The Body of Christ

is(10)When we reflect on the human body we all agree the body is a marvel of God’s creativity. We wouldn’t want our bodies to be missing an organ or a foot or an eye etc. We want a healthy body, so that we are not sick or disabled in any way.

Romans 12:4-5

For just as we have many members in one body, but all the parts do not have the same function, in this way, we the many , are one body in Messiah, but each one part of one another.

The sad thing about many Christians we can be snobs at times. Thinking our work in the body of Christ is more important than anyone else. Many Church leaders like to think they have the most important jobs and therefore they are the most important people. Jesus says ‘the least is the highest and the highest is the least.’ We all need one another. Until we come to that conclusion I believe we get in our own way and everybody else’s. I believe also church leaders job is to ask God for discernment so they can discern what each person gifts are in their congregation and encourage them to use it. We all need some encouragement, including the church leaders.

Some church leaders though like to think it is their church and they should make all the decisions without asking for advice. If God sends them a messenger or a message not to their liking they should welcome the message with thanksgiving and not get angry about it. Because if the message comes from God, what difference does it make who the messenger is. Nobody took Jesus seriously for a while they said ‘isn’t he the son of Joseph…. In other words he is just a carpenter, who does he think he is? God chooses what the world considers foolish to humble the proud. The best qualification you have in serving God has been said to have absolutely no qualifications at all. In that way everybody will know it was God working through that person and not the person who did it. Church leaders should know that better than anybody else.

Life is made up of little things and quiet often it is the little things that hold the bigger things together. You need nails, screws and etc. to build houses. Without these little things you wouldn’t have the luxuries we do have. Same with the gifts God gives us. If you don’t see everybody is equal in the eyes of God you are not going to grow in your gift. It might be even taken away until you learn this lesson. What the world calls people who they think are insignificant in their eyes are not insignificant in the eyes of God. God loves us all equally. One is not more important than another, nor loved more than another.

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