and Virgo represents the Virgin Birth and so on. Natal Astrology was invented after the Bible was written and has nothing to do with fortune telling as some of the other branches of Astrology do. The prophets in the Bible warned us against fortune telling not Natal Astrology because it didn’t exist back then. Why I love Natal Astrology, it will tell you in black and white terms of your mostly likely weakness and strengths may be.

A friend of mine had a daughter who thought so badly of herself that her mother told her she wanted her to see five things about herself a day that she liked about herself. In Natal Astrology you have hundreds and hundreds of potential nice things about yourself that you were born with. Some might complain and say what about all the bad things. I like to point out to you, look at all the generation curses of our fore fathers sins we were born with. Every time we do well our virtue grows stronger. Let’s be fair with ourselves for those who only see the bad stuff. You are magnificent in God’s eyes, we are His master piece. There are many beautiful traits about God’s children, courage being one of them. Every time we do God’s will we become more like Christ every day.

I have been told one of my main virtues is empathy. You may not agree since I write so much about beware of our fallen nature. I am also honest to a fault. Just think how we insult God by not admitting there is plenty of good things about us. So it is a question of not going too far left or right but stay on the straight and narrow road when looking at yourself.

Song. 4:7. You are all-beautiful, my beloved and there is no blemish in you.

That is how Jesus sees us, because we are always washing our sins away with His Blood. The power of the Blood of Jesus can wash away all sins and so we become all-beautiful in God’s eyes.


We are called to Love Everybody

is570FUPLHSome people even preach to their congregation to love, but don’t seem to registrar that they themselves don’t always practise it. (Religious spirit). I have seen religious leaders gossiping without remorse and refusing to forgive someone. Loving some people is harder than loving others sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t try to love all. Even those who hurt us. There are people I have to make a greater effort to forgive than others. If I don’t, I know it is serious enough for God to punish me. Don’t think He hasn’t because He has. Some might say even ruthlessly. God wants souls to go to heaven and sometimes you have to learn fast, before your soul is in danger of going to hell.

Preachers in Hell

I have heard stories of a woman preacher of thirty years, went to hell, because she wouldn’t forgive her husband. As well as a man preacher not forgiving his wife was told (after seeing heaven and hell) if he was to meant to die that day he would have gone to hell. If we don’t obey we are going to find out how serious that is, one day. Let’s hope it is not on judgement day. We must put every effort into obeying God in every way we can. We will find God is most reasonable. He knows we can’t do it by ourselves. If He sees us trying we will be in His good books, and that includes repeated sins that you are truly sorry for. I have been there. Once I became so angry with myself for sinning the same thing I said to myself ‘well what do you expect, you are a sinner, a sinner sins.’ God was so gracious to me that He made His presence felt and He was reassuring me not to be so surprise that I sin and that He forgave me. So yes we are all sinners and we are forgiven when we are truly sorry, but we must never think we can use our freedom as an excuse to sin. He knows we can’t do it on our own.

In God’s Good Book

If He sees us trying we will be in His good books. But if we pick and choose who we are going to love from those we won’t, don’t think God is asleep and will overlook it. We must try very hard to practise what we preach, knowing we will fail sometimes, but at least doing our best to obey. God will forgive those who have a repentant heart. I know for example I have many faults. It is plain to see, but I am hoping it is also plain to see I am trying to do the will of God as we all should. Love covers a multitude of sins. God will measure out mercy to us according to how merciful we are. It is a tricky thing to explain. You can go extreme left or right from the middle road. We must aim to be perfect as our Father who is in Heaven. It is when we choose not to sincerely repent of our sins and weakness we are in serious trouble with God. Nobody is going to heaven that wants their cake and eat it. We have to go all the way with God. We are either for Him or against Him. God will not tolerate lip service. So please be careful and make sure you do have a repentant heart. And obey God with all your might.

John 15:10

(Jesus said) “If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love.

Revelation 3:19

“Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent.”


God is a Jealous God

Many today don’t see anything wrong with having statures of Hindu gods and so on. They just see them as pretty statures to decorate their homes. Little do they know they are inviting themselves with all sorts of problems. They are false gods and God is a jealous God. Demons come with these statures and curse those who have them. Because the people who own them without knowing are giving Satan permission to do so. In other words people are worshiping demons without them knowing it. There is only one God. Everything that doesn’t honour God is false and will bring down all kinds of problems on people, like demon possessions for example. This might sound far fetch, but it is true. Just ask the people who have to cast demons out of people and hear what they have to say. People complain about Catholics having statures of Jesus and Mary (that brings you closer to God), but at the same token will have a Hindu stature on their front verandas. They don’t see how they are contradicting themselves.

1 John 5:21. Little children, keep yourself from idols.

Be Faithful to Jesus

is(10)Many non-believers do study Christians if they live up to Jesus teachings or not. Not one of us follow Jesus perfectly and non-believers don’t understand that. They expect perfection from us all. So when we stumble we can hear them say ‘and they call themselves Christians.’ Churches are the same. Even a good Church, you are going to find imperfections. I know Churches fight amongst themselves and all presume they know best, including me as an individual I know. We are expected to believe in everything the Churches teachers is true. And there is so many different opinions out there. In truth we should follow Jesus not the Church. We are all individually a Church by itself any way.

Doesn’t Matter Which Church You Belong to

I have been both a Protestant and a Catholic and I can tell you both Churches were full of very nice Christian people, but when I was in my greatest need both Churches let me down. The only reason why I am a Christian today is because Christ never let me down. So sometimes I get puzzled why people leave Jesus because of somebody or the Church has let them down. Their faith must be in people or the Church they belong to and not God. God never fails anybody who calls on Him. The trial might not go away in a hurry, but God will give you grace to carry it. Sometimes we don’t feel God is near because we believe we are too unworthy for God to want us. That is a cleaver lie, so don’t believe in it, I have many times and it is not wise to believe that God can’t love you. Jesus died for you don’t ever forget that.

Strong Faith

Most Christians especially those with a very powerful and strong faith got it for a reason. They have been truly been tested. And when you past the test even by the ‘skin of your teeth’ you get rewarded like you can’t imagine with a much stronger faith. That is how God works. A passage came to me ‘seven times refined.’ I don’t know where to find it in the Bible, but I know it is there. When silver goes through the furnace to be purified, you should see all the junk that comes out of it. It is not a pretty sight. God gets rid of a lot of junk from us by allowing these trials come our way. If we suffer without leaning on God we grow worse, but if we call on Jesus all throughout the trial and really turned to Him for help, we come out so much stronger than when we enter in the trial. It is how God works. Remember we are at war with Satan. It is not meant to be a picnic. Growing pains are never easy to deal with.

Psalm 37.5. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.

Put your faith in God, not the Church you belong to. Jesus is the truth and the way, not Churches. They are very necessary, but you must listen to what the Spirit of God is telling you and not let some man made doctrine rule you.

A Prayer to the Holy Spirit

is(16)Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit wake me up to your great love and kindness. Fill me with Your Mercy and Wisdom. Fill me with your tenderness and care, fill me with yourself and anoint me with your oil. Help me to trim the wick of my lamp, so that I can burn more brightly with Your presence. May You set me on fire with Your love and mercy. Fill me with a loving light that shows the way to the heart of Christ. Make me Yours completely, so that I can resemble Christ my Lord and Bridegroom.

Holy Spirit fill me with Your power to change me into the perfect Bride of Christ. Holy Spirit have compassion on me and make me new in Christ. Deepen our relationship with one another. A beautiful intimate union with each other. Blow away all my sins, toss them into the sea of Your mercy. Blow all chains and strongholds that are offensive to You and that are keeping me back.

Teach me Your ways, all of them, so I can become pleasing to You. Free me Oh Holy Spirit from all evil ways. I want to be made whole in Your Spirit. Make me pleasing to the Father, so that He won’t regret making me. Throw Your arms around me and protect me from pride and selfishness. Holy Spirit fill me with your eternal self and fill me with Your power to be changed in the True Image of God Almighty.

Keep my eyes on Jesus, don’t let my eyes become blind, but instead see the wonderful beauty of my God. Watch over me. I can be very stubborn and I so long to be Yours forever and forever more. Fill me with all Your fruits and gifts, so that I become another Christ, fill me with your meekness and graciousness, make my soul beautiful by being ever so present and united with me.  Amen.


I don’t usually pray to the Holy Spirit that much, I usually pray to Jesus, but I know the only way to get to know the Holy Spirit is start talking to Him. When I finished the prayer I thought other people may like it, but wasn’t sure so I rang my friend and asked what she thought about it and said to post it, so I am now doing that. I hope it brings you closer to the Holy Spirit as it did me.

Salvation and Rewards

Revelation22:12 “Behold! I am coming quickly, and my reward is with Me to reward to each according to his deeds.”

This is a new thought for me. We all know salvation is a free gift. You believe in Jesus and accept His gift of Salvation from your heart and follow Him, you now become a born again Christian. It doesn’t make any difference if a person is a new or an old believer the reward here is the same. We all receive the free gift of salvation. But what about the reward of doing good deeds, will it go unnoticed? We know they won’t. Jesus says He will ‘reward each according to His deeds.’ I believe Salvation and rewards are two different things. Somebody might be saying I know that, but I didn’t. Every saints degree of perfection is different from one another and at different levels. The more you act on a grace the more God gives you so that you will grow rich in grace. So that is a reward for not wasting grace. And then you receive a greater reward in heaven according to your deeds,  that nobody will ever take away from you. This is something I never thought of before in this way, and to me it is a great deal clearer than how I use to think. I am hoping this is right because it has a calming affect on me.


What Jesus Did for Me

isW102ZQ1LI wrote this out for myself and then thought there may be others who would like to use this as to meditate the love Jesus has for you personally. That Jesus not only suffered to pay for the world sins but each and every one of us individually. I admit it is not written that well but I was afraid if I tried to tidy it up it would lose its punch, if you know what I mean.

1.      I can’t help myself, I can’t help God without His Grace, and I can’t do anything without God.

2.      Jesus took my place at Calvary. He took the beatings that were meant for me. He was stripped off His clothing in public for me. He was mocked, scoffed and hated for me. He became weak for me. He was crowned with very long thorns for me, because of my pride and arrogance. He was sentenced to Death and Judge by three judges. The Judge of this world was judge guilty for me. It should have been me. He was nailed to the cross slowly for me and made fun of. He received no compassion except by a very few people for me. He had to face fear and shed His blood for me. He shed every drop of blood for me. He truly did take my sins upon His shoulders and took them all the way to be crucified for me. And He struggled with the weight nearly fainting and half dead while carrying that cross for me. He was sneered at by the passer byers. Every part of His body was slashed and parts ripped off for me. He was stretched on the cross as far as they could stretched Him for me and He was on the cross for three hours before He died for me. He couldn’t breathe properly because of me. He took my place well and truly, all my sins and weakness on the cross. There was nothing left to do to save me. By His merits, sacrifice and blood and His wounds I am truly healed and restored to my former glory and beauty. It is all His hard work. And His love for me is unquenchable. It is everlasting. It will never die. I am His and there is nothing Satan can do to stop it. Because Jesus stands in front of me fighting every battle before me. He has won. He is victorious and now my sins are forgiven and I am now worthy as His Bride. Because He, Jesus said so. The King of kings said so. I was bought at a high price. I am His.

Now all we have to do is believe and receive and follow Him.