Difference between Hot, Cold and Lukewarm

Revelation 3:15-16

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were cold or hot. Because you are lukewarm in this way and neither hot nor cold. I am going to spew you out of my mouth.

There are many people who think they are good Christians, but are not. We are all sinners, but some prefer to remain in their sins and others really do their best to avoid sin, because they are in love with Jesus. Just because a person believes Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead doesn’t make you OK with Jesus. He wants us to be passionate lovers of Him. Prepared to make our stand with Him, regardless of the cost. If we are hot not only are we passionate we have the qualities of Jesus. Two of the main traits are meekness and humility. We love to see others in love with Jesus also. We care deeply that everybody will make it to heaven. We allow God to use us. We love what Jesus loves and hate what Jesus hates. We are not indifferent to the teachings of Christ and we don’t play games with His word. We leave it alone and love what it says. Because it is life giving and it shows us how to love as we are meant too and it gives us hope during times of hardship.

People who are cold basically hate God, they really do not know Him, because if they did, the chances are they would be in love with Him too. They are the people who blame the evils of this world on God or other people and not realise we have ourselves to blame in that the world chooses evil over good. That we are given a free will with the responsibility to use it wisely, which most do not. God prefers these people to the lukewarm souls, because lukewarm souls don’t even think of God at all. If they do it is only when they are in trouble and want to get out of it. These people are easily led astray, because they do not have a strong anchor in the Lord. They may go to church every Sunday, but their hearts are far away from God. They may like to look good to others, but that is not pleasing to God. God’s children that are really hot for Him don’t care what people think of them, as long as they are pleasing to God. They are not afraid to be the people they are called to be. We are all unique, we don’t have to try to be unique or we have to do is be ourselves and don’t let others intimidate us for being true to ourselves, which is the image of God.

Cold people if they come to God they would be just as passionate if not more passionate about loving God as they now hate Him. These people are not indifferent kinds of people. They are act on their beliefs. They don’t sit on the fence like the lukewarm souls do. That is why God prefers the cold people from the lukewarm people. We ourselves hate it when people treat us like we are invisible to them, when we are treated like we don’t matter, that can really hurt us deeply. We are made in God’s Image and He feels it even more than we do. Lukewarm souls are always complaining, people who are sold out for God, that we overdo it. They don’t know what being in love is or they wouldn’t say such a thing, especially being in love with Jesus, who is superior to anyone else (infinitely so). These people if they only know you can have a real loving personal relationship with God. Then they would know also you wouldn’t count the cost, depending on the degree of your love for Him.

If you don’t put much effort into a marriage, it is not going to be a happy marriage. If you want both parties to be happy you make great and small sacrifices all the time cheerfully. If marriage couples do this only then they will have a very deep and wonderful relationship. Plus if they prayer together, calling on God to bless their marriage and help them in all their circumstances. Love is not cheap. You have to work hard at it, if you want the rewards. We are married to Christ and it is the same rules. If you want a very deep relationship it is going to cost you dearly. The reward is so marvellous even here on earth that you can’t even begin to describe them. When Christ communicates His love for us, we are going to fall in love with Him and we will go over the top in serving Him according to the lukewarm souls.

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