Purgatory on Earth

I have heard a story one day about this man who was dying, was asked I think by his guardian angel, if he wanted to do his purgatory on earth or in purgatory itself. The guardian angel told him he would do three years in purgatory. The man chose to go to purgatory. After a while he wondered why he was still in purgatory, because he believed he had done his three years, but was told he had only done three days. Then the man realised how good God was to him in is illness on earth. Another story was a person was in purgatory for eight years and said it felt like thousands and thousands of years. Time in purgatory goes so slowly, because of the suffering they have to endure. Mary comes to comfort them on her feast days and also on Saturdays. Most people apparently spend about twenty or thirty years in purgatory.

I personally prefer to do my purgatory on earth. I hate suffering and I think it is far better to do it on earth, because in the long run the time here goes quicker. And suffering here is less painful in the long run and you get rewarded for doing it here, not so in purgatory. We should be so much more grateful for Jesus for what he went through for us. People left behind after the rapture takes place, will have to do their purgatory on earth without the reward. They are simply going to be purified and made holy, which is a great blessing in itself. They are going to receive God’s mercy but there is also going to be God’s justice. It is going to be the most exciting time in their lives as well as the hardest times in their lives. They are going to see and perform greater miracles that has ever been seen in this world and they will be greater than the works Jesus did, which Jesus speaks of it in the Gospel. The video ‘small still voice,’ Jesus has told Clare about the miracles and a prophet I think Maria Divine Mercy spoke about facing purgatory on earth. The other stories come from other video shows or books that I have read in the past.


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