Weakness Turned into an Access

When I was young I found out the subjects at school that I was good at, I couldn’t teach others that well. I even had problems being patient with them. Reason being I couldn’t see why they didn’t get it. What I also found out was the subjects I had difficulty learning were the subjects I was very good at teaching and had super patience teaching it, because I knew why they were not getting it. It is the same with virtues. You can help others to overcome weakness, because you have. Jesus never sin but He overcame weakness for our sakes so He could help us.

Hebrews 2:1Since He Himself has gone through suffering and testing, He is able to help us when we are being tested.

I have had great problems with forgiveness. It got that way I had to learn to forgive people for being human, because the whole human race is cruel and indifferent to the sufferings of others. We know that is true especially in this generation. It is ‘all about me’ generation. ‘Walk over anybody who gets in the way’ generation. When I finally found out there was good in people and that took a couple of decades, and when I found out that we are not fighting flesh but demons, things started to really turn around for me. I knew I had to learn to forgive others before I could please God and hope to be forgiven for my own trespasses. But it can be easy said than done. After a lot of prayers and searching for reasons to forgive others I am nearly there. I still need a little work in that area but I am much happier now. I can now see reasons to love strangers, that once I was too frighten to love, because of their continue judgement of me.

We Are All Have been Hurt

It is so true what God said to Samuel. Men judges by outward appearance whereas God judges by what is in their hearts. If people want to be loved by others, it helps to love first, because everybody is hurting and protecting themselves. I am finding out the obvious. We are all hurting and we all have different ways of handling it. Some good and some not so good. Not everybody has the opportunity to know Christ because of their background. If we don’t show love to one another, how are they going to know we are Jesus disciples. That we belong to Him. Healing is a must and only God can go so deep within us and heal the cause of our pain. We need to know God’s love for us is real and that Christ is in those who serve Him. By letting Him out. Let people see your tender side, show people you care and hand out a few genuine complements. Don’t just think how good and kind somebody is let them know you appreciate them. Little by little with much prayer we all get there. But when we start calling on God to heal us in a supernatural way (faith healing) the process is so much quicker.

Opening Up to God

is(7)The more you open up to God and just love Him the more you will see visible signs of His love and healing. First seek His kingdom and then all shall be given to you. You know for yourself when somebody wants something from you and so they flatter you and do you favours, it is no more than a business deal. It doesn’t impress you one bit. The same with God. God knows if a person is only praising Him to get something from Him, but if you first seek Him, then all things shall be given you. God wants a loving relationship from us first and then He is moved to give us our hearts desire, if it is pure and holy. We will receive the measure we give out. If we make sacrifices to God especially kindness to others, God is deeply touched by this and we will get our hearts desire if we do it for His sake and not for our own. Look very closely at why you do things and others. Sometimes we think we are being kind and virtuous when we are not. True virtue is when you forget yourself and your whole reason for doing things is to please and love God. That person’s prayers are so wonderful and exceedingly powerful, because of it. And people come to know God through their acts of love and kindness.

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